Where to stream ‘Minx’ season 2: Where is the series’ new home?

Minx Back with fresh and fun Season 2. Starring Olivia Lovibond And Jake JohnsonThe latest season of Minx The show has shown remarkable progress since its unexpected cancellation on HBO Max, despite being renewed for a second season. However, in a surprising turn of events, Minx Season 2 finds a new home on the increasingly live-streaming platform, creating excitement among the show’s team as they eagerly prepare for the introduction. Minx With all the refreshing audience.

Celebrated for its portrayal of feminist ideals in the 70s, season 2 brings a major twist as Doug and Joyce sell Bottom Dollar to a retired trucking boss, sparking new commercial success. Minx. With the introduction of new leadership, Doug faces the challenge of maintaining control within Bottom Dollar, while Joyce, as she rises to stardom, begins to deviate from her core beliefs. As the decline of the bottom dollar enters the mainstream, they struggle with self-reflection and begin to question their evolving identities and true desires amidst this new victory.

This is where you can stream Season 2 of Minx.

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Is Minx Season 2 premiering on TV?

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For those with access to the Starz premium channel, the season premiere will air on Friday, July 21 at 9:00 p.m. New episodes will air on Friday at the same time.

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Is Minx Season 2 Streaming Online?

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Of course! New episodes of Season 2 of Minx are available only on Starz. In case you haven’t subscribed to Starz yet, you can opt for a basic subscription that costs about $4.99 per month. In addition, you have the opportunity to catch up on the last season of Minx via Starz.

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Can you watch ‘Minx’ season 2 without Starz?

Jake Johnson as Doug in Minx Season 2
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If you are a Hulu member, you can choose to add Starz to Hulu’s popular service for $9.99 per month.

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Watch the Minx Season 2 trailer

Below is the official summary for Minx Season 2:

“After Doug and Joyce sell Bottom Dollar to a retired shipping owner with unlimited money and power, Minx becomes a commercial success, bringing more money, fame and more temptation. Under new leadership, Doug struggles to find his footing and maintain his control within Bottom Dollar. Meanwhile, Joyce begins to lose sight of her credibility as she gets caught up in her rise to stardom. . As our bottom dollar inconsistency enters the mainstream, they begin to question who they are becoming and what they really want from this newfound success.”

What is the Minx Season 2 schedule?

Joyce and Richie watch a movie bar
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Minx Season 2 officially starts airing on July 21, 2023. Unlike Season 1 which had a total of 10 episodes, Season 2 will only have 8 episodes. These episodes will be released weekly from July 21 until the season finale on September 8.

Episode 201: “The Perils of Being a Rich Widow” – July 21, 2023

A year into the launch of Minx magazine, Joyce struggles to choose a new publisher she can trust. Drowning in debt, Doug scrambles to keep his company alive. Shelly returns to the ‘burbs to focus on her family.

Episode 202: “I Think the Bed Will Fly” – July 28, 2023

Bottom Dollar hosts the West Coast premiere of the controversial and illegal adult film, “Deep Throat.” Doug tries to convince their new publisher, Constance, while Joyce sets out to get famous writers to contribute for Minx.

Episode 203: “It’s Okay to Like It” – August 04, 2023

Six months later, Minx was front and center in the sexual revolution, and Rolling Stone went down to the Bottom Dollar office to interview the gang. Joyce works on her own to avoid being interviewed while Doug tries to co-opt journalists to advertise his new science magazine. After a little too hard party, Richie struggled to pull out more shoots. Shelly and Lenny got into the swing of things and led their own sexual revolution.

Episode 204: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexuality” – August 11, 2023

Joyce takes her eye off the ball and ditches work for her new rockstar beau. Doug and Bambi put them all into surprising Constance with a bright new idea for the company. Shelly returns to work at Bottom Dollar and finds it hard to focus on Bambi.

Episode 205: “Decree of the Hall of Joy” – August 18, 2023

Joyce and Doug go to Vegas to sell international rights to Minx. Joyce runs into some colleagues from her past and competes for relevance. At the Bottom Dollar, Tina aims to let loose and host a party for the Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs tennis match. Shelly faces off in court with a snide Minx model. Feeling uninspired, Richie explores his career options.

Episode 206: “This Is Our Zig” – August 25, 2023

Shelly gets a taste of college life while joining Joyce on her triumphant trip to Vassar. Doug accompanies Tina to her mother’s retirement party and learns shocking news. Bambi connects with Richie on his own journey.

Episode 207: “God Closes the Door and Opens the Pit of Glory” – September 1, 2023

Constance, Joyce, and Tina head into the wilderness to recruit Minx International publishers. Back at the bottom dollar, Richie has to replace the neutral and scrambles to solve the new problem. Bambi and Shelly get into an embarrassing situation. Doug makes a discovery about the discovery and questions the fate of his company

Episode 208: “The Woman of the Hour” – September 8, 2023

At the Minx International launch party, Doug confronts Constance, while Joyce begins to lose control of her magazine. Shelly and Lenny look to an uncertain future.

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