This is the only time an actor has won an Oscar in two categories for the same film

There are many oddities in the history of the Academy Awards, like the time when there was a tie for the best actress, but it is a unique point reached by the musical comedy 1944. go my way That is the extreme exception. when Barry Fitzgerald Stepping into Grauman’s Chinese Cinema Palace for the 17th Academy Awards, he did so with nominations for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for the same role, making him the only actor to be recognized in that regard. Fitzgerald continued and won in the latter category, while his leading actor Bing Crosby Victory in the past, forming a perfect capital. My journey Oscar possession. As the Academy rushed to update their rulebook after Fitzgerald’s win, it was a feat that won’t happen again…though considering that complaining about top performances being cut from the supporting category is an annual practice at the Oscars, it’s safe to bet. That many actors rather that is not the case.

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What is ‘go my way’?

go my way is the kind of film that Hollywood’s Golden Age excelled at – a piece of escapist fiction crafted that walks the line between artistic expression and commercial feasibility with pinpoint precision, all but ensuring broad appeal. The film follows the story of Father Charles “Chuck” O’Malley (Crosby), a young, forward-thinking priest who is transferred to help St. Dominic in New York City after 45 years of leadership by a caring but weary father. Fitzgibbon (Fitzgerald) left it in a state of financial ruin. Their opposing views see them at odds from their first meeting, but gradually they learn to put aside their differences for the betterment of the Church they both deeply care about. In addition, the film also devotes many scenes to explore the people in this disenfranchised corner of New York, allowing the director. Leo McCarey To create a rich tapestry that reinforces his belief in the inherent goodness of humanity even in our darkest times. (No wonder a country scarred by World War II would be so receptive to it.) It’s a comedy that feels absurd (perhaps a little controversial for some audiences) but irresistible for others.

There is much to praise about go my way, but its hopeful message wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if not for the talent of the lead actors. Crosby’s charm makes for an effective partnership with Fitzgerald’s old (and very sad) priest, and watching their relationship grow as they realize that wrong first impressions can lead to some of the film’s happiest moments. Both are great, but it is the intermingling between the two that elevates go my way Above the like-minded films of its era. O’Malley in particular proved so popular that Crosby reprized the role a year later in the now-Christmas classic. The bell of St. Mary’swhere he appeared opposite to eminently watchable Ingrid Bergman. Crosby would receive another nomination for Best Actor for the film, making him the first person to receive two nominations for the same character. go my way Made Oscar history absolutely everywhere.

‘Going My Way’ is a clear winner at the Academy Awards

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Soft tones and starry power behind the scenes go my way Propelling the film to domestic success, grossing $6.5 million (a 1944 record) made McCarey and Crosby one of the biggest box office draws of the decade. A series of nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards is impossible, but it leaves one question that does not have an easy answer: what to do about Fitzgerald? Crosby may play the character in go my way, but classifying Fitzgerald as a supporting player only when a major chunk of the appeal of the film is the interplay between their characters can be seen as demeaning towards his work. This puts Paramount in an awkward spot. They will follow the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and put them both in the top category (guaranteeing that at least one person will walk away empty-handed), or they will sing the Golden Globes and put Fitzgerald in the support center to increase their Oscar. The opportunity (and the risk of receiving the wrath of both him and the critics)? It was a tough call, but in the end, they landed on a solution: just do both.

And so, Barry Fitzgerald became the first actor to be nominated in both categories for the same performance. It is certainly one way of solving the problem and must make Fitzgerald the happiest man in Hollywood (one suspects that cannot be said for his other nominees). However, it is still an announcement that has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the Academy Awards. As is the case today, the decision for which category to nominate an actor in is entirely up to the voter’s decision, but the rules that said voters operate were varied in the 1940s. Remember, it was still in recent memory when actors were nominated for their entire career each year instead of based on role by role, so it is expected that there will be strict restrictions on the categories that people can and cannot be nominated in. Hoped too much. There is nothing in the rule book to override this decision, leaving the institution with no choice but to take the prescribed course of action.

When the Oscars arrived, Paramount couldn’t have prayed for better results. Although up to some of the most indisputable classics of 1940s Hollywood eg Double compensation, GasAnd Meet me in St. Louis, go my way was the clear winner of the evening, taking home awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original Film (a genre that was rightfully cut out of the 1950s), and Best Song. But it was Crosby and Fitzgerald who were the real winners, with each taking home a gold statue to commemorate their excellent work on the film. For Fitzgerald – an actor who has spent most of his career going from being a memorable supporting cast to being the next – it must have felt like he had just climbed Mount Everest, and his newfound fame saw him become one of Hollywood’s most unexpected (but entertaining) leading men for the next decade.

The institution made sure it would not happen again

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With that being said, it’s hard to argue that his success wasn’t tainted by the unfair advantage he had, and given the Academy quickly set out to update their guidelines to ensure it doesn’t happen again, they seem to have a similar outlook. concept. For the 18th Academy Awards, a new rule was introduced that prohibits one performance from being accepted in multiple categories even if it passes the threshold to allow this, with the category receiving the most votes holding importance. In just one announcement, two nominations became impossible, ending this gap before every studio in Hollywood could drive themselves crazy trying to exploit it. How excited Hollywood actors are about this decision is another story, but it is unlikely that they will be happy about their chances for an Oscar being cut in half (although it is a win for the integrity of the show).

For as long as the Academy Awards have existed, complaining about top performances being snubbed into the supporting categories has been a time-honored tradition among cinephiles. from Al Pacino No Best Actor nominations Fatherwith many recent cases such as Daniel Kaluuya And LaKeith Stanfield Both are ranked as the best support services for Judas and the Black MessiahThere is no shortage of examples that show (if not, Yes lead performance) missed their rightful place in the Oscar line. It’s a problem that tends to put a damper on all occasions, and considering how prevalent it is in history, it’s clearly one that doesn’t have an easy solution.

But as much as we’d all like to see actors be recognized in the categories appropriate for their roles, there’s a reason why Fitzgerald’s achievement remains a one-off event. It is an excuse that the institution will allow two nominations – no award shows the level of greatness without a number of questions that test the established rules – but to let it continue will feel that they raise their hands and accept them. No idea to solve the problem. Fortunately, they took the opposite approach and slammed the floodgate shut before it had a chance to do any damage, ensuring a basic level of fairness for future rituals. That go my wayThe point of finally having a positive effect on the industry is what confirms the whole saga as one of the legends of the great Oscar, while also making Fitzgerald the solidity of the existence of all actors. At least he didn’t win both awards. Who knows that persecution will happen at that time?

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