These last ‘Star Trek’ models ship at SDCC prices as high as cars

If you attended SDCC this weekend, you should take some time to spend time at Booth 2743, because you may stay for a while and join everyone who looks jaw-dropped at the models and figures that Factory Entertainment is bringing to the conference. This year’s slate honors classic films, modern villains and sci-fi franchises that have been part of the cultural landscape for decades.

You just can not look away Star Trek Space Factory Entertainment is making its way to SDCC: attendees will be able to see the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, which comes with a plaque signed by William ShatnerUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and USS Excelsior NX-2000, which come with plaques signed by George Takei. The attention to detail is impressive to say the least, and you are immediately transported to the world of the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. You will also have to cough up green to own it: the price of the model ranges from $ 15,000 to $ 17,000.

Superhero fans will also have something to Gawk At

If the classic sci-fi series isn’t your thing, you might as well spend your time looking at Black Manta’s replica helmet. Yes Aquaman The villain is played by Yahya Abdul Mateen II (Resurrection of the Matrix) and the helmets you’ll see at SDCC are slightly redesigned from the first Aquaman The film has already been revealed back in 2022, and is set to be seen in Aquaman and the Lost Empire This December. With its creepy glowing eyes, the helmet is part of a limited edition that retails for $999.

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Last but not least, a long time Steven Spielberg Fans have the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with a recreation of the iconic mother ship in a modern classic. ET – Aliens. Although the model is labeled as a prototype, you can see Factory Entertainment’s attention to detail is shown through every inch of the spacecraft, with the landing gear and satellites on top.

These are just some of the new collectibles that Factory Entertainment is bringing to SDCC. On the store’s website, they have already revealed that SDCC attendees will be able to purchase incredible items such as a Batarang bottle opener. Back to the future A key chain consisting of DeLorean slippers and a ruby ​​​​from Wizard of OzAs well as miniature metal figures of DC characters such as The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern.

You can take a look Star Trek, Aquaman And ET Collect merchandise at Booth 2743 or check out their full catalog at the Entertainment Factory website. Check out more pictures of the Enterprise model below:

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