Why aren’t there more adult animated movies?

Animated films have historically carried a stigma of being made for children.with companies like disney and Warner Bros. With a century of animated shorts and films geared toward kids, it’s easy to understand why so many people think animated feature films are only for kids. Still, some of the most stunning and artistically animated films are made specifically for adult audiences. Many animated films made over the past 50 years are certainly not suitable for children. Some stop-motion films deal with mature themes that are impossible for children to understand. Films that experiment with different art styles (such as oil paint, watercolor, or charcoal) create an environment that would never be conveyed to the audience in a live-action film. Adults possess the critical thinking skills needed to interpret metaphors and imagery that can only be used in animation, which is why adults deserve more animated feature films.

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Animated film leaves viewers suspending disbelief on a deeper level

Grave of the Fireflies
Image via Studio Ghibli

Every movie we watch requires a certain amount of suspension of your disbelief. Whether it’s trusting the actors’ performances or trusting that the set is a real place and not a faux studio set, the audience needs to forget the facts shown on the screen in order to trust the story being told on the screen. With the advent of computer graphics, motion capture mapping, or green screen technology, live-action movies are better than ever at making the unbelievable believable. Animation, however, requires the viewer to go further beyond disbelief in order to fully understand the story. Different art forms have different purposes when it comes to film, but animation can use figurative language to convey a message more accurately than real life.

Anime films are probably best known for producing adult-oriented animated content. AkiraFor example, depicts a vision experienced by Tetsuo (Nozomi Sasaki) and the mutations he undergoes make the viewing experience even more believable. There are also many bloody moments in this animation, and the details are brought to life. The same experience is hard to believe in the live-action version, as the CGI used to create such effects seems disconnected from the rest of the live footage. Grave of the Fireflies is another animation that shows the trauma many children face in a war-torn country. The beatings and starvation suffered by Seita (Tsutomu Tatsumi) trying to preserve the experience of himself and his sister Setsuko (Ayana Shiraishi) alive is very hard to watch. Having kids go through this pain alongside real-life actors moderates the emotional impact, because audiences need to believe that real kids will never actually go through this pain in order to watch the film comfortably. One message that’s important to the film, though, is that kids do experience this trauma. The deterioration in the lives of these two children is much worse, because the emaciated appearance of the children in animation is more believable than the use of makeup and special effects to try to make the child actors look that way.

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Stop motion animation has also been used in adult films before. These feel more real because the objects in the film exist in three dimensions rather than two, but the abstract way in which they depict characters and scenes still requires a level of disbelief beyond what a live-action film would require. Isle of Dogs This is a great example of a movie that offers something to a younger audience, but most of the story’s meaning is for adults. Children can follow Atari’s story (Koyo Rankin) while looking for his old dog Spots (Liev Schreiber), but the metaphor of a dog representing a marginalized group being banished from society for reasons beyond their control is a theme in the story that only an adult audience can understand. my zucchini life It’s a claymation movie that might seem appropriate for kids, but only because it centers on kids in an orphanage. Every child is there because their family has severely neglected them through drug addiction, physical abuse, deportation, or death.The style is reminiscent of the clay animation used in some works Tim Burton The movie makes the characters more abstract and makes everything darker as the kids struggle to come to terms with their pasts and imagine their new families’ futures. The messages about parental abuse and finding the family are a little too deep for the kids, unless they’ve gone through similar trauma to the characters in the orphanage.

An elderly couple walking down an empty hallway

Anomalies is an excellent example of using stop motion animation to tell a grown-up story. Aside from the plethora of F-bombs and full-frontal nudity of both sexes, the metaphors the filmmakers use to convey themes of loneliness and depression would feel awkward and clumsy in a live-action version of this story. Michael Stone (david thewlis) to hear everyone speaking to him in the same male voice (tom noonan), to show viewers how Michael sees everyone in his life as boring people with nothing special to differentiate them from. In this stop motion animation, it’s hard to notice that every male and female character has the same voice, since each character should have a voice actor, and Noonan differentiates his voice for each character, which is enough to make you wonder Whether all characters are voiced. The characters do sound the same. If you try to edit every actor in a live-action movie with the same male actor’s voice, it’s very obvious that the on-screen actor isn’t using his own voice, and it’s hard for the audience to see that as obvious. A metaphor for Michael’s alienation and loneliness.

Different mediums elicit different emotions

Vincent van Gogh oil painting
Image via Altitude Film Distribution

In any type of animation, the type of medium used by the artist creating the visual effects makes an incredible difference.exist Love VincentFor example, each frame of the movie is an oil painting in a style similar to the one used by Van Gogh himself, in homage to the artist. The story of a postman’s son trying to deliver Van Gogh’s last letter to his brother and the people he met along the way who knew Van Gogh best, uses Van Gogh’s unique oil painting style to animate the film, Help viewers connect with Van Gogh. The artist expresses on a deeper level than the actor tells the story on screen. The director used a combination of 2D animation and stop-motion animation to capture the texture and light of each canvas.Another movie that deliberately uses a different medium is boy and world.director Allai Abreu He made many of the frames himself, using crayons, paints, and different layers of texture, and scanned them into a computer. Because the film is centered on boys, the artwork conveys the freedom of expression in a child’s drawing. However, the themes of industrial pollution and the commodification of humans are not suitable for children.

Animated drawing is an animation style that uses real-life pieces that animators use to paint each frame. dark scanner is a future story about Robert Actor (Keanu Reeves) who fall into drug addiction. The dreams and hallucinations he experiences are a mix of the artist’s vision and the performances captured on film, making them more vivid and believable than if there were CGI effects around the real Keanu.Another incredible feature film that uses motion drawing is Waking upa story about a man (willie wiggins) into dreams forever. One of the more unique features of the film is that different parts of all the dreams are animated by different artists in completely unique styles. Some scenes have very abstract and fluid movement, while others are surreal. Each dream contains an existential question about the being in question, and each character he visits in these dreams has a different perspective that they try to share with the protagonist, and these perspectives are used by the artist to inform the tools they use to depict the dream Hue and color. Scenes. The inconsistency between the art styles used helps the audience understand each time they enter a new dream experience and creates a new emotional atmosphere between scenes that doesn’t make sense in scenes with lights of. The scenes, objects, and characters themselves are all in constant motion and seem to separate from each other, making the viewer question what is real from the start. Recreating many of these effects in live-action movies is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Animation is for everyone, not just kids

Waking up
Image via Fox Searchlight

All of the stories in these films are told in animation rather than real people, because that’s the best way to express the themes and tone that make the most sense to the director. The storytelling tools available in animation provide ways to convey information to audiences that live-action storytelling cannot effectively accomplish, and it’s an art form that should be taken more seriously than it actually is. With the movie industry flooded with computer-animated blockbusters appealing to younger audiences, adults should see more animated films. Animation challenges the viewer’s ability to suspend disbelief and interpret the figurative message on a deeper level. The visuals provided by animation also connect viewers to characters and situations in more abstract and meditative ways. The audience’s thought process through animation to explain the deeper meaning of the story provides a deeper emotional impact than the simple thought process used in a live-action story. Animated films affect audiences in many ways that live-action films can’t, and there should be more animated films for adult audiences, with grown-up stories they can relate to.

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