This is ‘House of the Dragon’s Biggest Plot Hole in Season 1

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for George RR Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

The house of the dragonThe story of is established in Fire & Blood by George RR Martin, which means that the detailed work of building the world is largely not responsible for the display. However, in the first season, The house of the dragon Do not shy away from making changes, something disrupted the world carefully designed. with the unreliable structure of fire and blood, This series is free to make the story its own as it reveals the truth hidden in the more obscure version of the book. Some of these changes made the show better than its source material, but some were not well received by fans. Although these changes may not be good, they raise questions that need to be addressed at some point.

The biggest plot hole caused by the show’s change back to the rules of the dragon world. Maybe because these animals are almost extinct Game of Thrones, the legend of the dragon is still somewhat mysterious, even to dedicated fans. But one thing is clear: dragons have a magical bond with their riders. When Daemon (Matt Smith) and Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) helps her husband and dragonrider Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan) fake his death, his bond with Seasmoke is neglected, confusing the dragon’s future contribution to the story. Fire & Blood There is no indication that Laenor’s death is fake, so this is a departure from the source. Although Laenor’s survival may seem innocent, it will have far-reaching consequences that are not yet known.

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‘House of the Dragon’ let Laenor live

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As Rhaenyra’s first husband and, at least nominally, the father of her three eldest sons, Laenor is important to the story. As a direct descendant of King Jaehaerys, Laenor rides the Seasmoke dragon, making her one of the few granted such power. The show also makes no secret that Laenor is gay, leaving him a rare representation in the world. But he was written out in episode 7, “Driftmark,” when he, Rhaenyra, and Daemon conspire to fake Laenor’s death. This freed him from the responsibilities he feared and allowed him to run adventures elsewhere in the world while allowing Rhaenyra and Daemon to marry.

This change gives Laenor a happy ending, or as close to one as anyone in Westeros can get. And it makes sense why the actor would not want to use the problematic trope of “burying your gays”. At that point in the story, it makes sense, considering Rhaenyra’s friendly relationship with Laenor, whom she considers a rare good man in their world. But Laenor’s survival is not without complications. The truth of the situation is a closely guarded secret from none of Laenor’s parents, the Corlys (Steve Toussaint) and Rhaenys (Eve is the best), know. This led to rumors that Rhaenyra and Daemon killed him, which Rhaenys believed. While Rhaenyra was able to win the Velaryons for her, the biggest issue of Laenor’s survival remained up in the air. Even though Laenor is gone, Seasmoke is still important to the story, and Laenor being alive might complicate that. Of course, it will require The house of the dragon To explore the bond between dragons and their riders in more detail.

Laenor’s survival may be a problem for ‘House of the Dragon’ later

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When Laenor renounced his name and title, it was too obvious to bring the dragon. But the magical bond between dragons and dragons makes this a difficult hole to overcome. Can Seasmoke get a new rider since Laenor abandoned him? Or will the series have to write this powerful weapon? All dragons are important in the upcoming Targaryen civil war, as dragons can be defeated by other dragons. But many dragons are young, hatched from eggs when Targaryen children are born, which means they are small and timid, and most of them have no experience in battle. After conflict with Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith), Seasmoke is a war-experienced dragon, much like Caraxes’ Daemon’s dragon, making him a great asset in the coming war.

But the unique bond between the rider and the dragon may not allow Seasmoke to join the war. Riders and dragons must choose each other, as seen when Aemond (Leo Ashton) claims that Vhagar, and Seasmoke have already chosen Laenor. Dragons live longer than humans and often choose a second rider after death, but Laenor is not dead. The magical bond allowed them to feel their rider’s feelings, so Seasmoke should feel that Laenor was alive. This situation has never been directly explored, so perhaps there is another way to break the bond. But Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) hatched three dragons and only rode (and therefore fully bound to) one, so it makes sense for the restriction to go both ways. If Seasmoke can’t get a new rider, Season 2 will have to undergo major changes.

What role does Seasmoke play in ‘Fire and Blood’?

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in fire and blood, Seasmoke got a new rider, Addam of Hull. Claiming to be Laenor’s bastard son (though widely rumored to be Corlys bastard instead), Addam claimed Seasmoke in the Sowing, becoming one of the four “Dragon Seeds” fighting for Rhaenyra. Addam and his brother, Alyn, are later accepted into the Velaryon family as Laenor’s sons, partly because Addam can claim Laenor’s dragon past.

Like other unclaimed dragons, Seasmoke played an important role in the war after gaining a new rider. of dragon seeds, two betray Rhaenyra, and the third runs from the queen’s jealousy. But Seasmoke and Addam alone remained her allies until their deaths at the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Addam and Seasmoke fought several battles alongside Jacaerys (Harry Collett) and the forces of Rhaenyra. But if Seasmoke can’t bind Hull’s Addam, this will have to change.

Can ‘House of the Dragon’ solve this problem?

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Since Laenor’s survival, fans have come up with theories about how to solve the problem, but many of them don’t make sense. One suggests that Laenor will return, using the name Addam. However, this would involve claiming to be his own son (which is clearly a lie based on age alone), and it raises the issue of Addam’s brother Alyn. It also required no one to recognize Laenor despite many knowing he was Rhaenyra’s husband. Possibly, the series could show or imply the death of Laenor, but this will rewrite the positive ending that he received.

Because the bond between the dragon and the rider is mysterious. We saw in the last episode of season 1 that Daemon visited the dragon Vermithor, which is another deviation from the book, so there may be more changes to the dragon legend in the future. There are some ways to go with Seasmoke, but the show will have to give some explanation if they go in this direction. Finally, Addam can claim a different dragon from the riderless Seasmoke. This would be a waste of resources on Rhaenyra’s part and would not help Addam’s claim to being Laenor’s son, but he could still make all the important points. No solution is perfect, but the show might make it work if they choose to ignore it.

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