‘Suits’ Seasons Ranked From Worst to Best

Ever since that fateful day when Harvey Specter strode into Mike Ross’ life, fans have been hooked on the legal drama Suits. Following the adventures of Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Louis (Rick Hoffman), and Jessica (Gina Torres) at their law firm in New York City, the show has given you many twists and turns over its nine seasons. While some seasons kept you on the edge of your seat, others fell a bit flat.



But which season of Suits is the best? From messy mergers and coups to wedding attempts or characters leaving, it’s been a wild ride. The choice for best season is sure to stir up debate, but that’s what makes the show so fun to dissect with fellow fans.

9 Season 8

Suits Season 8
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Season 8 was a bit of a mess. The show had lost its way in the writing, and you could tell the characters were tired. Donna and Harvey were finally together, but their relationship drama felt repetitive. Louis’s storylines continued to be silly and unrealistic. And the new characters they introduced, like Samantha Wheeler, caused more chaos than entertainment.

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After the departure of Mike and Rachel, the show lost its stride, and the introduction of new characters gave it a slight spark. Overall though, Season 8 lacked direction or purpose. The story meandered without any real stakes or tension to keep viewers engaged.

8 Season 7

Season 7 Suits
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In Season 7, the writers went back to basics — focusing on the cases, Harvey and Mike’s bromance, and witty banter. They brought back old favorites like Hardman and Travis Tanner to stir up trouble. And who can forget the epic showdown between Harvey and Hardman? Their verbal tennis match in the conference room was a highlight of the season.

We also got to see Mike and Rachel’s relationship blossom as they tied the knot in a surprise wedding. The moment Harvey walked Rachel down the aisle and gave her away was a tearjerker. While not perfect, the storylines were tighter, the dialogue punchier, and the show regained its signature humor and heart. The characters felt familiar yet fresh, and the legal drama had viewers guessing whodunit again.

7 Season 9

Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) sits behind his desk with a glass of whiskey.
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Season 9 brought some major changes to the show that gave it a bit of a reboot. With Mike and Rachel gone, along with Jessica’s departure at the end of Season 8, the dynamics at Pearson Specter Litt were shaken up. Harvey has to step up as a co-managing partner with Lois but struggles with the responsibility. Donna proves herself as COO, but she finds herself in a difficult position with Faye.

While Season 9 had some great character moments and storylines, the changes to the cast and dynamics of the show were jarring for some fans. The new characters introduced didn’t quite fill the void left by old favorites. The season felt uneven, though it ended strong. Overall, Season 9 ranks near the bottom for many fans of the show.

6 Season 4

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) looks over Louis' (Rick Hoffman) possessions as he helps his former colleague.
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In “Suits” Season 4, Mike’s secret threatens the firm as they face an SEC investigation led by Sean Cahill. Louis seeks validation while grappling with personal and professional challenges. Rachel considers law school, testing her relationship with Mike. Donna faces a tough decision about her future.

The team handles various legal cases showcasing their prowess. In the season finale, the SEC investigation reaches a climax, and the firm’s fate hangs in the balance. Harvey, Mike, and their colleagues must unite to outmaneuver Cahill and protect the firm. The finale brings surprising changes and sets the stage for new storylines in the following season.​​​​​​ Overall, the season was pretty average compared to the ones ranked higher in this list.

5 Season 3

Suits Season 3
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Season 3 of Suits brings back the dynamic duo of Harvey and Mike as they tackle new challenges and opponents. This season focuses more on the characters’ personal lives and relationships in addition to the legal drama. Mike and Rachel also continue their relationship, ultimately deciding to move in together. While the romantic storylines add an extra layer of interest, they can sometimes feel a bit forced and cliché. The show is at its best when it concentrates on clever legal cases and witty banter between characters.

Overall, Season 3 maintains the show’s style and spirit but starts to show signs of staleness. The legal storylines become more far-fetched and repetitive. Still, for dedicated fans of the show, it’s an enjoyable continuation of the Suits saga with the same quick-talking characters and snappy dialog you’ve come to expect. This season ranks in the middle of the pack—not the best, but still entertaining.

4 Season 6

Jessica, Donna, Louis, and Harvey raise a toast in the office at night.
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After the success of Season 5, Season 6 tries to continue what made the show great. This season focuses again on cases and dynamics at Pearson Specter Litt. Mike finally returns to work as a lawyer at the firm, and there are interesting cases to solve in each episode. The season also deals with power struggles as Louis aims to become a name partner.

Overall, Season 6 was another great season for Suits. Focusing again on the cases and dynamics at the firm allows the season to recapture the magic of early seasons. New storylines and power struggles propel the show forward, while the reveal of Mike’s secret adds necessary drama and suspense. Season 6 proves the show still has life, and it’s a season fans of the show should enjoy.

3 Season 2

Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) sit in Mike's messy apartment in discussion.
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Season 2 focuses more on character development, with storylines revolving around Mike’s moral dilemmas as a fraudulent lawyer. While maintaining the intrigue of cases, the drama is dialed up. Harvey and Louis are at each other’s throats, fighting for control and status at the firm. Their rivalry and power struggle threatens to tear the firm apart. At the same time, Mike faces difficult decisions that challenge his ethics to protect his secret. Overall, the internal struggles at Pearson Hardman make for an engaging season.

The final few episodes wrap up most of the storylines satisfyingly, restoring order at the firm and relationships between the characters. While not quite as sharply written as the first season, Season 2 is a pivotal point in the show that sets up dynamics that influence the rest of the seasons.

2 Season 1

Harvey and Mike walk alongside a disagreeable district attorney.
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Season 1 introduced us to hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter and his new associate Mike Ross. Harvey and Mike’s mentor-mentee relationship was compelling to watch develop. Their witty banter and repartee made for entertaining viewing. The legal cases were intriguing, especially with Mike’s photographic memory and ability to find loopholes.

While Season 1 had barely any flaws, it did an amazing job of introducing the show’s concept and characters. The chemistry between leads Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams made you want to come back each week. If you can look past some of the implausibilities, it’s one of the most entertaining legal dramas.

1 Season 5

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter standing againsts a car in Season Five
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Season 5 brought some major changes that shook up the show in a good way. Some of the best storylines of the season involve Mike and Rachel’s relationship. After four seasons of will-they-won’t-they, they finally get married in a beautiful ceremony. However, married life isn’t all sunshine and roses. The ensemble cast has truly gelled, demonstrating why Suits deserves its place as one of the best legal dramas on TV.

Harvey also goes through a turbulent time. He begins dating his former therapist, Paula Agard, but it ends in heartbreak. The emotional fallout impacts his work and relationships. However, with Donna’s support, he’s able to pick up the pieces and come out the other side. Overall, Season 5 does an excellent job of progressing characters’ stories in new directions while still keeping the show’s winning formula intact. The new characters and relationship dynamics prevent things from feeling repetitive or stale. By shaking up the status quo, this season proved to be the best.

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