This is the worst hat ever in a movie

When you think of the sickest, ugliest hats to ever grace the silver screen, your mind tends to go to Indiana Jones or Oddjob’s killer bowling hat. But no one can touch RJ MacReady’s (Kurt Russell) super massive cowboy hat from thing. This hat is good for an infinite number of reasons, all of which dawn on you the minute it appears on the screen. While thing Has always been destined to be a great movie, it is a question whether John CarpenterThe 1982 effort would have been a masterpiece had it not been for the expert design of this costume. Everything in the movie is worn on MacReady’s head, from his need to stand out from his peers, to intimidate others with the size of his hat, and the hat’s versatility. MacReady is not a hero thingNeither is a child (Keith David), it is this glorious hat.

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The hat in the ‘thing’ is magically useless

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John Carpenter’s thing A monster movie that has been cooking in the oven for decades. The original film, a staple of the monster movie subgenre, was remade beginning in the ’70s, and eventually appeared in Carpenter’s quintessential 1978 classic, Halloween. The film was highly regarded, not just by independent film standards. That, but generally by movie standards. With the newfound success of Carpenter’s cycle, it seems like an obvious choice as to who should be in charge of the remake. From there, all the perfect pieces fall into place. Kurt Russell will act as the leader of the film, the list of all stars for the supporting cast has joined the ranks (including Keith David and Wilford Brimley), Rob Bottin will create a game-changing practical impact on film, Ennio Morricone Will rate it, and the costume department has found the best hat in the world for the protagonist of the film to wear.

The first time you see MacReady’s hat thing, the feeling of shock and amazement is sure to wash over you. Right off the bat, it’s a tremendous stylistic statement, but the question of performance immediately boils to the surface. This sucker is so big that even John Carpenter’s widest glasses can’t fit it. The brim of the hat is attached to the front and back, giving MacReady the room he needs to see his surroundings, as well as bringing a wonderful and unique curve to the shape of his head. That said, as it is put together this way, it makes you wonder if this hat could be the biggest in the range possible. If MacReady ever unfastened the brim of his hat and let the front and back flow as they please, you might laugh to yourself at the thought of our bearded friend being floated to his feet. Of course, they won’t go very far. In fact, it may be shaped like a sombrero and will transform MacReady into a total illusion in front of his shape-shifting enemies.

The Hat says a lot about Kurt Russell’s MacReady

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In addition to its size, the hat is often MacReady’s outdoor broadcast option, a reliable and dependable calling card of the hat. This tower piece is also regularly paired with a thick leather jacket, a gray sweater, olive green pants, military boots, and a pair of black sunglasses. It’s an admirable feat that even the most die-hard hipsters might desire on their coldest nights, all without the ardor or fire-throwing ability of fellow RJ The hat in John Carpenter’s. thing Promise that the person you know can grab a tasty drink, enjoy a casual game of chess, and hold their wits as a helicopter pilot in a room full of scientists, but also kick the ass of an intergalactic shape-shifting alien beast that was murdered like yesterday. Business. No one in MacReady’s base has worn one of these hats, and look what happened to them. You could make a point that Childs, the only other character who survives the events of the film, doesn’t wear one, but when you’re played by someone as rad as Keith David, you’re sure to survive anything.

There’s a case to be made that maybe all of MacReady’s friends are laughing at him for wearing this oversized cowboy hat, but like the true, never-before-seen version of the alien, these jokes are unheard of. After all, there is a funny character with the animal of this accessory, but every stylistic innovation in history begins to look stupid. That being said, there is something incredibly brave about the fact that, of all the hats he could wear, he chose to wear this one. It’s like MacReady walks into the room wearing all the normal clothes for the environmental situation he’s facing, but he chooses to hold it all together with one of them. flavor‘s Bodacious watch necklace. That or if he’s rocking a pair of amazing neon green Crocs. It looks like a badass, and then there’s your carefully crafted macho-man outfit with a touch of insanity to show everyone around you that you’re trustworthy, but not unbelievable. A loose canon. It is a stylistic pivot that no one in its base tried, and they all got the consequences for being a bunch of squares.

The potential for MacReady’s hat beyond the ‘thing’

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Unfortunately, no one in the rest of film history will attempt to pull this hat off again. It’s almost as if the hat, as well as anyone’s desire to pull it off, burns with the rest of the North American base at the end of the film. Even Jack Burton from The big problem is in Little China, another John Carpenter character played by Kurt Russell, only went so far as to wear a simple trucker hat. The hat fits the character, of course, but it’s the accessories that are probably the biggest reason The big problem is in Little ChinaThe reputation of is less thing, Of course. A lot of truck hats are still on the ground, but how many MacReady caboose hats are lying around? You got me! Replicas go for a pretty penny online and are few and far between.

We have let a potential pillar of our society fall by the wayside by not doing so. These football-sized cowboy hats. No Become the core of modern style. They don’t have to stop being cold weather specific. How do we wear these hats in business casual, to show that you’re serious but know how to have a good time? Or you can wear one at the pool! You’ll get tons of shade, and a dynamite look if you pair it with a powder brown bathing suit! You might wear one at the altar to show your spouse that you’re willing to go to the ends of the earth for your wedding. Come on, this hat is a Must.

Costume design is essential in every movie, but no costume department has a better choice than giving MacReady his big cowboy hat. In doing so, he not only intimidates his friends into listening to him, he may send fear and respect into the hearts of his alien enemies, helping him to finally win and ultimately save humanity. This is not to mention the fact that the hat fits his personality well, which basically feels like an extension of his head, a perfect match of character and clothes. MacReady used to be a cool-as-a-cucumber dynamite helicopter pilot who knew how to put a suit together like bacon and eggs, but there’s no better touch than this victory helmet: the worst helmet in movie history.

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