Tom Hanks Makes ‘Splash,’ Thanks to This Bill Murray Bomb

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  • Bill Murray’s decision to run a theater instead of acting in Splash had a great impact on his work.
  • Tom Hanks took advantage of the opportunity to act in Splash And delivered a charming and versatile performance, making his position as a leading comedian.
  • Both Murray and Hanks have left a lasting impact on the small and big screen, and their unique journeys and unforgettable performances have been appreciated by audiences for years.

It can be overwhelming to look back on your life and think about the countless decisions you made that could have changed the course of your future. As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but that doesn’t erase the fact that those choices made you who you are today. This “sliding door” situation doubles as the endless path of life when you think about how other people’s decisions may affect your path as well. These are choices that, even if you don’t have a say in all the decisions, still launch you in unexpected directions. That is exactly what happened Tom Hanks When he booked his leading role in the 1984 comedy Splash. That is because there is no Bill Murray Making the right choice, Hanks was sent on a career path that would change the rest of his life.

When it comes to portraying the role of Allen Bauer in the movie Splash, Producers have many options when it comes to talented actors. Among the contenders recognized names such as: Dudley Moore, Kevin Kline, John Travolta, Michael Keaton, Jeff Bridges, Chevy Chase, And even Richard Gere. However, the role was offered to the great comedian Bill Murray. Murray, who is already filming a successful comedy, seems like the perfect choice for this Ron Howard-directed (in the end) classic. However, little did the producers know that Murray had different plans than starring in another chuckle fest. Despite the past SNL The recent ascension of a relatively new member to the role of the leading man in comedy, Murray wants to take his young career to the side of the scary mask.

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Bill Murray learns that he is not ready for drama

Bill Murray in 'The Razor's Edge.'
Image via Columbia Pictures

For Murray, it’s clear that the idea of ​​starring in another comedy isn’t as appealing as the grass is greener on the other side. This pasture is the theater and film that he will end up choosing instead Splash called Razor’s Edge. This film is an adaptation of the 1944 novel of the same name, written by W. Somerset Maugham. Razor’s Edge Actually is a reboot of the 1946 adaptation of the same title, which starred Herbert Marshall. This time around the story has Murray playing the lead role of Larry Darrell, making this his first official role in a dramatic film. But the result was definitely not what he hoped for.

There’s something disturbing about seeing an actor known for a particular genre suddenly step into a completely different style. Murray’s fans, as well as critics, have seen the funny man use his wit and talent to carry comedy films on his back with ease. But when Murray stepped into the shoes of the iconic character, most of the audience rejected this sudden change. Of course, even the critics panned Razor’s Edge And it failed at the box office, Murray’s talent sustained him long enough to take another crack at dramatic roles, finally finding success in the second half of his ongoing career. Movies like Lost in translation, broken flower, And all Wes Anderson The films he was a part of proved that fans fully accepted Murray’s wide acting range.

Splash It’s Tom Hanks’ time to shine

Tom Hanks played Allen Bauer and Daryl played Madison in Splash
Image via Touchstone Pictures

With Murray’s decision to forward Splash, Hanks beat out the rest of the series to land the lead role of Allen Bauer. This, of course, is before he has the potential to pick and choose the roles he wants to play. Viewers first met Allen as a child who nearly drowned before he was mysteriously rescued by a young mermaid. Thinking it was always a fantasy he created as a child, Allen, as an adult, finds himself unable to find the right woman to live with. However, he quickly realizes that his childhood memories are true as he is reunited with Madison (Daryl Hannah), a now adult mermaid who once saved his life. Allen quickly falls in love with his new mermaid partner, convincing him that he’s never been unlucky with romance; He was always waiting for her.

The film also featured great comedy such as: John’s cake And Eugene Levy, which helped the film to be successful. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay that same year and is considered a comedy classic even today. Until then, Hanks was known mostly as a television comedian for his role as Chip Wilson on the series. Bosom Buddies. However, the consequences of Splash of The success saw Hanks move into his career-long comedy leading man streak, spawning hilarious hits such as: bachelor party, money hole, and more. Like Murray, Hanks wants to try acting. However, he not only waited longer than Murray to try to make the transition, but he also achieved a feat that Murray never did.

Tom Hanks went on to become a golden actor

Tom Hanks in Philadelphia
Image via TriStar Pictures

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Hanks turned to acting, especially when compared to Murray’s full-on 180 with. Razor’s Edge. Some fans may point out Bonfire of the Vanities For the first time Hanks has changed, while others may watch movies like A league of its own Or Sleepless in Seattle. However, one thing is certain: 1993 Philadelphia That’s when he deleted the “grey area” question. Shown by contrast Denzel Washington, Hanks plays Andrew Beckett, a lawyer who fights his former boss who fired him after discovering he was gay and had AIDS. The film not only proves that Hanks has what it takes to stand up to his fellow actors, but it also proves to be a reason to leave his comedy past.

Hanks’ role in Philadelphia It earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor, impressing those who still see him as a reliable source. This success clearly steered Hanks in a new direction as he would go on to star in blockbusters such as: Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, and more. In contrast to Hanks, Murray was lucky enough to try and fail in his attempt to make a big change, then get a second chance to find his public acceptance in a new genre. And although the paths of both actors are unique to each, it is Murray’s decision that makes both.

What can live in the shadow of what is

Bill Murray as Bob Harris consoles Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte in Lost in Translation
Image via focus feature

Splash isn’t Hanks’ first role, but it’s his first in a movie. It is difficult to imagine what the movie is Splash It would be like if Bill Murray ended up playing the role of Allen Bauer. Sure, the story will be the same, but there’s something about Hanks’ performance that brings a certain charm and innocence that seems necessary to make Allen’s character worthwhile. Murray’s wry, sometimes dry humor may make it harder to like Allen and still believe he’ll fall in love with a mermaid. Although there are many laughs based on Murray’s abilities, it is interesting to wonder Splash It would have been as good as it happened if it wasn’t for Hanks playing Allen.

Although some may argue that it is mentally exhausting to wonder what could have happened in your life, it is sometimes an exciting opportunity to point out some options that could have sent you in a different direction if other decisions had been made. Fortunately for Hanks, he was not faced with the choice to stay Splash, But instead Murray chose it for him. As for Murray himself, he is extremely lucky to have overcome the option too early to try on the big screen and now can appear in any genre he wants, even Marvel movies. And for us fans, we are lucky to have these two talented comedians and actors to entertain us for years.

Bill Murray’s decision related to the movie Splash had a great impact on his career and Tom Hanks. Murray’s choice to pursue drama led him down a different path, and although it didn’t work out at first, he eventually found success in the genre. On the other hand, Hanks seized the opportunity and gave a performance that showed his charm and versatility, cementing his position as a leading comedian. Both actors have left a lasting impact on both the small and big screen. We can celebrate these unique journeys of both actors and appreciate the unforgettable performances they have given us over the years. And it’s because Murray decided he didn’t want a star opposite the Fish.

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