This Barbie deserves a spin-off

Editor’s note: The following contains Barbie spoilers.

Let’s face it: at least until the next big cinematic event, this is BarbieThe world, and we just live in it. And, to be honest, another explosive movie may not be enough to demote the plastic doll from her current position as the ruler of the celluloid universe. The Mattel movie directed by Greta Gerwig is so popular, we may soon find ourselves floating around Barbie Sequels, prequels, and spin-offs based on the numerous Barbies and Kens that appeared in Barbie. You may try to fight it, but about a Barbie Cinematic universe, it is not a matter of “if” anymore, but “when.” All that is left for us, the viewers, to do is debate which character from the original movie deserves his own movie in the franchise. And although the denizens of Barbieland are many, there is only one plastic humanoid worthy of starting the expansion of the Barbie-verse. middle (Emerald Fennel) may draw us to the story of her cessation of grief, and Allan (Michael Cera) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) Buddy movie is not bad at all. However, the doll that most deserves its own spin is none other than everyone’s favorite lady, Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon).

There is no debate here. Kate McKinnon’s character. Weird Barbie, practically writing herself into her own movie with her amazing, weird, and exciting story about being played too hard. It’s inevitable that viewers will wonder if everything surrounding Weird Barbie’s origins actually unfolds in Barbieland. How do other Barbies react to her birth? Were there other Weird Barbies before she arrived? How did she become the wise old man on the mountain? Abundant questions. If we’re going to get a Barbie spin-off, of course, it should be a Weird Barbie origin story.

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Why Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie Deserves a Spam?

Kate McKinnon is a strange Barbie wearing high heels and Birkenstocks
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Besides, of course, from Margot Robbie‘s Stereotypical Barbie, Weird Barbie is the most important Barbie of all Barbie. (Sorry, we were going to say Barbie A lot.) Kate McKinnon’s character acts as a teacher obsessed with the inhabitants of Barbieland, where all the dolls must go when something is wrong with their bodies or their pink pastel world. So, when Stereotypical Barbie starts to face problems like the thought of death, cellulite, and flat feet, nothing left her to do than to seek help in the weirdest place possible.

But the answer offered by Weird Barbie to the questions of the Stereotypical Barbie is not an easy pill to swallow: to find out what caused her suffering and maybe put an end to it, the Stereotypical Barbie must say goodbye to her life in pink and travel to the scary real world to find the girl who played with her. Only healing the broken heart of the girl who said that she will be able to return to normal, its perfection.

Weird Barbie also played an important role in saving Barbieland from the patriarchy. In the movie, after decades of being neglected and condescended to Barbies, Ken travels to the real world alongside the Stereotypical Barbie and is surprised by what he finds. Fascinated by a universe where men are appreciated and respected just for being men, while women are treated as second-class citizens Ken, he introduces the idea of ​​patriarchy to Barbieland, divesting Barbies of their power. Barbies have been brainwashed, accepting the order of this new world, with only a few exceptions. People who manage to escape the patriarchal spell of Ken in the weird Barbie’s weird house, where they concoct a plan to save Barbieland.

A Barbie spin-off could oddly focus on the character’s origin story

Kate McKinnon in Barbie
Image via Warner Bros.

But although Barbie Weird is an important character to Barbie, very little is known about her. Of course, we see her personality and background. Other Barbies tell the Stereotypical Barbie that she became a freak after her little girl played with her too hard, cut her hair and threw her in a split forever. Through her brief conversations with the other dolls of Barbieland, we learn that she is somewhere between resigning from her role as a wise hermit and yearning to be accepted back into society. Finally, we know that, unlike other Barbies, she is familiar with the hardships of the world outside Barbieland, but that’s about where it stops. The movie never tells us how she became aware of those hardships or how her transformation into Weird Barbie came about. Although it’s implied that she’s been a regular Barbie, it’s never been clear what kind of Barbie she is – a mermaid, a doctor, a president, maybe?

There, the potential for turbulence. The questions surrounding Weird Barbie, as mentioned earlier, are numerous. And even the answers to those questions are not absolutely necessary to our understanding Barbie As a movie, there is still a lot of material to play on Barbie Weird – material that can be turned into a movie easily. The plot could be devoted to the origin story of Weird Barbie, taking us through specific parts of her journey. Just like what happened in Barbie, this plot lends itself perfectly to a story about change and self-acceptance. If Gerwig and Noah Baumbach Able to create a beautiful and powerful scene of a movie out of an idea that is usually scary in old age, the fictional screenwriter of Barbie Weird – the movie Certainly can turn his story of ostracism into a tale of empowerment and self-love.

Of course, one could say that these core concepts could be applied to basically all characters Barbie And one would definitely not go wrong. From Kens to the poor, forgotten Midge, all the dolls that appear in the film can have their own journey of self-discovery leading to an explosion of confidence. But none of them have a different story than Weird Barbie’s – a story about finding a new place for your weird self in a society that used to see you as equal. In the end, the movie Weird Barbie can offer both messages in line with what Barbie Try to tell the audience and the story that is all its own instead of just reproduction. And isn’t that a good rotation?

Big picture

  • Weird Barbie, with her enthralling backstalling, deserves its own movie Barbie The cinematic universe. Her origin story and transformation into a brilliant novelist is fascinating and deserves to be explored.
  • Barbie Weird played a key role in saving Barbieland from the patriarchy, making her an important character in the franchise. The transition could focus on her backstory and how she realizes the hardships of the outside world.
  • A strange Barbie spin-off will present a unique and empowering story of ostracism, self-acceptance, and finding a new place for the strange self in society. It will be consistent with the topic Barbie franchise while still being a fully self-contained story.

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