This is the most brutal death in the ‘Final Destination’ series

If you ask anyone where the typical death scene comes from final destination franchise, you’re likely to get unanimous answers for log car crash scenes. Even if they’re not good at horror, everyone knows that scene. We’ve all probably snapped a picture in the back of a truck carrying logs and posted it to social media with some playful caption like “Nice meeting you guys” or “I guess this is my death design time”. You might see some references to death scenes, like Nora being crushed to death by a PVC pipe or Tim being crushed to death by a piece of glass, but these aren’t the most brutal death scenes in the series. Valerie Lewton in the first movie has the craziest death scene of the entire series.

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What made Ms Luton’s death so painful?

Valerie Lewton died in
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Valerie Luton (Christine Kroc) was one of the ill-fated survivors of the Flight 180 crash and was featured in the first entry in the series. After plane crashes, survivors start dying in bizarre accidents. Alex Browning (devon sawa) determined that this was part of the design of the death, they were killed in the order they were supposed to die in the crash. After the deaths of two students, Ms Luton decided it was time to leave town and escape the trauma she was feeling. Luton poured himself a drink as he packed the house, and viewers could tell something sinister was about to happen. The computer was sparking as she drank from the cup, and there was hot water in the kettle. She walks around the house as the camera pans back and forth from her computer to the knife holder on the counter to the glass dripping from the crack. After what feels like an eternal buildup of tension, the debauchery begins. Her computer exploded and a piece of monitor glass was shot hard into her neck.

After being impaled and slipped covered in her own blood, she stumbled to the kitchen to grab a towel and apply pressure. While she was looking for that, the kettle on the stove exploded, knocking her to the ground (don’t forget this sets her house on fire). But alas, when she looked up from the floor, she saw the kitchen towel, and it was within reach of her! She raised her hand and pulled the towel down, blissfully unaware that it was dangerously under the knife holder. Feeling finally able to take a break, she dropped the towel, as did multiple knives. Of course, those knives pierced her. Alex showed up just in time and tried to save her, but he knocked over a chair when the oven exploded, driving the knife deeper and possibly killing her instantly. In case she didn’t die and the house exploded as Alex ran to safety, that’s how it ended in Luton.

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What made Valerie Luton’s death final destination the most brutal?

Devon Sawa's Alex panicked on a plane in
Picture from New Line Cinema

Her death is definitely the most intense because we see her die on screen before she realizes what happened. Just when we thought she might survive or break out of death mode, something more sinister happened. Of all the death scenes in the entire series, this is definitely the longest and most drawn out. As the third fatality (if you don’t count the plane crash), it set a precedent for complex and intricate deaths in other entries in the series. It’s painful to watch her because she’s so close to not being killed every time, but at the same time, we know she’s doomed the moment the computer glass enters her carotid artery. As the viewer, you know that she’s unlikely to break Death’s design, and even if she did, she’d escape from it forever. And yet, you can’t help but root for her survival.

All Valerie Lewton wanted to do was pack up her home and put the trauma of surviving Flight 180 in Mount Abraham, New York, completely behind her. Instead, she turned into a humanoid pincushion. It was the survivor’s guilt that prompted her to pack up and leave, and ultimately led to her death. It was especially heartbreaking that Alex could have helped her get a pass that night. He showed up at her door to warn her, but she assumed he was up to no good and contacted FBI agents to arrest him. A bit of confidence in Alex and Luton might be preserved a little longer.

What was the clue to Valerie Luton’s death?

Kristen Cloke as Valerie Lewton in Death Comes (2000)
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There are a few clues before Valerie Lewton died, and we can guess how she died. First, there is a dagger pattern on the door of her house. The red and orange colors of the door also symbolize fire. Before Alex headed to Ms Luton’s house, a woman on TV said: “That’s a huge set of knives!” As he headed there, he saw ashes on his head, heralding a fire. rocky mountain high As the scene unfolds, her record player plays John Denver songs, references to her high school and the journey that follows her to death. Speaking of school, Luton also scares her by grabbing a mug with the high school logo on it. She put the glass away and said, “Soon you’ll be gone.” I’m sure this wasn’t the prophecy she meant to say. Finally, there’s a picture of someone with a knife in their chest at the beginning of the movie, so we can guess that someone will eventually die in this pattern.Valerie Lewton nearly survived, but final destination Death is designed not to take any survivors.

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