The iconic rock band Guns N' Roses sues a gun shop for using its name

Guns N' Roses sued Texas Guns and Roses, a company that runs an online gun store.

Lawyers for the band filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles alleging the company that operates the online shop was deceiving consumers.

A lawsuit filed Thursday states that Guns N' Roses "quite reasonably does not want to be associated with (the) defendant, a firearms and weapons retailer.

In addition, the band claimed the gun dealer "displays political views on his website regarding firearms and weapons regulation and control that may polarize too many United States consumers."

Axl Rose, Saul "Slash" Hudson, and Michael "Duff" McKagan make up Guns N' Roses, one of the most successful bands ever formed.

According to the lawsuit, Jersey Village Florist LLC owns and operates Texas Guns and Roses, which sells firearms, ammunition, scopes, body armor, and metal safes.

According to the suit, the online business obtained its Texas registry listing in 2016 without Guns N' Roses' "approval, license, or consent."

The rock group's lawyers are requesting a jury trial, a court order banning the use of the website name, and unspecified punitive damages.