There’s a funny cameo in ‘The Birds’, and no, it’s not Alfred Hitchcock

Did you know that the director responsible for some of the scariest movies known to man has the cutest pets in the world? This is real. When he’s not scaring audiences in record-breaking fashion, Alfred Hitchcockthe keen mind behind classics such as psychology, rear window, North by Northwestand those birds, as human companions to four adorable dogs. Hitchcock encountered this rare breed as early as 1935 and remained faithful to them until his death. His puppies revel in the glamorous movie star treatment like any famous actor. He even “cast” them in one of his most famous films as one of his own famous cameos.

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What breed of dog did Alfred Hitchcock like?

Alfred Hitchcock behind the scenes of the film.
Image via NBC Universal

Alfred Hitchcock’s dog breed of choice was the Sealyham Terrier. These little balls of white fluff come from Wales, where they were bred as working dogs to ward off small pests.They get their name from their breeder captain john edwards, he lived at Sealy Ham Manor. Despite their purpose, these dogs’ naturally friendly and engaging personalities ensured that they quickly became popular pets.They are especially favored by the British monarchy and the Hollywood elite, such as Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart Also have friendly, energetic, carefree dogs. Every breed of dog is a “good dog,” but there’s something special about the curious, mischievous nature of terriers. This certainly didn’t detract from the popularity of the Selyhams, with their West Highland White Terrier coloring and Schnauzer’s scruffy faces. The American Kennel Club ranks the breed as having the highest level of affection and classifies it as “beloved.”

Hitchcock reportedly fell for the breed after the actress Madeleine Carrollheroine in the 1935 thriller 39 steps, bringing her Selyam to the set. From then on, this is history. Hitchcock owned four Selyhams in his lifetime and gave them the following names (in order of purchase): Mr. Jenkins, Jeffrey, Sarah and Stanley.The director even gifted the actress a Sealyam puppy tallulah bankhead 1944 at the end of filming lifeboat.

The man who invented what we now call “Hitchcockian” filmmaking devoted himself to his furry children. Photographs over the years have depicted the director and his dogs in various poses, such as Hitchcock reading a newspaper with one dog sitting behind his shoulders, ears pricked up, or another lounging Behind the “Beware of Humans” sign. It’s fair to say that Hitchcock showed more affection when he was photographed with his pet than with most people he knew.According to the filmmaker Hilton A. Green In the 2000 documentary all about birds, “These dogs eat better than most people in the world.” But why stop there? Leveraging the power of Hollywood, Hitchcock turned two of his four puppies into movie icons.

hitchcock’s dog cameos in ‘the birds’

Alfred Hitchcock cameos with his two Sealyham Terriers in The Birds
Image via Universal International Pictures

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 epic, after its ominous title those birds Open on the bustling streets of San Francisco. Tippi HedrenMelanie Daniels headed to a pet store and stopped outside to observe a group of surprising calls. When Melanie turns from her foreshadowed moment into the store, Hitchcock pulls out. The two passed by the door. Contentedly, Hitchcock follows two leashed Sealyhams – Geoffrey and Stanley – as the lovable pair trot down the street wagging their tails happily. One even tilted its head to look at Hadley as she passed by.

Animals are notorious for causing trouble on movie sets.However, Hilton A. Green is right about those birds’ two guest stars. ‘They’re fantastic! ” He is keen on All About “Bird” Record. “He’d take them to work. They’d be in[Hitchcock’s]office, and he loved them so much.” Sadly, there aren’t very many Sealyhams left in the world. The Royal Kennel Club has listed the Sealyham as a vulnerable native breed. The remaining dogs have been well cared for, and some dog lovers have worked to preserve and increase the number of Selyham. By including them in cameos, Alfred Hitchcock slyly ensures his beloved pup is not forgotten. Who wouldn’t do the same?

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