Tom Holland’s first performance in this survival film is his best yet

Whether he’s swinging in a spider’s web in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or battling an evil inner demon cherry and devil all the time, tom holland Constantly reminding us that he is one of the best young actors in the business.With the release of his latest project Apple TV+ crowded room The British star, who also serves as a producer on the show, has continued to diversify his repertoire and showcase his wide range. However, despite his impressive resume as a leading actor, Holland made his feature film debut in the 2012 film Lucas at 12. impossible Still stands out, perhaps his best work to date.

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Tom Holland’s first movie is based on a true story

Tom Holland and Naomi Watts play Lucas and Maria Bennett in 'Mission: Impossible'
Image via Warner Bros.

impossible Based on the true story of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, centered on the survival of the Bennett family Veron-Alvarez Against all odds, a family survives a deadly natural disaster. Tom Holland as Lucas, Maria’s eldest daughter (Naomi Watts) and Henry’s (Ewan McGregor) three young sons.The family found themselves amidst the wreckage of the massive tsunami while holidaying in Thailand, and impossible The story of their struggle to survive and find each other in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy.

The movie opens with Lucas, a typical sullen teen, annoyed by his brother’s antics and pouting that his mom won’t let him drink soda. Still, Lucas clearly loves his family, and Holland quickly sheds his sullen exterior to hang out with his brothers and enjoy his vacation. impossible Lucas even had a young Holland happily flip on the beach on Christmas morning, showing off his Spider-Man-level gymnastics skills.

However, the real burden came not long after the Boxing Day tsunami hit. Lucas and his brothers are playing in the resort pool, surrounded by other kids, a pleasant image that turns into a terrifying image once we realize what’s about to happen. Hotel guests stood motionless and the earth began to tremble as the surrounding air expanded and wild animals fled the scene. Lucas called out to his father in horror as the huge wave approached and destroyed the entire resort in an instant. In one particularly quick but intense moment, Lucas dives into the pool to escape the wreckage, and Holland makes us truly believe in his fears as he flails and screams underwater. The idyllic scene was destroyed in seconds and Maria and Lucas emerged from the water moments later, struggling to get closer to each other as the waves and debris crashed relentlessly.

Tom Holland was 14 when he filmed ‘Mission: Impossible’

impossible tom holland
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Watts and Holland deliver their most impressive and heartrending work to date, with mother and son weeping in horror and screaming at each other, wondering if they’ll ever be reunited in time.the whole rest of the time impossibleIn “Holland,” Holland continues to contend with Watts (even if it’s arguably one of Naomi Watts’ best performances), as he goes from being an ordinary kid to a deeply traumatized And the man who becomes strong, is determined to keep his mother alive. After they were picked up by locals and rushed to the hospital, Lucas watched his mother cling to life, utterly distraught but silently determined to help the other survivors reunite with their families until, miraculously, he was with his own reunion. Shot of a weeping Lucas clinging to his little brothers (Samuel Jocelyn and Oakley Pendergast) with the music playing, it’s probably the most emotional scene in the entire film, and the relief and joy Holland exudes as the day’s trauma washes over him is one of the film’s most powerful moments.

Holland revealed in an interview that filming the tsunami scene was (unsurprisingly) physically demanding, and acting came naturally at times because he was genuinely scared and able to use his surroundings to influence his performance. Still, no one can deny that as Holland struggles to make ends meet and angrily takes out his fears on his mother, he delivers a level of performance that many grown-up actors would envy. Even more impressive, Tom Holland was only 14 years old at the time. impossible was shot.

‘Impossible’ director loved Holland’s work on ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’

Already an experienced stage performer at the age of 13, and has emerged from successful stage performances Billy Elliott: The MusicalHolland is sought impossible director JA Bayona, he saw an interview with Holland on YouTube and was impressed by the young actor. Bayonne traveled to London to meet him, and within six or seven weeks, according to Holland, he was shooting the movie’s big wave scenes in Spain. In 2013, Holland told The Hollywood Reporter Coming straight from the West End, he had no previous experience performing in front of a camera, so it was difficult to transition from stage to screen.Although the relationships he developed with the cast and crew impossible Similar to his theater productions, performing in front of a camera rather than a live audience has been an adjustment for the young star. Clearly, Holland quickly became popular, and his performance earned him a Young Artist Award, among many other honors.

since he was impossibleHolland has since appeared in everything from tense, dark thrillers to more upbeat Spider-Man films, always delivering stunning performances. What’s especially significant about his first role, however, is that even at such a young age, Holland understands the meaning of the story he’s telling and knows he has a responsibility to tell it honestly.holland played lucas in the film impossible It might make him a noteworthy young star, but it also shows the teenager’s capacity for empathy and humility, which will no doubt continue to serve him well as he commits to more complex protagonists. Items with emotional requirements. Even at the tender age of 14, Tom Holland has shown us that he already has a complete actor’s toolbox filled with limitless potential, and we’re happy to report that, after a decade of his big-screen career, this The much-loved Brit apparently hasn’t lost his influence.

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