Warner Bros. Animation tried to beat Disney at its own game, but failed

In 1998, Warner Bros. Animated Feature tried to challenge Walt Disney Animation in the big-budget, family-friendly animated feature space.While the Disney renaissance was drawing to a close by this time, the studio enjoyed unprecedented critical and commercial success throughout the ’90s with groundbreaking, beloved animated films such as beauty and the beast, aladdinand lion king. Everyone in Hollywood likes to come second, so of course other studios tried to emulate Disney’s success throughout the ’90s, including Warner Bros. Pictures.The biggest example of this is the Find Camelotwhich features many features, attempts to recreate the look and feel of the hit Disney feature film, with less than satisfactory results.

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How Warner Bros. Is Trying To Copy Disney’s Model With Finding Camelot

Find Garrett and Kelly in Camelot
Image via Warner Bros.

Find Camelot There were pretty prolific voice actors at the time. Cary Elwes of princess bride Lead actor Garrett rose to fame. Pierce Brosnanin his latest bid as a contender James Bondthe voice of King Arthur, and gary oldmanStill in the Hollywood bad guy phase, voicing the villain Lord Ruburt. Eric Idle and don ricks It’s the voices of Devon and Cornwall, different heads of a two-headed dragon, who serve as the film’s comic supporting characters.

As is customary with the Disney Renaissance, the film is a musical, with songs by Carol Bair Sager and david foster.rising country music star and teenage prodigy at the time Liane Rimes “Looking Through Your Eyes”, which was produced as the lead single from the film and its soundtrack.Most of the Disney Renaissance films have versions of popular songs on their soundtracks, such as those played by celine dion and Peacock Brysonor Elton JohnVersions of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “The Circle of Life” lion king.

Like other Disney films of the 1990s, Find Camelot A mixture of musical, comedy and fabled adventure story with elements of the Arthurian legend. The story follows young teen and aspiring knight Kelly (Jessalyn Gilsig), she tries to save the kingdom of Camelot and her mother Juliana (jane seymour) at the hand of Lord Ruburt (Oldman), the rogue knight who betrayed King Arthur (Brosnan) and killed Kelly’s father, Sir Lionel (Gabriel Byrne). Kelly then sets out to find the recently lost Excalibur. Along the way, she meets Garrett (Elvis), a blind hermit, and forms an unlikely partnership. They are eventually joined by Devin (Adel) and Cornwall (Ricks) in their quest to find Excalibur and rescue Camelot.

Find Camelot is a fairly drawn-by-numbers, formulaic, predictable animated adventure game. It wants to reach Disney’s heights, but it feels more like another studio trying to emulate Disney’s animation style without its own. None of the songs or lyrics in the entire movie are particularly memorable. They lack graphics and aren’t songs you want to sing along to while listening to the radio in your car. While Disney Renaissance movies often add comedic cameos or quirky characters to liven up the kids’ experience, none of the comedic cameos are particularly funny. That said, Idle’s Devon does have one of the funniest and most revealing lines in the film when he introduces himself and Cornwall to Kelly and Garrett, saying, “Frankly, we’re Don The reason brothers and sisters shouldn’t marry.” This has become a commonly accepted trope for sneaking more adult, non-PG lines or jokes into children’s animated films.

In another example of the film’s forced and deadpan humor, Lord Ruburt uses magic potions to turn his soldiers and animals into bladed monsters.He combines a rooster with an ax to become a talking mutant rooster named Bladebeak, created by jariel white.Ultimately, Beak betrayed his new boss and reconciled with his hen mate, who made his own cringe-worthy iteration Clint Eastwood’s famous monologue from Dirty Harry (Dirty Raven, saying, “Do I consider myself lucky? Well, are you a punk?!” Most of the film’s attempts at slapstick humor fail. Admittedly, these examples don’t always work in Disney Renaissance films either.Case in point: Talking Gargoyle, Victor, Hugo and Laverne notre dame de parisand how weak that film’s portrayal of their shared existence was.

The final failure is Find Camelot This is not surprising. It looks and feels like a cheap attempt at copying the Disney formula, and it’s missing those key elements that made classic Disney films of the era so successful. It’s a musical featuring a pop hit single sung by a rising music star. Warner Bros. Animation clearly wants this to be its own Disney Renaissance classic, just like the films of the era. There are talented actors in the cast. It mixes action and adventure with comedy, drama and romance, but is strictly watered down for younger kids. The film draws on recognizable source material, in this case Arthurian legend. However, none of these elements come together to create something special, classic, magical and iconic.

Why is production on ‘Finding Camelot’ in trouble?

Find Garrett and Kelly in Camelot
Image via Warner Bros.

The final product is impressive Find Camelot It’s evident in its troubled production.according to a report Jeffrey Wells Published February 1998 RecordThe original director of the film, bill croyerand producer Sue Croyer Fired as president of Warner Bros. animated feature films Max Howard Once production began, there were said to be creative differences. It appears that the film went through a lot of changes during production.The story is roughly based on king’s maiden go through Vera Chapman, but the final product bears little resemblance to the source material. According to Polygon, the film’s original story was to explore a young woman named Suzanne on her quest to save her sister from the Holy Grail. In the film, the Holy Grail is changed to Excalibur, and the heroine tries to save her mother instead of her sister. Howard is said to be the driving force behind the change. In addition to losing the original director and producer, other production staff also abandoned the project, which is like a sinking ship.

An anonymous person known as the film’s “senior assistant” told Welles back in 1998, “The simplest thing I can say is that there are 20 people with 20 different movies in their heads. From top to bottom Next, no one clearly said what the movie was about. No one said anything.” Apparently, Find Camelot The project lacked a single, creative vision, not to mention interference from studio execs and attempts by the executive committee to make a product.Furthermore, it seems that successfully lion king Everyone in Hollywood likes to come second, a phrase that poisons the proverbial well, so the studios all try to get their own version lion king Instead of knowing why and how lion king became the success it achieved.as the same man told wells Record’, “The wave that The Lion King created has been going on for years…you have to move in those directions. Everyone is so hungry. Studios should find their own niche. ’ That perfectly sums up what happened Find Camelot.The film is a product of an era when studios were trying to express displeasure with the success of films like Wild and the overwhelming hit lion king Tried to create my own.

Aftermath of Finding Camelot

Finding Garrett of Camelot
Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Animated Feature still released two titles in the final years of the 1990s.they behaved badly king and me musicals and brad bird steel giant.although steel giant It wasn’t a box office success when it was first released, but the film did become recognized as an animated classic in later years.big difference steel giant Share with movies like king and me and Find Camelot This is an original idea. The film is Bird’s vision for the screen and tells a great story. This movie has its own twist, not just a Disney knockoff. No wonder Bird would go on to reach greater and better heights in later years. at present, Find Camelot The Disney Renaissance remains a bit of an oddity in Warner Bros. Pictures’ catalog and 1990s animated feature films that, while not being a part of the Disney Renaissance, desperately wanted to be.

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