A 46-year-old man with a terminal brain tumor prepares for his last Christmas with his wife

An ill man plans to spend his last Christmas with his significant other.

Last December, Dan Potts, 46, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a forceful growth of the cerebrum.

After being separated last Christmas due to Dan's concentration care, he is preparing to spend his last Christmas with Liah, 26.

Since I was in escalated care last year, Christmas was dropped because we were separated.

In 2018, Dan began experiencing migraines and weakness on the right side of his body.

Half a year later, the aggravation became 'excruciating', and Dan had another X-ray, which revealed exactly the same thing.

As I was told this in an open emergency clinic ward without security, I cried; I had not expected such news.

Liah and Dan are currently crowdfunding to cover Dan's treatment at St John's in Keswick and Cerebrum Cancer Exploration.

We are so sorry to hear Dan's decision,' says Matthew Cost, Mind Cancer Exploration's people advancement chief.