Tickets for The Haunted House Now On Sale

With the release of Disney haunted house As the distance draws closer, moviegoers can buckle up and take a ride because tickets are on sale now.The new film is directed by such as Rosario Dawson, Lakeis Stanfield, danny devitoand Jamie Lee Curtisis the latest Disney film to draw inspiration from the company’s iconic line of theme park attractions, following in the footsteps of country bear, tomorrow world, jungle cruiseof course, and Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

In the new film, Dawson plays Gabby, a single mother who buys a mansion at a discount and moves into it. However, Gabby soon realizes that – you guessed it – her new home is haunted by an unwelcome ghost, leading her to enlist the help of a ragtag team of so-called paranormal experts in clearing the house of … Unwelcome guests. . The team consists of a priest (Owen Wilson), tour guide (Stanfield), medium (tiffany haddish), they must work together to uncover the mansion’s secrets.Joining the star cast are Jared Leto, Chase Dillon, Hassan Minhaj, Dan Levyand Winona Ryder. But interestingly, Ryder has yet to appear in any promotional material released online, leading fans to speculate about her role in the film. A popular theory is that she will appear as Constance Hatchaway, also known as “The Bride,” one of the original theme park’s most iconic characters.

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While the movie features some serious stars in front of the camera, there are also plenty of talented people behind it.director Justin Simeon (dear white people) is more closely related to the source material than most, having previously served as a Disneyland cast member. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker, however, is not the first director to helm the project. Guillermo del Toro Originally planned to direct the film.While that won’t happen, del Toro is still credited as an executive producer with whom he will write the screenplay DV Devincentis and Katie Dippold. Chris Powers Composer for the film, while Jeffrey Waldron Considered a cinematographer. Philip J. Battelle is the editor of the film, and the production design is by Darren Guilfordand clothing design Jeffrey Curran.

Rosario Dawson's Haunted House
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This isn’t the first time Disney has invited audiences to take a haunted house ride on the big screen, the last time the ride was made into a movie was in 2003. Eddie Murphy– lead haunted house. The film was a smash at the box office, grossing $182.3 million on a budget of $90 million, but received a generally negative reception from critics. The new movie opens in theaters on July 28, and time will tell if it gets a less dire reception.

Tickets are haunted house Available now. Check out the movie trailer below:

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