Who is Storm Reed in The Nun 2?Director Michael Chavez explains

After a two-year hiatus, horror fans will re-enter the mysterious world of darkness. spiritualism universe and the coming nun 2. The sequel to the 2018 hit will take place four years after the events of the first film, making it the ninth installment in the beloved series And continue to expand. Earlier today, we saw Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Erin, who appeared completely petrified as she faced Valak’s demonic presence again.As Erin’s new encounter with Valak unfolds, the film will introduce new characters, including storm reedfueling the dire narrative.

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Reed’s career has been on the rise with a recent high-profile appearance on the hit “Max” show. the last of us and Euphoriaand a critically acclaimed performance in the recent thriller, lost.by virtue of her being nun 2, Reed is set to make her mark in another major series.In an interview with Collider Perry Nemirov conducted earlier this year a wrinkle in time The breakout star shares insights into her character. Reed expressed her excitement, describing her role as incredible and adding a touch of “chic” to the story, a quality she deeply admires. She further hints at the many character arcs, emotions and journeys the film encompasses.Based on these hints, the director michael chavez She shed more light on Reed’s character in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, giving fans a glimpse at what’s in store for her character.

While it’s known that Reed will play the lead role, details about her role have been murky so far. Chavez has now confirmed that Reed will play a nun, a novice, like Sister Erin in the first film. “She was a nun in training and she was debating whether to take her vows,” Chavez shared. Reid’s character will play a key role in Irene’s second face-off with Valak, with Chaves further adding: “She’s at a critical point in her life, she Completed this mission with Irene, and hunted down Maurice through these missions during this journey. Terrible events occurred.”

Taissa Farmiga as Sister Erin in 'The Nun'
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Chavez explains how Valack survived

At the end of the first film, viewers see that the demonic entity Valak, unknown to Sister Irene, now has a new owner, her friend Maurice. In the sequel, Erin will leave Romania to start a new life. However, her newfound peace is shattered when she is involved in another horrific encounter with Valak, this one sparked by events in France, where Morris now works as a handyman. Chavez said:

“Maurice came to France and worked as a handyman at this boarding school. He had a friendship with one of the teachers there, he had flirtations, and you could see him starting to mature, so that’s where our characters started…but we went from Knowing in the first film that there was something horribly deep inside of him, Valak escaped inside him, and events pulled Erin back on the conflicting lines with her old friend.”

nun 2 Opens in theaters September 8. While we’re still looking forward to the trailer, you can check out our interview with Storm Reid below:

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