The Witcher Season 3 Part 1: Our Biggest Unanswered Questions Ahead of Part 2

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for The Witcher’s third season.that wizard Season 3 shows Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) to protect Ciri (Freya Allen), many groups chase her as she flees, but it doesn’t last forever. As conflict once again threatens the continent, political tensions rise, and Ciri is in the midst of it all. Netflix Released in two parts, the new season has five episodes already aired with three more on the way. But this kind of disagreement makes the audience have to face several suspense for the time being. Season 3, Part 1 ends with the protagonists facing danger from multiple enemies, some of whom have unclear plans. With so many issues still to be resolved, the second part of the season will need a lot to happen to wrap up this part of the story.

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What was the motive of Philippa and Dijkstra’s attack?

The Witcher season 3 episode 2Graham McTavishCassie Claire
Image via Netflix

Redanian intelligence officer Philippa (Casey Claire) and Dijkstra (Graham McTavish) leads an attack on the conclave of mages in the final minutes of episode 5 “The Art of Illusion”, which ends with Dijkstra pointing a knife at Geralt. It’s no secret that Redania and Nilfgaard are at war, but the two have always been of strategic importance. Their choice to disrupt the Brotherhood’s unity efforts must be part of a larger goal, but what? Both Philippa and Dijkstra had previously opposed peace, manipulating their king to withdraw from negotiations with Nilfgaard, but their true intentions remained a mystery. As their roles become more important, it’s time to learn more about what they want.

Was Wilgefuzz the only Nilfgaardian spy in the Brotherhood?

Mahesh Jadu in The Witcher
Image via Netflix

After acquiring Stregober (Lars Mikkelsen) was arrested, believed to be the thief mage who dispatched the fire mage Rience (Sam Woolf) after Ciri, Geralt and Yenanfer realized they were wrong. Stregober may be innocent (in that particular crime), but the Brotherhood still has an enemy. Wilge Futz (Mahesh Jadu) is the new suspect, sure, he’s involved, but is he the only one? The Brotherhood is full of mages trained in politics and manipulation, so Wilgeforts might not even be behind it. He got Lydia (Aisha Fabien Rose) to assist him, and as a High Mage, he can influence others as well. He is in a relationship with Tissaia (mianna berlin) like he used to be with Lydia. Although Yennefer feared for her former teacher’s safety, she herself may have been involved. In the planner’s group, no one should be above the subscription.

What’s the mage’s plan for Trin and the monster?

Geralt (Henry Cavill) confronting Tring (Frances Pooley)
Image via Netflix

During his search for the Thief-Mage, Geralt discovered a castle containing a young girl who identified herself as Ciri. The castle also houses a nightmarish monster made from the mutilated corpses of young women. After killing the Beast, Geralt is helped by survivors and learns that her real name is Tyrin (Francis Pooley), despite her memory being magically replaced by Ciri’s. Although Geralt thwarted any plans involving Tyrin and the monster, there must be a reason why the Rogue Mage spent a lot of time capturing girls and experimenting with them. The mage has been identified as Wilgforz, and if Geralt can restrain himself long enough to get answers, it seems time to learn why he committed these crimes.

What is Emhyr’s ultimate goal?

Emhyr (Bart Edwards) arrives in Sintra
Image via Netflix

This question has been around for a while, but after it was revealed in season 2 that Bae-yeon is Seol’s father, it seems clear that there will be more information about Eunhyr (bart edwards) On the way. In a way it does. He’s on screen now, showing off his ruthlessness. But what he wants remains a mystery. His only definite goal was to find Ciri. However, if he wanted to be a loving father, why did she grow up believing he was dead? Emhyr is plotting something even beyond the confines of the war he started, but so far, that hasn’t been revealed.

What is Cahill and Francesca’s ‘ambitious’ mission?

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4 Eamonn Farron
Image via Netflix

In Season 3, Kyle (Eamon Farron) had to make up for his lie to Emhyr. This involves killing his friends to prove himself. Bai Yan’s attack dog, Cahill, once again receives a secret mission involving Francesca (Mecia Simson), which he called ambitious. But it’s unclear what Emhyr is asking him to do. He sees Francesca as a target first, but upon meeting her, he suggests that they work together to find Ciri. Francesca hesitates until Cahill gives her a document with their first assignment written down. Francesca agreed to Cahill’s terms, though what the mission was remains unknown. But there must be more. If they are allies now, why is Cahill calling Francesca a target?

What will Fringilla, who was separated from the white flame, do?

Mimî M Khayisa as Fringilla Vigo in The Witcher, in a tavern
Image via Netflix

larkspur (Mimi Ndiveni) has long served Emhyr, choosing him instead of returning to the Brotherhood with apologies. However, after lying to Emhyr, she was punished and escaped by feigning death. Now Fringira is free and alone, her path uncertain. She starts out partying, but soon hears about the troubles facing the village, and seems very interested in the missing ship. With no allies left, Fringilla must find her own way, and as an ambitious character, she’s unlikely to be content with obscurity.

What are Prince Radovid’s plans?

Hugh Skinner in The Witcher
Image via Netflix

Another manipulator in the series is spiraling out of control. Prince Radovid (Hugh Skinner), the brother of King Redania, has already made a name for himself, suggesting that his mediocre reputation is what he does when he works with Philippa and Dijkstra, even though they don’t fully trust him. He manipulates Jaskill (joey betty), a romantic relationship begins when he tries to get closer to Ciri. The last time he appeared, he lured Jaskill out of his position with Ciri, but why? Despite teaming up with Filippa and Dijkstra, Radovid appears to have goals of his own, while his plans are equally unknown.

Can Ciri master her powers?

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 3 Freya Allen
Image via Netflix

With Elder Blood, Ciri possesses raw magical gifts beyond her control. Although Yennefer has been trying to teach her, Ciri still can’t command it, although she often sees visions of the future, and despite Yennefer’s warnings, she still wants to correct it. As an integral part of the show and the goal of most of the characters, Ciri needs to master her unique abilities to protect herself and possibly help the continent find peace.

How will Wild Hunt affect it?

The Witcher Season 2 Wild Hunt Social Picks
Image via Netflix

The Wild Hunt was introduced at the end of season two, and while they’re a threat, they’re also (surprisingly) following Ciri, but they’ve done little since showing up. They had chased Ciri once, but even then they disappeared before anything drastic could happen. These creatures are known for the chaos they bring, but they haven’t done anything other than call out to Ciri. Their introduction was wasted if Wild Hunt didn’t do anything else. Sure, they’re on to something, but how this group will interact with the rest of the story remains to be seen.

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