This person was nominated for four Oscars in the same year and still lost

Winning an Academy Award may be seen as one of the highest honors in the film industry, but a nomination at the Oscars is a notable achievement. Some actors received nominations despite their limited screen time, while other talented actors received nominations even before they entered their teens. Author of fiction John Williams Even with the great honor of being the only person nominated for an Oscar Seven different decades! However, just because you’ve received multiple Academy Award nominations doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually win the award. This happens to be the case for the screenwriter Elliott J. ClawsonThose who are impressed 4 Nomination for Best Writing in the 2nd Academy Award. Unfortunately for Clawson, despite multiple nominations that year, none of his submissions received gold.

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Who is Elliott J. Clawson?

The Thirteenth President (1929)
Image via MGM

Elliott. From 1913 to 1929, Clawson wrote more than 80 films during the silent film era. Although most of his films were of the silent variety, one of the last films he wrote for, President Thirteen, was released in 1929 with both sound and silent. With cinema still in its infancy during this era, many of his works may not be household names today. Regardless, Clawson will end up making history at his second Academy Awards — even if it’s a record he may never get. That year (1930 for film historians) he received a total of four nominations in the category of best writing. He wrote Police, The LeatherneckSal of Singapore, And A tall building (Based on a short story by Dudley Murphy). These films are all silent dramas, marking the years before sound. will become a movie that is more popular than their friends. In the writing category, Clawson has 4 out of 11 nominations. Unfortunately, although Clawson has more than a third of the film’s nominations, none of his films have won awards.

This was a juggernaut year for Clawson’s career, the only time he would be nominated for a prestigious award. Part of the reason for his lack of further appointments can be attributed to the length of his career. These would also be some of the last films he ever wrote for, but it was also only the second year that the Academy Awards were held. Most of Clawson’s films were made before this award ceremony. Regardless, getting multiple nominations in one year is quite an impressive record to end on. Considering how much the world of film and entertainment has grown, Clawson also deserves recognition for being a pioneer in the industry, with a wealth of work that helped pave the way for future films.

Who won the 2nd Academy Award?

Emil Jannings and Florence Vidor in The Patriot (1928)
Image via Paramount Pictures

As only the second Academy Award ceremony, there are many differences between the 1930 Oscars and today. In fact, there have been significant changes compared to the first Oscars held a year ago. The awards ceremony considers films released from August 1928 to July 1929, which is an earlier cutoff compared to the modern Oscars, which allow films to be released up to November the year before the ceremony. The second Academy Awards ceremony was also the first to be broadcast on radio, presented by Los Angeles AM station KNX.

The 2nd Oscars ceremony has a total of 7 categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Film and Best Screenplay (Adapted). The author that Clawson lost that year was Hanns Krälywho wrote The Patriot. The Patriot Notable that year for being tied to In Old Arizona For receiving the most nominations that year, with 5.

The winner of that year’s Best Picture was The Broadway Melodywhich is the first sound picture to win the category. Warner Baxter took home the best actor for his role in the film In Old ArizonaWhile Mary Pickford won the best actress award for her performance in Coquette. San Luis Rey Bridge Awarded Best Art Direction, Under Cedric Gibbons. Clyde DeVinna Received the best film award for his work White shadow in the South Sea. The best director of the year was awarded Frank Lloydfor his work Angels.

How has the Best Writing Oscars category changed?

John David Washington in Blackkklansman (2018)
Image via Universal Pictures

The Best Writing category, like many other Academy Award categories, has seen its fair share of changes over the nearly 100-year history of the Oscars. Although the 2nd Oscars presented only one writing category, the 2nd Academy Awards 1 showed three things: essay (original story), essay (adaptation), and essay (chapter write). The last of these last is the shortest of the group, making the least appearance in future ceremonies. In 1957, the writing categories were organized into the versions we are familiar with today: Best Adapted Play and Best Original Play. Even then, they have a longer name that will be easier in the years to come with their current status.

Three writers hold the record for most Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay with three: Billy Wilder, Charles BrackettAnd Woody Allen, the last that has been nominated the most. Another notable note in the Best Writing category is that it also has the oldest Oscar winner of all time: James IvoryWho won at 89 years for his writing Call me by your name. On the other side of the scale, Charlie Wachtel is the recipient of the smallest award BlackKkKlansman32 years old.

With 95 years and counting in the history of the Academy Awards, there are many unique records and achievements to be achieved, therefore, although the work of Elliott Clawson never received his beloved golden statuette, he still left his mark in the history of cinema. A series of films that serve as a time capsule for the early days of Hollywood.

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