The Wrath of Becky Review: A Joyfully Sick Good Time


becky it was a surprising small hit in 2020 (and probably would have been massive if COVID-19 hadn’t thwarted its regular theatrical release). The film was an energetic, brutal and bellicose thriller with a twisted sense of humor, pitting a teenage girl against a gang of neo-Nazis after her home is invaded in search of a mysterious key that her mother left her before leaving. die.

Becky’s Wrath it’s essentially the exact same movie, more or less. Becky finds herself in a horrible situation, but she has the upper hand; she takes out one Nazi after another in a wooded area around an isolated house; the villainous leader is intimidating and disturbing, but played by a famous comedian. There’s a bit of development with Becky and the Mysterious Key, but for the most part, the sequel feels exactly the same, only better. It pares down the structure of the first film into something thinner, refines the action sequences, and hones the antagonist. Becky’s Wrath It’s not original, but it’s a joy.


Becky against the Nazis

Becky's Wrath Frame
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Lulu Wilson was surprisingly effective in the bloody becky as a 13-year-old boy who was not only violently capable, but enjoyed blood almost to a psychotic degree. That sensation of a deranged protagonist (more uncomfortable for being a teenager) is strengthened in Becky’s anger. The sequel finds her living with her beloved dog and a kind old woman named Elena; It’s not a bad life at all, but there’s a sense that Becky is traumatized by the previous massacre, and perhaps she actually misses murder and yearns for bloodshed.

Becky’s death wish is granted when a gang of budding neo-Nazi idiots grab a bite to eat at the restaurant where she works as a waitress. They are rude, of course, and Becky fantasizes about murdering them. While she doesn’t draw blood, she does intentionally spill hot coffee on one of them. The gang of bastards deviate from their trip to the neo-Nazi HQ and instead follow Becky to her house and break into her house at night. Things escalate, and before long, Becky is on her own and she has nothing to lose.

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Becky pursues the men and tracks them to a rustic cabin in the woods, the secluded headquarters of “The Noblemen,” a rather obvious version of the so-called Proud Boys, a real-life group of racist creeps. Becky stumbles across her plans for a political assassination and turns tactical, luring the men in for direct revenge. What follows is surprisingly creepy, often hilarious. After all, this is a sequel to the movie in which a teenage girl ran a lawn mower over someone’s face to her death, so the stakes are already high.

Seann William Scott Gets Real

Seann William Scott in Becky's Wrath
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While Wilson is terrific as Becky, a growing psycho that we love rooting for, it’s the film’s antagonists that really make it memorable. The vicious but idiotic malcontents Becky first encounters are made up of a good cross-section of the most horrible. One of them is a hot-headed misogynist with muscles for brains (the Andrew Tate type), another is a weirdo who thinks he’s funny but is hateful and pathetic (the Steven Crowder type), and the other is quiet and he probably regrets joining the group. others, but is nonetheless complicit and therefore doomed (the Dave Rubin guy).

The trio arrive at The Noblemen’s headquarters and meet Darryl, the leader of the neo-Nazi group. Played by a sublime Seann William Scott in one of the best performances of the year, Darryl is unsettlingly polite and chooses his words very carefully. He doesn’t joke and talk like everyone else, nor does he spew hateful rhetoric in any way. He’s almost like a redneck Nazi samurai. He is a fascinating character. He may be full of malice and prejudice, but Darryl is usually the smartest person in the room; however, he had never been in the same room as Becky before.

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Scott is perfect. He is honestly awesome; even when he is quiet and polite, he is very intimidating. There are other antagonists in the movie, with some amazing and funny performances, but Scott reigns supreme over them. Filmmakers Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote obviously fell in love with Scott’s performance, and the camera is in love with him. His psychological combat with Becky is wickedly funny.

Liberal Wish Fulfillment in Becky’s Wrath

Becky's Wrath with Lulu Wilson and Seann William Scott
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Becky’s Wrathsometimes, it almost feels satirical. Some of the violence (and Becky’s physical abilities) are so over the top that the movie seems to exist in some kind of heightened state of comic madness. From the credits on, the movie feels more like a darkly funny comic than the somewhat grittier first film.

This works better, actually; it essentially allows the audience to enjoy the movie vicariously. It’s less entertaining and much more ethically uncomfortable to step into the shoes of a murderer when a movie is very realistic (just look at Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). Therefore, although it may seem a bit twisted, Becky’s Wrath is a masterful piece of wish fulfillment. The movie actually develops antagonists you hate (unless you’re a white nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic fundamentalist), and then delights in hurting them.

As the alt-right becomes the traditional right and MAGA craze becomes the new normal, Becky’s Wrath seems increasingly entertaining for anyone who actively hates prejudice and bigotry of any kind. To liberals and leftists, it’s practically pornographic in its gleefully bloody attack on the Proud Boy, Daily Wire, OAN, Fox News mentality. But what Becky’s Wrath ago is much more than a didactic social commentary thriller like The huntbecause Becky’s Wrath it’s downright funny. It makes room for a third movie, and depending on what the state of the world looks like in a few years, we may very well need it.

From Quiver Distribution, Becky’s Wrath It will be exclusively in theaters starting May 26.

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