This is the most disturbing horror story in ‘Game of Thrones’

There are many different story lines throughout the series, Game of Thrones, which shocked the audience. As interesting and exciting as the best moments of the series can get, the same can be said about the many shocking events that often take place over episodes, if not seasons. Like when Cersei (Lena Heady) wanted to strengthen the Lannister power by eliminating all of the king’s scoundrels. By killing them before they grow up and get their rightful throne. or the continued devotion of Stanis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) against the Red Witch including burning his own daughter at the stake after he was convinced that this act would lead his people to victory in battle. Then, of course, is the storyline of when Ramsay (Ivan Rheon) caught Theon (Alfie Allen) and systematically tortured him until he removed his identity, leaving the poor man And sad Reek.

However, many fans will point to one plot line in particular that ranks as the most disturbing. This intense must-see scenario takes place during seasons 2 and 3 and zeroes in on the strange events beyond the wall. This is when the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) set out on a mission to enter the wilderness to discover what threat Westeros is facing. That’s when he meets the Wildling, Craster (Robert Pugh), and his extended family. It is the details of what life is like in Craster that makes this part Game of Thrones One of the most terrifying series.

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Craster is one of the worst monsters north of the Wall

Robert Pugh as Craster in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

In season 2, after Jon Snow has established himself as one of the most capable and powerful guards of the wall, he leads a team across the border to find out what is happening in the wilderness and if it threatens Westeros. During this journey the weather became treacherous, forcing Jon and his group to find a place Take refuge immediately. That’s when they arrive at the house of a man named Craster, who is reluctant to help them (although the search team still doesn’t know why). Immediately, fans can see that this situation is far from normal. Craster’s family is large, strangely large. It is a house full of wives and daughters, daughters and wives. The biggest problem of the situation is that these wives are his daughters and his children come from them.

It took a while, but Jon knew what Craster was. Jon, despite being a bastard, still grew up under the house of Stark. Despite his eventual dedication to being the man of the night’s watch on the wall, he had previously been surrounded by nothing but the best and most honorable that the North had to offer. This sudden combination of facts shocks Jon, but also makes him understand the dire situation beyond the Wall, with morality seeming to take a back seat to what it takes to survive. The next revelation he discovers about Craster and his family makes this a nightmare for Jon.

Craster's son turned into a White Walker in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

Just when you thought this terrifying reality of Craster was as bad as it gets, fans realize it’s even worse. Jon witnesses Craster leaving his defenseless newborn son alone in the cold forest. Jon came to realize that this child was an offer to the White Walkers, so he could become one of their undead warriors. It was at this point when Jon understood that the despair north of the wall had taken such a terrifying turn that this type of behavior (for any Craster) was necessary. Craster can survive and stay in his house with his daughter and wife as long as he gives his son to these monsters.

It did not take long for fans to realize that Jon is very different compared to many of Game of Thrones letters. Compared to most, he was a kind man mixed with determination and this kind of behavior that Craster couldn’t continue if he had anything to say about it. When Jon expresses his displeasure at this behavior, Craster lashes out, insisting he shouldn’t make that kind of judgment, especially from the sad south. Unsurprisingly, Craster chases Jon and his men out of his hideout, forcing the team to continue in the terrible weather even north into the wilderness.

Returning to set wrong with right is impossible

Craster's wife-daughter in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

In Season 3, viewers at home are clearly not seeing the last of House Craster, with some very sad moments to come. This time, it’s another group from the Night’s Watch, led by Jer Mormont (James Cosmo) with favorite boyfriend Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) tagging along. With another threatening group seeking this refuge, Craster reaches a fever pitch, assuming his no-nonsense lifestyle is challenged even further. This leads to increased tension which leads to a physical confrontation as Craster orders the team to leave while they do Jon Snow’s. However, Mormont will not allow this to happen saying that they will have to stay by any means necessary, even violence.

On the occasion of the dispute, many Mormon men turned to him, as well as others. In the night watch group. Mormont was badly damaged, much to the dismay of many spectators at home. Meanwhile, the stakes are raised as Samuel develops a strong crush on Gilly, (Hannah Murray) who is in danger of losing her newborn son to the sacrifice of her father to the White Walkers. Sam believes that this horrible pattern needs to stop immediately, and he is ready to make a bold decision (especially for a self-proclaimed liar).

With the leader of the Night’s Watch dead and the mutineers taking over and siding with Craster, it seems there is no escape for the newcomers. Game of Thrones A couple, Sam and Gilly. However, Sam, who until then declared himself a coward, found the courage he never knew he had and bravely ran away with Gilly and his newborn son who had been sacrificed. However, nightmares for the poor daughter and wife continue in Craster’s house as he and the mutineers continue to enjoy their lonely victory.

There was no way the Night’s Braves were going to let their leader die without some kind of reward. That’s why they returned to Craster House to destroy all the mutineers who lived in what they thought was a safe house. Among the fights, Craster, the man who is responsible for the incest, continuous movement of horrors and murders, finally meets his own death. This scary storyline Game of Thrones It comes to an end with the Night’s Watch restoring their leader’s honor and freeing the daughter and wife of the hideous beast.

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