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When it comes to stylized violence with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, no one is like guy rich. He brings to the screen epic myths and gangster stories set in the rough streets of London, but set in Hollywood’s most decadent settings. His latest film puts violence at the forefront, but offers a completely different perspective and style. The most topical film of his career, The Contract by Guy Ritchie Putting viewers in the midst of the war in Afghanistan, the story of an American soldier’s desperate journey to save an Afghan translator.

jake gyllenhaal The protagonist is U.S. Army Sergeant John Kinley.starring alongside gyllenhaal as his translator ahmed Dasalimworking mainly on Danish television, appearing on such Borgen and bridge. Salem has also played notable roles in the following films: curve ball and dark place. Alexander Ludwig also starred in the movie anthony starr (boys), Jason Wong (Dungeons & Dragons: A Rogue’s Glory), and john lee miller (primary). Guy Ritchie, one of the most acclaimed directors of our time, debuted in 1998 with Lock, butt and two pipesA crime comedy about a confident young criminal who decides to rob the gang next door to pay off a massive debt.The film received critical acclaim and followed snatch starring brad pitt.More recently, Rich has worked on adaptations of well-known stories, including sherlock holmes, man from uncleand King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.This is Ritchie’s second film to be released this year, followed by Operation Fortune: Tricks of War starring Jason Statham, Hugh Grantand Aubrey Plaza.

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Here’s our guide on how, when and where to watch Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, including from the comfort of your living room and whether the show is still running in theaters.

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Can Covenant be rented out on demand?

Guy Ritchie's

Yes, The Contract by Guy Ritchie Can be rented and purchased on demand using the platform of your choice. Renting the film costs $5.99, which gives you 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish watching it after you hit play. You can also purchase a digital copy of the film for $19.99.You can use the link below to find The Contract by Guy Ritchie on the platform of your choice.

What streaming service does Covenant use?

Dar Salem and Jake Gyllenhaal in Covenant
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Not yet, but that will change soon.since The Contract by Guy Ritchie The film, which is distributed by Amazon-owned MGM, will eventually stream on Prime Video, which is where it will stream outside the United States.Other recent MGM releases include Creed IIIalso available on Prime Video and the recently rebranded MGM+ (formerly known as Epix).

Is The Covenant available on Blu-ray and DVD?

Guy Ritchie directs Jake Gyllenhaal on 'The Covenant' set
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The Contract by Guy Ritchie Also available on Blu-ray and DVD. You can find the film at the retailer of your choice using the link below.

When did Covenant come out?

Contract Jake Gyllenhaal Social Feature 1
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The Contract by Guy Ritchie In theaters April 21, 2023.The film was released in wide release bove is scared, evil death risesand biographical drama Chevalier.

Is Covenant still in theaters?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dal Saleem at gunpoint in 'The Covenant'
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No, The Contract by Guy Ritchie No longer playing in theaters.

Watch the trailer for Covenant

trailer covenant The film opens on February 2, 2023. The film opens with bullets flying across the Afghan desert, leaving a weary Kinley in the middle of the firefight. He meets Ahmed, the translator, and despite his initial coldness toward him, they quickly become friends and later brothers when Ahmed single-handedly saves his life. Although his duties as a soldier required him to leave Afghanistan for good, his personal debt to Ahmed made him an impossible task.Recently, the trailer covenant Released on April 4, you can view it in the player below:

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Image via Lionsgate

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