What does love have to do with it?Review: It’s Covenantal Love In This Catch Rom-Com

producer of bridget jones diary and Love Wanted to remind us that not only are there superhero movies, but the rom-com isn’t dead.Welcome to What does love have to do with it?the riveting new film from screenwriter Jemima Khan, who served as Impeachment: American Crime Story and Clinton incident. That should give you an idea of ​​how shrewd, creative and intentional Khan is in choosing her projects, and her collaboration with director Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth) is here to serve up slow-cooked, feel-good flicks with all the seasoning just right.

if Love Showing us that love really is all around us – can we forget Andrew Lincoln’s cue card scene in front of Keira Knightley? — What does love have to do with it? Giving us a modern update, partly set in the UK, it illuminates how complicated ‘love’ and love can be in the 21st century. This is a story about “contractual love” in an arranged–making this “assistant”-marriage that makes everyone involved in it think on a deeper level.maybe love doesn’t everything It’s about relationships — or potential relationships. Keep that thought.

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I don’t love you yet but marry me

what does love have to do with it

Meet Zoe (Lily James pam and tommy and Mamma Mia!here we go again), a dating app junkie and documentary filmmaker working for a group of privileged “bros” who think they know what they’re doing. sigh. How many more years will it take for these guys to read some Deepak or watch Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday — at least once — before they realize the world doesn’t revolve around them? They’re not a bright bunch, but Zoe wants to hit her stride. A little desperate, she came up with an idea.

Enter Zoe’s childhood friend and neighbor Kaz (Shazad Latif of Star Trek: Discovery). To her surprise, Kaz agreed to follow his parents’ example and enter into an assisted marriage. In this case, it was a lovely young woman from Pakistan. Kaz and his family allowed Zoe to document the journey, and Zoe has always been fascinated by Kaz’s choices. Why would he willingly choose not to start falling in love because she felt something was out of date?

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This premise gives Zoe and Kaz ample time to talk to each other, away from her documentary camera. Their debates about modern dating and love give each of them something to think about. But no one stepped back from their positions. Kaz challenges Zoe to her endless dates with a bully to no avail. Zoe thinks Kaz made a big mistake. Katz claims that only 6 percent of arranged marriages end in divorce. Zooey rolled her eyes. It’s clear that the two, who have been bonded since childhood, have feelings for each other. Or are they not? we want to know. (But not that much.)

Meanwhile, we have Emma Thompson good luck rio grande Whenever she’s on screen, there’s plenty of other stuff to spice things up. Cath, as Zoe’s outspoken but funny mother, longs for her daughter to finally find someone. Zooey won’t accept it, claiming that there aren’t that many good men out there. Kaz scoffs at the idea, forcing her to question her choices. Ah, the layers are getting deeper now, aren’t they?

Will they? won’t they? can they

as we enter the second half What does love have to do with it?, Kaz’s family (along with Zoe and Cath) flew out for a traditional and lavish Pakistani wedding. Relax, this movie isn’t going to devolve into a typical wedding movie. When Kaz first meets law student bride-to-be, Maymouna (Sajal Aly), Zoe immediately notices an emotional barrier between them. She wondered how her friend was getting through it. Kaz is firm, even though Maymouna clearly thinks Kaz is a bit reserved for her tastes — it’s a party scene, the girl has some drinks, she’s blowing off, you know how it goes. Still, Kaz is determined to keep his promise.

Shabana Azmi also stands out here as Kaz’s mother. It’s refreshing to see that the filmmakers have given characters other than Zoe and Kaz their own unique storylines. Azmi imbues her characters with a sense of grace and nobility, and it’s heartwarming to see how her own story plays out with her own children, especially with an estranged daughter who chooses to marry a white man.

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As for Lily James and Shazad Latif, these fine actors shine from start to finish.James is a phenomenal talent who can easily emerge from bubble pop delicacies such as Mamma Mia!here we go again Dive into the dark pit of despair Pam and Tommy. Please let us give this majestic presence more work to showcase her unique depth. Latif is as believable as Kaz. His down-to-earth performance takes up most of the film. The last scene is worth savoring.

What does love have to do with it? is a sweet and lovely movie. It’s intentional, it’s so smooth, and somehow it all works. Its only objectionable element is the title, which is reminiscent of the Tina Turner-directed film of the same name, directed by Angela Bassett in the 1990s. And yet… well, here’s the last point: Emma Thompson’s character has an honorable word for Lily James here. During one of their mother-daughter exchanges, Kath told Zoe, “Loneliness is a Western disease, and it’s deadlier than cancer.” She went on to tell her daughter that it might be more appropriate for her to have someone else take care of her. to this end, like, has a lot to do with everything.

What does love have to do with it? Working Title Films and Instinct Production, opens May 5 at StudioCanal.

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