Where to watch ‘Joy Ride’: Showtimes and streaming status

Critics and audiences fell in love with several new films at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), including Bottoms, evil death risesand Dungeons & Dragons: A Rogue’s Glory. And yet, no movie at SXSW elicited a bigger response or a bigger laugh than this one. happy trip (2023).starring ashley parkthe character of Gretchen Weiners was created by mean girl Running on Broadway and most recently starring in a Netflix series beef, stephanie xushe was recently nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film everything happens at the same time, sherry colawho starred in “Freeform” So complicatedand Sabina Wufamous Disney stand-up comedian and author Doogie Kameāloha, MD, happy trip Looks set to be the biggest comedy of the summer.

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directed by Adele Linwho previously co-wrote crazy rich asians, happy trip Tells the story of two childhood best friends, Audrey and Lolo. As an adult, Audrey decided to go to China to find her biological mother, and she took Luo Luo, her ex-roommate Kate and Luo Luo’s cousin Dead Eye. However, their international journey quickly turns chaotic when they encounter a drug dealer.For those who can’t wait to catch the year’s top-rated comedies, here’s everything we know about how, when and where to watch happy trip.

Happy Journey 2023 Movie Poster

Journey of Joy (2023)

release date

Adele Lin

to throw
Stephanie Hsu, Ashley Parker, Alexander Hodge, David Denman

92 minutes

main type

When is the Journey of Joy coming out?

happy trip To be released by Lionsgate on July 7, 2023. The film premieres at SXSW on March 17, 2023.

Will “Journey of Joy” be released in theaters?

Indeed.You can enjoy this crazy ride on the big screen happy trip Will enjoy theatrical release.

Watch the Journey of Joy Trailer

first trailer happy trip Releases March 2023. The story begins with two young girls, Audrey and Lolo, meeting a racist white kid on the playground, beating him up, and immediately forming a lifelong bond. Twenty years later, Audrey and Lolo are still inseparable, about to realize their lifelong dream of taking risks together. Accompanied by Audrey’s college roommate, now glamorous actress Kate, and Lolo’s wild-card cousin Sharpshooter, the four embark on a trip to China. But their journey takes a turn for the worse when they encounter a seemingly friendly American who is smuggling with a backpack full of drugs.

second trailer happy trip In theaters June 15. Featuring more orgy, Audrey, Lolo, Kate and Sharpshooter travel across China and end up partying with a group of hardcore Chinese businessmen. Filled with goofy moments, including puppet impressions, hilarious drug-smuggling scenes, and the girls’ plan to pass off as Hallyu stars in order to get through the airport without passports, the second trailer also reveals the film many core contents. Ragged throughout, it’s still a story about finding your place in the world and how your origins shape who you are.

Is there a live broadcast of the Journey of Joy?

Unfortunately, happy trip It won’t be available for streaming the same day it opens in theaters, and there’s no word on which streaming service it will end up playing on. However, Lionsgate has reached an agreement with Peacock, and starting in 2024, all of Lionsgate’s feature films will be released on the platform. Whichever streamer it is, the film is sure to be released on the service after its theatrical run.

Will Joy Ride come out on DVD and Blu-ray?

since happy trip Since it will be released in theaters rather than on streaming platforms, it will likely also be released on DVD and Blu-ray. Right now, there’s no information on when Lionsgate will release the DVD, but those details will likely come out a few weeks after it hits theaters.

Find showtimes for Happy Ride

Sharpshooter, Audrey, Kate and Lolo are surrounded by goats.
Image via Lionsgate

You can find showtimes using the link below happy trip At a theater near you:

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You can watch more movies like Journey of Joy right now

To help you while you wait for your local theater to play this hilarious girls’ trip, check out three more comedies starring some of the raunchiest women in Hollywood.

Bridesmaids (2011)

Image via Universal Pictures

No movie does more for women than women in comedy bridesmaid. Thanks to this 2011 movie, Hollywood realized that a cast of funny and irreverent women could win the hearts of audiences and become blockbusters. The film follows two best friends since childhood, Annie and Lillian, whose relationship is tested when Lillian gets engaged. Unable to stop comparing herself to Lillian, Annie begins to feel like a loser, and when Lillian introduces her to her new beautiful and successful friend Helen, the bridesmaids battle begins.Starring and Co-Writing kristen wiig, bridesmaid Filled with iconic, belly-laughing moments you won’t forget.

watch on hulu

Girls’ Journey (2017)

Girls traveling four friends smiling on the plain.
Image via Universal Pictures

largely responsible for the development of a comedian’s career tiffany haddish, girls travel is one of the craziest vacation movies you’ll ever see. The film centers on bestselling author Ryan Pierce, who has a seemingly perfect marriage and may have all the success in the world, but misses her best friend from college terribly. She decides to reconnect with them when she goes to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, but things don’t go as planned. The cast includes Haddish, Regina Hall, Queen Latifahand Jada Pinkett Smiththis movie offers a great emotional and comedic beat.

rent on amazon

Smart Books (2019)

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Denver as Molly and Amy Leaning on Booksmart Lockers
Image via Annapurna

Pretty much the best teen comedy of the last decade Smart booking Creative, hilarious and heartfelt. Amy and Molly are two high-achieving high school students who have set themselves an Ivy League future for themselves. Throughout their high school years, they felt they were way ahead of their classmates due to the lack of partying, but when Molly realized that many popular kids also got into good schools, she realized they could have done both arrive. Molly and Amy spend their first and last wild night in high school together before they head off to college.often labeled as female very badthere’s more to this film.

rent on amazon

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