Drew Sidora May Be a Liar But Ralph Pittman is an FBOY


  • Drew Sidora’s husband, Ralph Pittman, has been unfaithful in their marriage, leading to their divorce filing.
  • Ralph’s suspicious behavior and disrespectful actions, such as ignoring Drew at an event, indicate his lack of respect for their relationship.
  • There are rumors that Ralph may be involve with Courtney Rhodes, a friend of the RHOA cast, which further fuels suspicions of his infidelity.

Drew Sidora lies a lot. The RHOA star has lied on multiple occasions, regardless of there being easily searchable proof of her falsehoods. One thing that she can’t lie about, is her husband’s infidelity. It’s obvious that Ralph Pittman has not been faithful in their marriage, which is why she file for divorce earlier this year. Ralph Pittman has shown off and on camera that he may be a husband and father on the outside, but he’s a straight up FBOY at his core.

‘RHOA’ Ralph Pittman’s Blatant Infidelity

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman 'RHOA' Reunion
Image via Bravo

Ralph Pittman has been suspicious from the moment RHOA fans were introduce to the couple in 2020. Their debut on the series was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a brand-new stressor in everyone’s lives, but it felt a little different when it came to Ralph and Drew. The anniversary dinner they had in the first episode they ever appeare in on the series showcase their massive marital issues pretty immediately. Drew divulges that Ralph disappeare for three days without telling her where he was. He claimed he neede to get away to get his mind right, and even produce receipts that showe that he was alone.

But does that mean he wasn’t cheating? Let’s face it, even if a spouse needs space, they tend to let their partner know where they’re going. He did not, he just left. In fact, it was only when he began producing the receipts as proof of his fidelity that we learne he ran off to Tampa, Florida for those three days. His evidence of fidelity from that trip is circumstantial and not definitive. If anything, the fact that he had those receipts package together as proof is even more suspicious. Marlo Hampton calle out the circumstantial evidence on Watch What Happens Live, saying,

“I don’t think the Prophet himself bought those receipts. But Drew is gonna Drew, and she apparently accepte Ralph’s attempts to redeem himself. To this day, Drew remains the lone soul who thinks ‘restaurant receipts where it said number of guests and it said one’ isn’t the result of separate checks. Bless her heart.”

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A Marriage Between a Liar and an FBOY Is Bound to Fail

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman 'RHOA'
Image via Bravo

This season Ralph has been particularly disrespectful towards Drew. One moment that definitely stands out is when he greets everyone at an event except for Drew, who was right in front of him. The act was certainly noticed by everyone, and Drew felt embarrassed by his actions. There is also his suspicious relationship with Courtney Rhodes. Courtney, who is a Friend in the RHOA cast, has also been calle and considere Ralph’s cousin. In a recent interview with Kandi Burruss, however, Courtney lightly clarifie their relationship, citing that they are not relate by blood, but that his best friend is her first cousin.

In this same interview she share that she feels she’s been a better friend to Ralph than his wife, which is pretty cringey and insulting. Many think that Courtney may actually be the other woman, which would make a lot of sense, given how close the two are. Being a family member would make anyone less suspicious of their close relationship. His ability to defend Courtney and diss his wife is peak FBOY behavior.

Drew and Ralph’s marriage came into the limelight at the worst time for the both of them. Drew made the beginning of their relationship sound so lovely and romantic, this kind of ending to their marriage is the polar opposite of that. Ralph has been accuse of cheating, but Drew’s sexuality has also been calle into question on multiple occasions, one of which she flat out lie about. This divorce is clearly a necessary one, and it also is clear that more information will continue to come to light.

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