Netflix's Blood, Sex & Royalty: Stream It Or Skip It

A lady in waiting in the French and English royal courts during her teenage years, Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII and was executed for treason in 1536. More than a thousand plot devices are used in this three-part

While imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1536, Anne testified about her life and misdeeds. Along with that dramatization, there are natural historians

Anne turns to us on camera when Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, one of Henry VIII's respected religious advisors, is first introduced as Henry's "work wife."

A smart and winky depiction of Anne's life emphasizes her educated, vocal opinions on marriage and church reform as expressed by herself. When we cut to the experts, who explain Tudor-era living in a historical context, the tone tends to change a bit.

By cutting away from all the drama it has built up with talking head interviews, the tension is constantly broken. Alicent is watching House of the Dragon when a professional announces that "Larys's foot fetish was the talk of the Red Keep."

"King Francis: Ruler of France, patron of the arts, and banging my sister," Anne introduces the French king whose court Anne once served. When Anne breaks the fourth wall in this scene, a rap song from 2021 plays in the background. It sums up the show you're watching perfectly.