This is the funniest moment in ‘Game of Thrones’

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  • Tyrion Lannister’s sense of humor and quick wit make him one of the funniest characters Game of Thrones.
  • In Season 1, Tyrion was accused of nearly killing Bran Stark and was tried by Lysa Arryn. He turned his trial into a farce by mocking his life’s crimes, but not those he was accused of.
  • Tyrion’s self-deprecating humor is a power play against his enemies, and his hilarious backstory makes the scene unforgettable.

Game of Thrones Full of drama, but no shortage of comedy, especially where one of the characters is concerned. of the extensive show, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) certainly has the best sense of humor. His quick wit was accompanied by his intelligence. Once the smartest guy in the room, Tyrion turns that into a joke that those around him don’t always understand. But perhaps more relevant is the fact that he doesn’t care what people think, letting him make jokes at his own expense. The truth is that because of his appearance, public opinion about Tyrion is not high. Even his father, Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance), did not like him. Tyrion uses his humor as armor to block the inevitable comments from those around him. At a critical disadvantage in any fight, Tyrion uses humor to wage a different kind of war, which usually works for him. But one scene stands out as the funniest in the show, and of course, it focuses on Tyrion.

In the first season, Tyrion was accused of almost killing Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and was taken to Vale as a prisoner. There he was tried, but he used the platform to mock confess his life’s crimes before the court of the Vale. Tyrion is known to provide a lot of humor, but few last beyond a witty comment here or there before returning to a more serious point. The length of time he was able to go on, coupled with the fact that he had held on to these sins since childhood, made it unique. Tyrion saw the opportunity and took it, although it only enraged him. Tyrion has created an image of himself on his own terms, reclaiming power even though he is in a vulnerable position. The genius behind this joke makes it important, but the scene is funny because of this abstract version of Tyrion.

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Tyrion turns his trial into a joke

The crowd in the Vale watches the trial of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).
Image via HBO

After accusing Tyrion of trying to kill Bran, Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) took him hostage and brought him to her sister Lysa Arryn (Kate Dickie), in Vale for punishment. Lysa adds her husband’s murder to the list of crimes and throws Tyrion in a cell until he is willing to confess. Without doing what he was accused of, Tyrion refused, trying to bribe his way out. But when that fails, he has a different plan. He agrees to confess his crime, which gives him a public audience with Lysa Arryn and her son, Robin (Lino Facioli). And Tyrion did as he promised. He starts from his childhood, recounts the mistakes he made, brings the funniest stories to share.

His startling confession begins with him apparently being a liar and admitting to what most Lords of Westeros do: lying, cheating, gambling, and prostitution. But as he confessed further, he told the story of what he did, putting his uncle’s shoes on the goat’s shoes and more fun stories. Despite the laughter in the room, Tyrion did not break character. His sarcastic sincerity makes the confession more fun as he tricks Lysa into doing what he wants. The hilarious scene showcases Tyrion’s intelligence as well as his sense of humor. Maybe that’s why it was allocated more time than the other jokes of the series. This moment plays an important role in the story, but its importance is hidden under the humor, which makes it more entertaining.

Tyrion is not afraid to make fun of himself

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) mockingly confesses in the Vale
Image via HBO

Tyrion’s self-deprecating humor can be a defense mechanism for him. He introduces Jon Snow (Kit Harington) at the beginning of the year that no one will forget what he is and “wear it like armor” so it can not be used with him. And this scene is an example of Tyrion actually doing it. Tyrion is at a disadvantage because of who he is and what everyone thinks of him. And that only made the unfortunate situation he was in during this scene worse. Tyrion is accused of a crime he didn’t commit that everyone wants to blame him for. Also, Lysa intends to torture him until she gets a confession. But Tyrion did not give up. He turns things around by giving Lysa what she wants, at least in part. He amuses himself, playing on his reputation as an obnoxious person. Tyrion stood in front of the crowd and made a fool of himself, not caring what they thought. His humor is a power play against Lysa’s anger, and Tyrion wins.

Overall, it’s a smart move, but it’s done in a way that fools the audience in the short term. His confession starts out serious before he turns into a joke. And Lysa’s reaction only made it better. At this point, not much is known about Lysa Arryn beyond her borderline creepy moves with her son. Watching her be Tyrion’s comic ass is hilarious, especially since she only gets less likable as the show goes on. Tyrion’s performance makes the scene unforgettable.

Tyrion has a good story

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister sits down and drinks from a goblet in Game of Thrones.

The actual content of Tyrion’s speech helps land the comic. The truth is, Tyrion has some good stories. No, they weren’t his best moments, but they were fun. Most of these tales are childhood jokes played by Tyrion, and, as angry as they are, they’re good for a laugh. Because Tyrion is who he is, many of the stories are dirty jokes. From the poor naked servant to the deranged steed, Tyrion doesn’t shy away from these jokes, which seem to get a good laugh from the citizens of the Vale. Throughout that run, Tyrion proved his knack for quirky comedy, but rarely with a large audience.

One of his stories has a familiar goal, which fans, especially, can enjoy. Tyrion describes masturbating into the stew, which he believes his sister ate (or at least, he hopes she does). His sister is none other than the most disliked Queen Cersei (Lena Headey), making her an easy target. Even the people of the Vale, who should respect their Queen, laugh at the thought. At this point in the series, Cersei has already caused trouble, intensifying the Stark/Lannister feud that led to Tyrion’s capture, so even though this may be a quick joke, it’s easy to laugh at Cersei as the target. Tyrion has a lot going on and shows no signs of slowing down before being cut off. While Tyrion is usually good for laughs, the fact that he can come up with story after story while framing a heartfelt and lengthy confession makes this the most comical scene of the entire series.

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