Xolo Maridueña shares heartfelt message with ‘Blue Beetle’ crew

While all classic superhero movies have their respective places in the hearts of comic book fans around the world, there’s something to be said for fresh origin stories that boast endless thrills. In recent years, we have seen the origin of the power including Black Panther And Adam Black. As well as exploring new legends, both films have also been celebrated for embracing the diversity of long-standing heroes. Next in line is DC’s latest offering Blue beetle. The movie Chicken cobra Actor Xolo Maridueña and brings its own welcome celebration for the first Latino superhero film on the DC slate. With the countdown until Maridueña is ready for the debut of Jamie Reyes, the actor took a moment to express his sincere gratitude to those involved in bringing the electric company and those who have supported him throughout.

In a new Instagram video, Maridueña explained strongly that he, “solidarity” with the protest of writers will not promote. Blue beetle In the lavish news tour as previously planned. “We have a lot of great things in line and I really wish we could bring it to you guys but we need to stand on the right side of history and because we plant our feet on the ground,” he explained. “With that being said, this is a great movie and you know, it needs to be seen on the bigger screen.” The actor then thanked his “wonderful” co-stars before taking a moment to congratulate the project’s director. Angel Manuel Soto. “…Our shepherd, our excellent guiding angel, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for trusting me in this role and I am very excited for everyone to see for the first time at the event. theater.”

He concluded his lengthy thank-you message with a personal message to fans, viewers who promise to fall in love with the DCU’s latest superhero addition. “If you know Blue Beetle, you’ll love the movie and if you don’t know he’s going to be your new favorite superhero. With that, I love all of you, to all the supporters, to fucking Blue Beetle. Battalion, you kill it, I can’t promote this movie, but you can and we’re together. It’s time. Let’s do this for the culture, let’s do this for the community, let’s do this for the opportunity for others and more importantly, let’s kick ass.” His caption for the video provided more sentiment for the actor adding that he was “honoured” to have brought this film into his life.Blue beetle family.”

Blue superhero

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what Blue beetle About?

Blue beetle Chronicles the origin of how the supercharged hero came to be. University graduate Jaime Reyes’ reality changes forever when he is chosen to be the host of a scarab – ancient alien biotechnology – thus giving him a truly evil superhero suit, insane superhero powers and new responsibilities he never really knew existed. Sign up for. For every young hero in comic history, navigating the new world of superheroism is undeniably complicated, making Jamie rely on his friends and family for support in getting the suit and self-control. The young hero muddled through his way as taleas has worked countless times for both DC and Marvel so if the narrative alone is anything, it should be for hearty viewing.

If the film’s premise isn’t exciting enough, it also has a star-powered cast for extra oomph, including favorites. Susan Saradon, Becky G, George Lopez And Adriana Barraza, To name just a few. Yes Blue beetle ensemble hits theaters on August 18. In the meantime, you can watch Maridueña’s video and the trailer for the film below.

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