What happened to the abandoned ‘The Shining’ prequel?

Masterminds of Terror in 2019 Mike Flanagan posted one of the best stephen king Previous adaptations: sleep doctor. sequel The Shining, Flanagan had the tough job of creating a sequel to a film King himself didn’t like, while respecting King’s vision in the novel. But that wasn’t the only thing Flanagan was planning at the time.also sleep doctorFlanagan plans to direct a prequel movie The Shining Follow Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers and Karl Lumbley), the chef at The Overlook Hotel can also shine. Unfortunately, the film was scrapped, but it’s still an interesting look at what we could have had.

‘Doctor Sleep’ sequel will be a prequel to ‘The Shining

Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers) explains
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sleep doctor Found a way to get Dick Halloran in on it, this time brilliantly played by Carl Lumbly In the place of the late Crothers, after stanley kubrick adaptation of The Shining Controversially killed off the character. In Flanagan’s sequel, Halloran returns as a ghost to guide young Danny (Roger Dale Floyd) to take care of The Overlook’s parasitic souls. While Halloran lives in the books, most people know the movie canon.There will be no room for expansion in the future The Shining So at least no further than Flanagan’s execution sleep doctor. The film will explore Dick Halloran’s days before he became chef of The Overlook.

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For viewers unfamiliar with King’s novels, all of them are interconnected, especially under the sprawling dark tower The series that bound them together, which Flanagan plans to adapt for TV in the future. Dick Halloran makes a brief appearance in the film it novel. Flanagan detailed on the Script Apart podcast that the film will cover the encounter. In the novel, Halloran serves in the military and cooks at a Derry pub called The Black Spot, which caters to black patrons, especially soldiers. While this is conspicuously absent from recent film adaptations aside from brief references, this is one of the most harrowing aspects of Derry’s history. While Halloran was there, a white supremacist group burned down the club while everyone was still inside. Thankfully, thanks to Hallorann’s light, he was able to save some people, including Mike Hanlon’s (choose Jacobs and Isaiah Mustafa) Father. The film will take off further from here.

Much of the film seems to focus on an original story, presumably Flanagan’s own. In the same podcast, Flanagan summarized his thoughts on the scrapped film. After the brief encounter in Derry, the real heart of the story will center on Halloran in a segregated police department in New Orleans, facing a killer and hunting down those who can shine, which is “kind of like the True Knot.” Cousin”, the main villain in The True Knot. sleep doctor. Halloran has since sought a quieter life and checked into the Overlook Hotel. Flanagan also noted that the film was supposed to have an ending and that both the beginning and the end appear to be Shining-eRa Halloran is getting the hotel ready for the arrival of “the winter caretaker and his family”. Then, the final bookend pulls a surprising bait-and-switch, revealing that the family isn’t the Torrances, but the Gradys. It’s a real shame that we never got the movie because it looked like it would be a good fit for a thrilling supernatural police detective story that would expand King’s world.

Why the ‘Doctor Sleep’ Sequel Was Cancelled?

sleep doctor

Unfortunately, this Halloran movie was canceled due to: sleep doctor It did poorly at the box office.Even more surprising, because sleep doctor is a fantastic film, an excellent adaptation, and a fantastic sequel to the original classic The Shining. But it is disappointing that the good word of mouth failed to attract more audiences to watch the film. Flanagan, Reply to tweet, to freeze the film. “because sleep doctorDue to poor box office performance, Warner Bros. chose not to continue filming. They control the power, so that’s what it is,” he said.

The situation has been made all the more unfortunate thanks to the huge success of Flanagan’s adaptation of the Netflix series. Shirley Jackson classic novel hill house haunted Previous Year. The show even builds on Flanagan’s famous horror flick.especially with eyeball, Ouija Board: The Origin of Evil and the creepy gerald’s game (previously considered unfilmable), it’s proof he can do the right thing with Kim. It seems that while they have a great movie on their hands that will likely become a classic, it’s going to be a tough sell.

perhaps sleep doctor It will get the attention it deserves in the future, though it’s always disappointing that so few viewers see this epic in theaters. Even more so when a seemingly cool movie is canceled for a fan-favorite character. Stephen King had a hard time calming down. Too many movies fail to capture what makes his novels so compelling. Other less popular adaptations may have helped with this. although it Seemingly revitalizing the King adaptation with a fantastic first entry, and a sequel that completes the story, Information Technology: Chapter Two, doesn’t seem to meet the same expectations. This was posted just two months ago sleep doctor, so it may cause fatigue. Warner Bros. still faces a tough road with its adaptation of The King. In addition to the cancellation of the “Halloran” movie, Gary Dauberman –guiding Salem lot Content expected last year has been removed from their release schedule.

We might not get to see Flanagan’s cool idea for a Dick Halloran movie, but at least we’re getting a fantastic adaptation sleep doctor From one of the finest horror directors. This adaptation is also not a trivial matter, there is too much resistance. King disliked the original film, the film’s continuity errors, and the books that required changes. It could have been a disaster, but Flanagan knows how to weave both classics perfectly into this film. With the careful care he has here, it’s clear that if Halloran’s film is well taken care of, sleep doctor Behave better.

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