Zom 100: Dead Man’s Bucket List trailer brings some much-needed fun to the zombie apocalypse

The horror genre is already rife with zombie content. Especially in the past ten years. However, there have been a lot of interesting movies in that time that have reshaped the way audiences look at these undead nightmares.The latest movies on Netflix right now Zom 100: The Bucket List of the Dead directed by Ishida Yusuke Looks like it’s bringing some fresh physical life to this popular subgenre.In the latest trailer for the horror-comedy based on the comics Aso Harang, Zom 100 One of the humorous benefits of zombies taking over the world is revealed. You don’t have to go to work anymore.

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what is Zom 100 about?

Zom 100 Follow Alita Tendo (Akaso Eiji) he works for an abusive company and he often has to deal with horrible night shifts. This comes along with other related issues such as bad bosses and completing pointless tasks. Some might say that his current state is a zombie. However, once the real zombie apocalypse happens randomly one morning and the class structure is destroyed, Alita is glad he doesn’t have to go to work anymore. He hilariously takes the glass half full approach and lists 100 things he wants to do before he becomes a zombie.

In the trailer, we see Alita living her best life as she completes his checklist while also avoiding becoming the undead, meeting some colorful fellow survivors along the way. If you’re human, chances are you’ve wondered what you’d do if a zombie apocalypse suddenly struck. Some will be considered doomsday preppers, while others will be bitten immediately to end it all.However, what makes Zom 100 What stands out from the crowded trove of zombies is that it simply embraces the weird fun that can be had in such dire situations. Work sucks, and for a young man like Alita, anything is better than repeating the frustrating drudgery. Even a zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s going to the club, camping on the balcony, or cleaning the house, Alita is making the most of his new reality before he himself inevitably becomes one with the undead.While there have been many great zombie movies over the decades, such as night of the living dead, dawn of the deadand last man on earth, Zom 100 Looks like a page is being fetched Zombieland and dead seanThe script, just enjoy the endless joy of youth through the concept played out. For fans of the genre, it will be exciting to see what this horror comedy brings to the bloody dinner table.

ZOM 100 Dead Man's Bucket List Beatrix Amerhauser
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when to do it Zom 100 release?

Zom 100: The Bucket List of the Dead The film premieres on Netflix on August 3, 2023.Also starred with Akaso in this movie Mai Shiraishi, Ryu Shuntaroand Kitamura Kazuki.While Horror Fans Wait To Start Their Own Zombie Wishlist, Here’s What To Watch Zom 100Below is the wacky trailer.

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