Why We Haven’t Got a Frank Sinatra Biopic Yet

Biopics about musicians and singers have become the safest bet in the industry, so why don’t we have one yet? Frank Sinatra However? A film chronicling the life of the “Chairman” sounds like a no-brainer, let alone easy money. Throughout his long career, Sinatra’s resume includes being a world-renowned singer, Academy Award-winning actor and passionate civil rights activist, just to name a few of his many titles.

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The story of a man as influential as Sinatra is packed with drama, comedy, action, suspense, controversy and more, all of which combine to form a gripping film that spans decades. works of the times.legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese There’s almost a movie about ‘Old Blue Eyes’, but there’s not even a director yet good guy to enable the project to start. That’s why this is the case, and why Frank’s story should be told on film.

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A Brief History of Frank Sinatra

Sinatra's late detective career
Image via 20th Century Fox

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in New Jersey to Italian immigrants. Sinatra’s dramatic life began at birth when his grandmother revived him with cold water after complications during childbirth damaged his eardrums.Sinatra developed an interest in music at an early age, idolizing stars like Bing Crosby And officially started his music career before the age of 18. After years of touring with bands such as 3 Flashes and the Tommy Dorsey Band, Sinatra finally embarked on a solo career in the 1940s, sparking what would become known as “Sinatra Mania” in the United States. In the 1940s Frank became a music star and a movie star. In addition to releasing a string of hits, Sinatra has also become a regular on-screen partner with another music superstar, Gene Kellysince they will be in anchor weighing and take me out for a ball game.

The ’40s were the road to stardom for Frank Sinatra, but by the early ’50s, the star’s growth began to slow down. After Sinatra’s untimely death, Sinatra’s career went downhill for the next few years. his publicist george evans and extramarital affairs Ava Gardner. Not to mention, he’s old enough to be considered the teenage heartthrob so crucial to his fame. Until 1953, a film called “The from here to eternity, Sinatra won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Angelo Maggio.Once the iconic film hit theaters, Sinatra was officially back in the saddle, releasing songs like “Nobody’s Business” and starring in shows like gentle trap, man and doll, Upper classand more.

Sinatra’s later successful career recast the star as an older, wiser, more mature musician in the industry.This was also the time of the rise of the famous The Rat Pack, which included dean martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawfordand Joey Bishop.The band has been entertained throughout their Las Vegas residency and has even made feature films such as Robin and the Seven and the original Ocean 11. In this way, Sinatra’s popularity remained constant until his death in May 1998.Still, we’ve only scratched the surface of the many details of Frank Sinatra’s life, his civil rights activism, his jealousy Elvis Presleyand the kidnapping of his son Frank Sinatra Jr.

Frank Sinatra accused of mafia ties

Frank Sinatra and Peace Crosby look at each other in 'High Society'
Image via MGM

However, we’ll delve a little deeper into an admittedly painful theme of Frank Sinatra and his legacy, as this part of Frank Sinatra’s life may be a key reason why a biopic about Sinatra hasn’t been made yet. Despite Sinatra’s charming, carefree demeanor while performing, his alleged ties to the Italian mob did have a dark side as well. Years after Sinatra’s death, the allegations are still hotly contested. While Sinatra was never convicted or charged with direct ties to gang activity, these allegations of his Mafia ties became so notorious that even the FBI built a file on him.

The document proves beyond doubt that Sinatra sometimes had ties to known gangsters and lists the charges against Sinatra that led to Sinatra being watched. Like the star’s long resume, Sinatra’s list of alleged gangster activities is quite long and extensive.Sinatra is accused of soliciting favors from the mob including dodging American drafts, terminating singers by force if necessary, and even using his own influence, to name a few John F. Kennedy Elected President of the United States.Sinatra’s alleged gang dealings led to the Johnny Fontant role godfather It was allegedly based on him, something Sinatra didn’t appreciate.

Martin Scorsese biopic shot down by Sinatra estate and family

Martin Scorsese

Back in 2009, Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese was rumored to be directing a feature film about Frank Sinatra, but the project was ultimately doomed. It looks like the project has been going well for a while, Scott Rudin (Old Men) produced on board and al pacino and robert de niro Plays Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin respectively in the dialogue (which, to be honest, is a pretty weird casting). Alas, while the early cast and crew had great potential for awards season, that wasn’t the case.Speculation about the project’s cancellation began in 2016, only to be confirmed by Martin Scorsese himself Sinatra No longer developed after a year, said the following:

“We can’t do it! … I think it’s finally over. They (the rest of the Sinatra family) won’t agree. Open it up and there I am!”

“Some things are very difficult for a family, and I completely understand. But, if they expect me to do it, they can’t stop certain things. The problem is this person is too complicated. Everyone is complicated – West This is especially the case with Natra.”

Scorsese cited members of Sinatra’s family as the reason why the project didn’t move forward, and while he didn’t offer a definitive reason, Scorsese’s past film work has revealed a lot.This is made by the same person good guy, casino, The Departed Walker, Irishman, and several other iconic gangster/crime films. Those “certain things” that Scorsese mentioned are likely Sinatra’s alleged connection to the mob, which, given his previous work, seems like something Scorsese wants to explore thoroughly. Sinatra’s legacy and family members may also not like comparing Sinatra to organized crime. They probably won’t sign on to a project that has these allegations as a major plot point.

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