These are the shows with the most Emmys of all time

With just a few months left until television’s biggest night, the nominees for the 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will need to work wonders if they hope to catch some of the show’s most awarded shows. Still, potential nominees for the upcoming awards show should not be underestimated, as there are so many shows waiting to be recognized. Dragon House, the last of us, barry, succession, better call showI, Abbott Elementary Schooland Bear These are just some of the critically acclaimed shows expected to be nominated, making it abundantly clear that last year may have been the best year ever for television.

The history of the Emmys has spanned the better part of a century, and the lineup of Emmy winners has been quite diverse over the years. That being said, three names have always been considered for awards shows and set a record for multiple wins. The shows include a feature-length sketch comedy, a groundbreaking political fantasy drama and a therapeutic hilarious sitcom. Not only do all three shows and series hold the record for the most Emmys of all time, but they may even go on to appear at the next Emmys and beyond.

‘Saturday Night Live’ holds record for most Emmy wins

Phil Hartman and Chris Farley on 'Saturday Night Live'
Image via NBC

As one of the longest-running shows on television, it’s no surprise saturday night live Since its premiere in 1975, it has been nominated for an Emmy Award.still made by the creator Lorne Michaels, saturday night live Through the generations, take advantage of its ability to deliver skits and comedies that are relevant to the era.Like the number of awards the hit comedy series has won, the number of iconic characters and actors saturday night live The results produced during its nearly 50 years of operation are astounding. Sketches including motivational speaker Matt Foley (Chris Farley),Satire Mister Rogers Community Imitating Mr. Robinson (Eddie Murphy), while the various hosts of the traditional weekend update only scratched the surface of what Lorne Michaels’ groundbreaking series has to offer.

In addition to winning the most Emmys of all time, saturday night live It is also the most Emmy-nominated film ever, with a staggering 306 total nominations. That’s nearly double the number of nominations for the second-most Emmy-nominated show, which we’ll get to in a bit. Of these 306 nominations, saturday night live Won a record 87 Emmy Awards. The categories of these awards include Outstanding Supporting Actor or Actress, Outstanding Guest Actor or Actress, Outstanding Directing for a Variety Program, Outstanding Writing for a Variety Program, Outstanding Music Direction, Outstanding Short Non-Fiction or Reality Television Program, and many more. saturday night live also consecutively won the category’s most coveted award, “Outstanding Variety Sketch Series”, winning the title every year since 2017. While the hit show has been on hold since the mid-season, the continuity isn’t expected to end anytime soon. – April due to the ongoing writers strike.

‘Game of Thrones’ leaves a lasting legacy at the Emmys

Remixed images showing Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen fighting the Iron Throne.
Photo by Federico Naples

Regrettably game of Thrones The final season ended with a sour ending that almost everyone disliked. Still, it can’t be underestimated that the first six seasons of HBO’s fantasy epic have been masterful TV storytelling.based on a novel George R. R. Martinthis game of Thrones The story takes place in the fictional land of Westeros, a magical place filled with demonic White Walkers and terrifying dragons, though it is rooted in reality and politics. Here, various houses and factions within and outside the kingdom vie for control of the coveted Iron Throne and the dominion of the entire kingdom.

game of Thrones just behind saturday night live As the second-most-winning and second-most-nominated show on the Emmy stage. HBO Continues Track Record of Rave Reviews game of Thrones, In total, it was nominated for 164 Emmy Awards.This figure is significantly less than saturday night livebut considering saturday night live In the 49 seasons, it has received more than 300 nominations. game of Thrones Getting to 160+ in just eight years is an even more impressive achievement. Of the 164 nominations, game of Thrones The show has won an astounding 59 Primetime Emmy Awards and won Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row.

game of Thrones 2019 may have ended, but the acclaimed prequel series is keeping its legacy alive Dragon Housewhich is sure to be a big night at the upcoming Emmys and almost guaranteed a nomination Paddy ConstantAs King Viserys.

One of the Most Famous Sitcoms of All Time

Kelsey Grammer's social picks from 'Family Family' series finale
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The show, which received the third-most Emmy nominations for bronze, still shines, exactly Kelsey Grammer– Starring in a sitcom Frasier, which will return to screens with an upcoming revival. A hugely successful spin-off of another beloved sitcom, cheers, Frasier The many misadventures of Dr. Fraser Kline (Grammer), a charismatic psychologist and host of a successful radio show. While living in the bustling city of Seattle, Fraser had all sorts of wild adventures, almost always featuring his producer Rhodes (Perry Gilpin), his brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), his father Martin (John Mahoney) and his butler Daphne (Jane Lewis).

Frasier With an impressive 107 nominations, it has won 37 awards. Eight of those were in the acting category, with Kelsey Garmer and David Hyde Pierce each winning four Emmys for their performances and being nominated for even more.It’s the most Emmy-winning serial sitcom of all time, beating out even the heaviest names on shows like Seinfeld, friendsand the aforementioned cheers.While David Hyde Pierce and the late great John Mahoney won’t be returning in the upcoming revival, hopefully Frasier A reboot would be able to recapture the Emmy-winning magic of the original.

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