This Stephen King Horror Movie Should Use Its Alternate Ending

Horror movie trends change with the seasons. Sometimes the focus is blood and guts, and other times it’s a high-level story with thematic undertones that require a second thought.Whatever the trend, it seems stephen king His story remains a solid foundation for horror stories. One of King’s adaptations of short stories of the same name, 1408 It is a horror movie that will leave you with a deep impression after watching it. Not your typical bloody horror, 1408 The supernatural aspect and the tension throughout make the audience feel chills to the bone.

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Mikael HaffstromKing’s short story version is one of the best adaptations of his work. 2007 Movie Stars John Cusack Mike Enslin and Samuel Jackson As Gerald Olin. Enslin was a prolific author who explored and debunked paranormal phenomena across the country. Enslin checks into the Dolphin Hotel, ignoring warnings from hotel manager Olin. Instead, Enslin stayed in haunted house 1408 and learned the true meaning of horror. 1408The default ending is the director’s cut, but not the theatrical release ending. If the director chooses the director’s cut ending, or even the king ending instead of the drama ending, 1408 would be more somber and impactful than leaving the viewer with a glimmer of hope.

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‘1408’ Dramatic Ending Isn’t So Depressing

John Cusack as Mike Enslin under the noose in 1408
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The dramatic ending, while equally sad, offers viewers the possibility and hope of a resolution. The ending involved Enslin setting fire to a hotel room, then breaking in and being rescued by firefighters. After being rescued, he was reunited with his wife and played the tape recorder he used to record the paranormal. In the tape, Enslin and his wife heard the voice of their late daughter. Hearing this, he was even more convinced that his paranormal experience in room 1408 was actually very real and not just a hallucination. This ending allows viewers to examine the grief more deeply and recounts Enslin’s experience of being trapped in a room due to the loss of his daughter. Enslin’s survival does, however, bring a bit of determination to the film and reduce some of the sense of desperation the movie builds up.

What is the other ending of “1408”?

John Cusack as Mike in 1408, covering his ears and looking distressed
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have 1408 It would represent a different feeling when added to Haffstrom’s director’s cut. The original ending Haffstrom wanted was found to be too depressing for test audiences, so he ended up changing it to what we see on DVD or streaming. In that ending, Enslin didn’t survive. He still set the room on fire, but he was not rescued by the fire brigade, but died in the embers. At his funeral, Olin showed up to give Enslin’s wife and publisher a box of his stuff, including the tape recorder he used throughout the film. His wife didn’t want the gift, trying to get away from his paranormal adventures, so Orin took it back to his car. Unable to control himself and his curiosity, he hit the tape recorder’s play button. He heard Enslin’s voice, then was interrupted by some ghostly voices and the cry of his daughter. Olin looked at the cemetery near his car, saw a girl calling for her father, and was surprised to see Enslin’s charred body in the back seat. Enslin’s spirit disappears, and then we see a scene in the hotel where he can hear his daughter calling his name as he walks towards the door. Enslin didn’t survive, he died like everyone else who lived through 1408, but we still get a little positive injection since he was finally reunited with his daughter.

How did Stephen King’s “1408” end?

John Cusack as Mike and Samuel L. Jackson as Gerald, 1408
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Finally, there’s a third possible ending to the film, and it’s the one King wants. In this version, Enslin survives in the end. He still set the room on fire, but another hotel guest heard him call for help and brought a bucket of ice to douse the flames he had lit. The guest helped him out of the room, allowing Enslin to escape the demonic force. After surviving, Enslin doesn’t live with any determination or hope like he does in the drama or director’s cut. Instead, he stopped writing, became lonely, and feared everything, including the dark, the outside world, and anything related to 1408. If test audiences thought the director’s cut was too depressing, it’s probably a good thing Haffstrom didn’t consider using King’s original ending. For horror buffs, however, a no-ending ending or a feeling of light at the end of the tunnel can be very effective.

All the endings of ‘1408’ address grief

John Cusack as Mike looking at his daughter, 1408
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all endings 1408 Just dissecting and processing grief differently. The ending we got in theaters left audiences feeling the tension and desperation of the entire film, but they also let go of their grip and were relieved that Enslin survived and was reunited with his wife. This ending shows in a more symbolic way how grief can feel all-encompassing, like the walls around you are collapsing. The Director’s Cut scares us a little more because the main character doesn’t survive, but it’s also a relief to know that Enslin misses his daughter terribly and is finally reunited with her. This ending looks at grief from the perspective that we can never really get rid of it — we just learn how to manage and deal with it, and sometimes it passes on to those closest to us. King’s ending paints a picture for viewers that grief is inevitable, and sometimes it can be life-changing. Enslin was so devastated by his daughter’s death that he looked for supernatural circumstances to fill the void. One of the situations, room 1408, made him find the sadness and fear overwhelming, so staying down his rabbit hole was the only way to make sure he didn’t have to deal with it.Either way, either alternate ending 1408 There would be a more impactful ending than the theatrical version, albeit without the possibility of happiness.

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