Tom Cruise is close to starring in this western remake

In 1992, Tom Cruise dabbled in the world of the West with a romantic epic Far and far. Sponsored by Ron Howard, the feature received mixed reviews, although it ensured that Cruise expanded his filmography to include one of the most enduring genres in the world of American cinema. Since Far and far, Cruise did not make any notable return to the domain of Westerners. His focus is on spy films and sci-fi action features, especially starting with his filmmaking choices in 2011.

However, there was a point when it looked like Cruise was saddling up again for a western title – and a remake of one of the most famous shows in that genre. In the early 2010s, it seems that Cruise will receive new support The Magnificent Seven For MGM. Of course, the project never happened, with a modern remake of this particular western instead Denzel Washington in a leading role. However, Cruise’s incarnation of this remake came very close to something horrible happening. For now, it seems quite conceivable that Far and far Finally there will be some company among the class of Tom Cruise Westerns.

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When Cruise’s ‘The Magnificent Seven’ started Saddle Up

Tom Cruise climbs the Burj Khalifa in 'Mission_ Impossible - Ghost Protocol' (2011) (1)
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In May 2012, just five months later Mission: Impossible – Ghost Ritual Reviving the box office revival of Tom Cruise’s career, the actor has signed on to star in a new film The Magnificent Seven For MGM. A variety of species It is reported that Cruise harbored a passion for a long time for anchoring the project, although it will be a good while until it becomes a reality. At this stage, no director or writer is attached to the production. A lot of work needs to be done before this remake is ready for the big screen. However, it is a big gain for the remake in many ways.

For MGM, the studio emerging from bankruptcy and trying to return to the world of major film production, there is Seven wonders The upcoming film starring Tom Cruise is a great way to increase public confidence in this company. Meanwhile, this potential creative partnership reunites MGM and Cruise after a strange stretch in the late 2000s where Cruise ran the MGM subsidiary United Artists. Cruise as the head of the studio ended up going nowhere, but the fate of MGM and Tom Cruise are intertwined again with this news. Both the studio and the leading man are Hollywood staples that have seen better days but are now looking to revive their reputations in 2010.

In the summer of 2012, there was some more news about who might just join Cruise in the cast of this film. Matt Damon, Morgan FreemanAnd Kevin Costner Reportedly participated in the program. Throwing Jason Bourne himself into the proceedings would further add to the legitimacy of this remake, although it’s impossible to tell just how true this rumor is. Although there have been whispers about casting, there is no script or director attached to the production yet, making it clear at this point in time. The Magnificent Seven Still far from an immediate concern for moviegoers.

Why did the ‘seven wonders’ never ride into the west?

Famous Heroes of The Magnificent Seven (2016)
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In December 2013, more definitive news about who would be writing the remake emerged through a revelation. That John Lee Hancock Now writing the chapter The Magnificent Seven. Coupled with this news, though, is the revelation that Tom Cruise is no longer attached to star in this remake. The actor and MGM parted ways without knowing the reason. The Magnificent Seven Will not wait long for the new leading man and creative team, with the director Antoine Fuqua Take over the project quickly and Denzel Washington Residence of the leadership role. This remake is far from down for the count even though Tom Cruise is no longer involved in the proceedings.

As for why Cruise ended up walking away from the project, part of it may have been his office records 19 months ago. When he signed The Magnificent SevenCruise is fresh out all the unexpected lucrative loot Ghost ceremony. A month later, he planted a car bomb in the main office Rock of Ages While his 2012 will end with an OK but not exceptional financial performer Jack Reacher. In early 2013, Cruise will score another guest star forget. That’s three consecutive projects that failed to meet expectations, one of which became one of the biggest flops of the man’s career. Let’s not forget that just before Ghost ceremony Cruise attached his name to the famous money loser Knight & Day.

One has to wonder if these box office failures made Cruise even more hesitant about any projects he signed on for. After Edge of tomorrow In 2014, Cruise narrowed his focus as an actor to exclusively play the roles of Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacher, and Maverick in big blockbusters (save for a brief cameo with the “unforgettable” figure Nick Morton in The Mummy in 2017). In the interest of avoiding further explosions such as: Rock of Ages, Cruise is largely no longer in the business of playing new characters. With this change in priority, the remake title is The Magnificent Seven (which is still a western, the kind that never racked up big international bucks) doesn’t fit into Cruise’s plans anymore.

MGM probably didn’t cry too much about losing Cruise since it managed to secure Denzel Washington for the lead role. The Magnificent Seven Instead. The biggest victim in this production never saw the light of day was the intersection of western movie star and lover Tom Cruise. For them, the death of Tom Cruise Seven wonders The remake is tantamount to disaster. At least they can clutch their copy of Far and far as a way of coping with this harsh reality.

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