This iconic moment in ‘The Godfather’ should never have happened

It’s one of the most memorable opening sequences in one of the most critically acclaimed films of our time. After some sad and sweet instrumental croons (courtesy of the composer) Nino Rota), Francis Ford Coppolatome godfather Opens with a tight close-up.For the next two minutes, the actor Salvador Cocito The film begins with a monologue in the role of undertaker, Amerigo Bonasera, as the camera slowly zooms out to reveal the position of vigilant judgment behind another man’s shoulder. For new viewers, the tension is immediate, almost unbearable. For those familiar with the film, the pressure remains ominous. What kind of man did Bonasera plead so impassionedly?

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When the camera finally cuts to the majestic yet relaxed form marlon brandoThe work of Don Vito Corleone, with its parts in place. It’s not just a very powerful man, although Vito Corleone certainly was. As the New York City Mafia boss, his existence is immune to the law and he can order an assassination as easily as ordering breakfast. Vito Corleone valued respect and mutual friendship. He just wanted to attend his daughter’s wedding, but found himself overwhelmed by requests.

There is also a cat lying happily on his lap. The image of a villain lazily petting a cat as a visual shorthand for menace is now so commonplace that it is parodied. However, the move was more improvised than Francis Ford Coppola’s normal artistic sensibilities, and the inclusion of the animals wasn’t planned in advance. It was a stroke of great, fortuitous luck that happened to be a cultural milestone.

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What’s the epic untold story behind Vito Corleone’s cat in The Godfather?

Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone and a happy cat in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather
Image via Paramount

Godfather’s Despite the catastrophic troubles of filming, it’s still full of interesting fan trivia. A time magazine A 2012 article shared forty such feasts for the film’s fortieth anniversary. Myths are debunked (the fact that Brando didn’t stuff his cheeks with cotton balls to achieve Vito’s professional voice), scenes become more harrowing (horse heads), and studio interference nearly destroys organic perfection, improvisation Creation and erroneous moments, and improving, Godfather’s The most essential moment.

One of those unexpected moments is a cameo by one of the movie’s most famous felines. Coppola is a director who prefers to plan, but he doesn’t hesitate to incorporate what works at the time, or tweak it in post-production as needed. This grey-and-white cat hangs out around the studios of Paramount Pictures. “The cat in Malone’s hands was not planned,” Coppola says in the book. time piece. “I saw the cat running around the studio and took it and put it in my hands without saying a word.”

Francis Ford Coppola did not explain why he impulsively adopted the cat, or whether the cat was owned by someone on set or a friendly stray. But for the most part, everything went well. Brando, who “loved children and animals,” had no problem with a strange cat inhabiting his lap for a while, let alone petting it naturally while delivering exemplary performances. Likewise, this cat doesn’t hesitate to ruin the party. It seemed to relish the attention, banging its head on Brando’s palm, rolling around and playing with his hands like it was the best day ever. In fact, it purred so loudly that audio issues arose in post-production. “They couldn’t understand a word (Brando) was saying and were worried they had to use subtitles,” the article explained.

Thankfully, whatever magic the sound team and editors used ensured that Marlon Brando’s performance didn’t lose out to the voice of a happy cat. For those with good hearing, though, its grunt is unavoidable. One might even argue that the cat improvised in subsequent shots, such as throwing itself on top of Vito, presumably taking a nap. Imagine accepting Marlon Brando’s pets in one of the greatest movies of all time! What a show. Where is the Oscar of the animal kingdom?

What does the cat mean in The Godfather?

godfather played by marlon brando
Image via Paramount Pictures

godfather This is a film that questions the nature of fictional empathy. It turns villains into anti-heroes and humanizes a group of murderous criminals. We sympathize with the Corleone family and their associates precisely because they are portrayed as such obvious sympathizers. The oft-quoted line “Put down the guns and get the cannoli” is not only a darkly humorous punch line, but evidence of this compassion injection: Don’t waste the dessert your wife made.Whether Vito can really be called a villain is very puzzling in the vernacular, but there is no doubt Godfather’s The opening shot establishes its titular godfather as a man who can do almost anything, and he’s terrifying. Likewise, Marlon Brando’s performance is not traditionally menacing. However, his patience, his gentle warning to Bonasera not to approach him in a friendly way, and the possibility that a favor owed to the Mafia could be interpreted as a threat from someone with low morals, all add to the discomfort of the scene feel.

Between Vito’s feline friend and Bluff Ryder’s white ball of fluff James Bond In “The Franchise,” villains petting cats became a popular nonverbal cue of “evil.” Doctor Evil’s (mike myers) Faithful Mr Bigsworth from austin powers The franchise is a direct parody of Blofeld (who made his debut in 1963, and godfather 1972), while various western animations have been interesting over the years (“Gadgets”, “Duck Tale”, “Seaman and the Master of the Universe”, ETC).

Whatever Francis Ford Coppola’s thematic intentions, the cat is still instinctively brilliant. First, it shows Vito’s loving-kindness, a character trait one wouldn’t associate with someone in his position. It also shows his control. Here is a Mafia boss listening to a personal assassination plea, discussing the situation as casually as if they were talking about the weather over coffee. He can balance playing with a happy cat that he will never harm with the formality required to ask for help. Even if audiences come to respect (and love) Vito, it’s a scary thing to do.

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