Tony Gilroy on ‘Andor’s Emmy Nomination and Labor Issues in Hollywood’ (Exclusive)

The TV Academy revealed its list of Emmy nominees this morning, and with this list of potential winners, one thing is crystal clear: 2022 will deliver some of the best shows of the decade.for star wars fans, it’s no surprise Andor was voted Outstanding Series — which it did on Collider — but considering the Emmys have historically tended to star wars title.

Following the announcement Andor Nominated for eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Original Theme Music, Outstanding Music Composition for a Series, Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series, and Outstanding Visual Effects.A season or a movie, Collider has the opportunity to work with Andorcreator of Tony Gilroy.

In addition to talking about being nominated for the series, Gilroy details all the incredible creativity involved in making it Andor and the ongoing writers’ strike, and how the labor movement can relate to the subject Andor.We also talked about “One Way Out,” which was created by Bo Willimon, was nominated for an Outstanding Writing Award. Willimon shared a statement about his nomination, saying:

“It was exciting to see Andor receive so many nominations from the Television Academy. I am grateful and honored to be part of the team that Tony Gilroy has assembled. He has such a strong vision for the series, hundreds of talented The people who work tirelessly to bring the script to life. We are all grateful to the fans who have always supported us in doing something different with such a beloved series. I also want to acknowledge that while it is certainly nice to celebrate the value of writers Great, but 11,000 of us are currently on strike to protect the value of every writer on every show, and winning this fight is the most important reward.”

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COLLIDER: First of all, I want to congratulate the Emmy nominations, especially the Outstanding Drama Series nominations.

Tony Gilroy: I know! What a great thing. Thank you Collider for helping us tremendously from start to finish.

Thanks. I love this show. I think you know I love this show. I have to say, Andor definitely broke the mold star wars and science fiction. What do you think it says about all this award buzz? star wars Can and should it be done in this gritty, down-to-earth, very life-like way of telling a story?

Gilroy: I think the bigger lesson is that our task is to forge a new line along those lines, a new grammar, a new visual vocabulary, and a new way of behaving. In a larger sense, I hope, and I think our desire is that it licenses a variety of different shows.The error could be, “Oh, let’s copy Andor Do. ’ I think it’s going to be a win if Star Wars can do a lot of things in that universe with elements that work. So, I hope this has a wider impact than just saying, “Oh, make it all work out.” Andor“.

but i hope everything is like this Andor!

GILROY: (laughs) you don’t want star wars music? hurry up!

Well, I do want that. Musicals would be fun.

Gilroy: Here you go!

This is like (Star Wars Holiday Special) all over again.

Gilroy: How about that? star wars Murder Mystery?

there are already some really good star wars Comic books play with that vibe, so I can definitely see that coming. As far as the points you make, I do think that’s what counts Andor It shows that with the right creative team, Star Wars can be anything.Glad to see that multiple nominations have been received Andor In directing, cinematography, writing. I feel like it makes sense for us to discuss Beau (Willimon)’s Get Out nomination with the writers strike in full swing. Of all the episodes, what do you think was the writing of that episode that had such a profound impact on the Emmys?

Gilroy: I think tactically you have to make a decision, what are you going to do, and people reacted very strongly to that episode, from civilians to critics and everything. Looked like that was the one with the highest heat, so that’s what we did. It has everything in it. It has everything in it. I don’t know what it’s going to be like watching this episode without watching the show, but I think if you just watch that episode, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what we’ve been trying to do throughout the show.

Felix's Revolution in Andor Season 1
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really. I’m surprised, though, that acting wasn’t nominated. Specifically that set of episodes, and that episode. Like Andy Serkis, I’d really like him to be nominated because it’s just a character and character that I feel resonates with a lot of people.

Gilroy: I don’t know what the correct answer is. I mean, succession Already had a very brilliant victory lap. They kind of turned the table over. I figured by the time they were done the oxygen was running out.

I know. It’s so hard when awards season has so many incredible episodes and so many incredible performances.

Gilroy: You know what? That’s why the series nomination is significant. This is a great program group, worth participating in.The only time I’ve ever experienced something like this is when we did Michael Clayton, that year was amazing, and I loved all the movies we touched and communicated with. So it’s nice to like the team I’m on.

At that point, what was it like to get the call at the Emmys in the morning, the email that your show was nominated?

GILROY: That really improved the day.

I like that.

here’s another set of nominations Andor I’m glad to see Nicholas (Britelle) in charge of the music and the opening theme. I’m curious, when you started discussing what the tone and atmosphere of the music should be, what was it like for you and Nicholas to discuss the soundscape of the music? Andor?

Gilroy: Gosh, Nick and I spent the better part of a year in a room on and off. We had a lot of conversations about a lot of things. What’s great about these jobs — and this is no bullshit — is the community, the people you work with, the opportunity to access all these different communities of the show in pre-production and filming and post-production and writing. Nick and I, there’s almost nothing we haven’t talked about. We discussed the show, so it was hard to say where we ended and the show began. This is one of the greatest collaborations I’ve ever been a part of. I look forward to returning to it one day.

You’re pretty accurate about the programming community. Before I did all this, I was in the film business and TV business, and was a stand-in for TV shows. I haven’t been on the program for three years, but I still have a great group chat with all the other 2nd team members and we share all the victories and victories, so I think about that every time the show gets nominated. This is a whole community. Whoever is nominated is a whole family. In a sense, everyone was nominated together.

GILROY: When you hear someone say, “I want to thank everyone,” it always sounds like crap, but, like, there are 1400 people in the world. Andor The community produces shows every year. Our whole ethic is trying to make everyone feel like a filmmaker, that everyone feels like they’re part of something ambitious, rational, and cool, and that there’s a place for them to contribute. This is no nonsense. That’s what we’re really trying to do, and you’ll benefit from it.

Look, I mean, don’t try too hard, but that’s the labor problem in Hollywood right now. There is this huge community of creative people in every sector around the world. They’ve lived their lives, some are second generation, some are third generation, some are brand new; whatever it is, they’re all there, they’re all part of this thing. Sadly, where we are now, the unions are the ones trying to protect this industry, this amazing American industry that has fostered this incredible system that we have. Who is trying to protect it? The responsibility to protect the industry is left to the unions. I think this sense of community will drive the success of all these labor issues. Because I think eventually everyone realizes that this is the end. If we don’t do it now, we can’t get it done. But that’s what it’s for.

It’s really hard — you know, people ask and say, “Oh, well, you’re leaving your show,” and then, “You’re walking away.” Shows that do the right thing and take care of each other and what happens when you don’t are really hard. It’s really hard to do this without supporting it.

Andor Episode 10 Diego Luna
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Absolutely. It’s hard to ignore the irony of this morning’s Emmy nominations and tonight’s possible SAG strike. It’s so esoteric. Immediately after the nominations were announced, I checked Twitter and it was cool to see how many people resonated with One Way Out being nominated for Best Writing, because it was so relevant to how the community and the industry felt. This goes some way to explaining the way these stories transcend. It’s not just Star Wars; it’s a story that touches all of us.

Gilroy: What did Andy Serkis say? “If we can work as hard as we can, we will win.”

Exactly.nice to see different elements Andor has been nominated. You also get the sound of “The Eye”. Can you talk about that soundscape and the build of the episode?

GILROY: Man, they started working on it in pre-production. Skywalker (sound) and our team in London, John Gilroy, Margit Pfeiffer and Dave Arcord, and all the people on Skywalker, and all the people who do all the sound work, very very Start thinking about how to relate to music early on. When you start mixing, you’re already in a 100-iteration conversation. It’s very, very well thought out, and it’s also a lot of fun. It was so much fun doing it. Indeed.

full version of the first season Andor Now streaming on Disney+.check out our interview Diego Luna At Star Wars Celebration below:

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