This incredible war documentary short wins Netflix its first Oscar

Since entering the awards race in 2014, Netflix has been nominated for 132 Academy Awards and has won 22 Oscars in nearly every category. In 2017, the streaming mega-production scored its first win at the 89th Academy Awards, winning Best Documentary (Short) white helmet.British documentary director Orlando von Einsiedel, white helmet Focuses on the eponymous Syrian Volunteer Group, which helps rescue civilians from bomb-torn areas in Syria ravaged by civil war and other disasters. Balancing the violent chaos unleashed by the Syrian civil war with the profound humanity displayed by volunteer organizations, white helmet It’s a major achievement that has drawn attention to the tragic conflict that has ravaged Syria for more than a decade.

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Who is the White Helmets?

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The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, was launched in 2014 and works across Syria to save citizens from collapsing buildings and other disasters, often under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. His followers and allies attacked the disaster.at that time white helmet During filming, the organization had 2,900 volunteers from all backgrounds and across the country. Khaled FarahSays one of the central figures of the documentary: “When there was a bombing, we, the White Helmets, were the first to arrive.” white helmet Combining chaotic and tense footage of the rescue mission with interviews with volunteers during their training sessions in Turkey. Together, these two parts create a compelling and eye-opening portrait of the heroic efforts of the volunteers.

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‘White Helmets’ documentary shows the cost of war directly

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Using extensive live footage taken by members of the White Helmets during rescue missions, white helmetThe book does not hesitate to examine the real devastation and tragedy of the Syrian civil war. Searching through the rubble to save civilians (often innocent women and children), the documentary uses raw human emotion to convey the urgency of the conflict and the moving courage of the White Helmets. The documentary turns to more traditional interviews with members of the group while training in Turkey, focusing on the existential questions the White Helmets are forced to constantly ask as they grapple with a violent environment. Of course, their efforts made many experience survivor’s guilt as they tried to piece together the reasons behind the crimes against humanity and unpredictable atrocities and deaths committed by the Civil War. These volunteers exemplify the universal morality of their great responsibility to protect the community, delivering a profoundly impactful viewing experience for audiences around the world.

white helmet Open body camera footage captured by one of the group’s volunteers during a rescue operation. As children were being evacuated from the ruins of the building, the building was again hit by another round of aerial bombs. This frenetic, riveting first scene completely sets the tone for the entire documentary, not missing a beat in its 40-minute running time.The most shocking shot inside white helmet was captured by these body-worn cameras, allowing viewers to see the volunteers first-hand. Von Einsiedel compiled the video in collaboration with the White Helmets, much of which has been archived by the organization to share with the world. The documentary was made only during training exercises in Turkey, keeping its teams away from the immediate front lines of the conflict.

The Oscar Road of “White Helmet”

A White Helmets volunteer rescues children in Syria.
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white helmet Premiering on Netflix on September 16, 2016, it quickly built a positive word-of-mouth and critical response, propelling its campaign to an Academy Award nomination. Autumn 2016 includes not only world premieres white helmet Additionally, the Syrian Civil Defense has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, giving the group an unprecedentedly important international platform and possibly boosting the documentary’s influence among Oscar judges. In February 2017, just a month before the Oscars, former President Trump signed the discriminatory “Muslim ban,” restricting citizens of many North African and Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, from entering the United States. The ban has created considerable uncertainty over whether the Syrian star and his collaborators will be able to participate. white helmet It’s okay to go to the Oscars. Fortunately, after some twists and turns, most of the cast and crew were able to pull it off, with the exception of the photographer. Khalid Khatib, he was banned from entering the country. Facing stiff competition in the short documentary category – including another work focusing on the Syrian civil war, Wataya: My Homeland —White Helmet finally Victory in that part. In his acceptance speech, von Einsiedel took the opportunity to focus specifically on the White Helmets volunteers, saying: “These people can easily feel forgotten. It would be nice if everyone stood up and reminded. “They say we all care about his war ending as soon as possible. “

white helmet is a gripping, emotionally charged work that showcases the selfless efforts of the eponymous organization to push their accounts to the forefront, delivering aid to thousands of civilians safely, efficiently and carefully.The organization’s mission is perfectly summed up in the official Qur’an motto: “To save life is to save all mankind.” At that time white helmetShocking statistics of more than 400,000 Syrians killed and millions forced to flee their homes in the turmoil of the civil war since the film’s release underscore the documentary’s urgent message. Although much of the violence in Syria has subsided since the filming of the documentary, with most rebel groups suppressed by Assad’s authoritarian regime, the White Helmets have continued to work to help Syrians in need during the disaster. More recently, the group has shifted its focus to the devastating earthquakes that hit Syria and its surrounding areas in February and June this year.viewers can discover white helmet Stream it on Netflix and stream it in full on the service’s official YouTube account. For more information on the White Helmets or to support their humanitarian work, visit the organization’s official website.

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