The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Everything Is Connected

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers that wizard Season 3, Episode 4.

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With each new episode, season 3 that wizard Coming close to the most significant conflict in the series to date. Episode 4, “The Invitation,” keeps this trend going by reuniting the entire gang in Aretuza, the lair of a powerful unknown mage who has nefarious purposes for Ciri (Freya Allen) unique magical abilities. So far, we’re all convinced things will end bloody before the midseason finale, since it’s impossible for so many opposing forces to find a peaceful way to resolve their differences. Still, despite the storm looming, Season 3 Episode 4 allowed the protagonists to enjoy some peace and develop emotional bonds that will be tested when the sword begins to swing.

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battle on the raft

The Witcher season 3 episode 4 Joey Beatty
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After rescuing Ciri from the Wild Hunt, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) told his daughter they should go to Aretuza. Ciri initially fled Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) because she doesn’t want to spend time with Arethusa’s pompous and self-centered mages. Even so, Ciri knew that Geralt must have his reasons, so he still followed the white wolf. Thus, Geralt and Ciri met Jaskill (joey betty) board the raft, which will help them go directly to the headquarters of the Wizarding Brotherhood.

However, once they reach the raft, the three discover that the raft won’t leave due to the threat of monsters. To demonstrate her prowess at monster hunting, Ciri convinces Geralt to offer their services in exchange for a free ride. Feeling safe in the wizard’s presence, the raft’s owner decides to leave the port and take the passengers to Aretuza, where the trio is joined by a musical group led by Valdo Marx.Nathan Amakvi Laria), Jaskill’s nemesis. Valdor and his troupe were invited to perform at the conclave of the mages in Aretuza, which only made Jaskill more annoyed by his presence.

Despite Ciri and Geralt’s warnings, Valdor and his musicians find it necessary to steal the show and start singing along the way. The noise attracted Eschner, an aquatic creature that threatened the raft owner’s business. Before Geralt and Ciri engage the Beast, Eschner knocks out one of Valdor’s fellow musicians. Their battle was intense, with Ciri showing how much she’d learned under Geralt’s tutelage. Ciri was even the one to deliver the final blow to Eschner, a move of which Geralt was visibly proud.

After the battle, Ciri made fun of Geralt, saying that he would put aside the disputes in the continent and start a new life, hunting monsters for gold. Geralt is so impressed with Ciri’s upbringing that he shares with the girl the horrors he witnessed in the abandoned castle in the second episode. The villain behind Rience (Sam Woolf) wants to control Ciri’s power, and he has injured dozens of girls as part of his twisted experiments. Therefore, Geralt and Ciri must travel to Aretuza, uncover the truth, and kill Riens’ master. Otherwise, they will only ruin more innocent lives. Ciri agreed with Geralt, and while she was still unsure of her purpose, she knew they had to do whatever it took to get rid of who was behind it.

Yennefer being targeted by an unknown mage

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When Geralt, Ciri, and Jaskill traveled to Arethusa, Yennefer asked the Brotherhood of Mages for a secret meeting. Mages are still furious that Yennefer chose not to execute Cahill (Eamon Farron) This decision shattered the Northern Kingdom’s trust in the Brotherhood. Nevertheless, Yennefer was humble and apologetic, convincing the Brotherhood that unity was the only way to save them from the threat of Nilfgaard. Because of this, the Brotherhood is almost unanimous in supporting Yennefer’s idea. Stregober is one of the few mages who do not vote for Conclave (Lars Mikkelsen), we know from the first episode that he’s working with Rience.

All the mages in Arethusa began to send out invitations to prepare the venue for the mage meeting, hoping to receive mages from all over the continent and put aside their differences. Since some mages are harder to convince than others, Yennefer volunteered to send Philippa’s (Casey Claire) personally invited. Thus, Yennefer traveled to Redania through the portal summoned by Wilge Fouts (Mahesh Jadu), a gateway that is said to be impossible to intercept.

In Redania, Yennefer meets Dijkstra (Graham McTavish) and Philippa at the Queen’s funeral. At first, the mage and spymaster refused to attend the secret meeting, as they believed that the Brotherhood would not be able to help them achieve their goals. However, King Vizimir (Ed Birch) realizes that Yennefer is at the funeral and confronts her. Yennefer used the opportunity to apologize and preach the need to unite the North against Nilfgaard. Since the king believed that Nilfgaard had assassinated his wife, he ordered Dijkstra and Philippa to attend a conclave. Vizimir also sent his brother Prince Radovid (Hugh Skinner), to report the event.

Everything seems to be unfolding according to Yennefer’s wishes, but when she jumps back to the portal in Aretuza, she is transported to the distant shore, where Geralt is waiting for her. Geralt asks where Yennefer Ciri is. Confused, the mage replied that she thought the girl was with her father. Geralt then attacks Yennefer. Realizing that everything is part of the illusion, Yennefer fights back and jumps into another portal to Aretuza. Wilgefuz’s portal had been intercepted after all, and now the enemy knew Ciri’s whereabouts.

‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Sets the Stage for a Big Fight

Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold kneeling on the floor in The Witcher
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When Geralt, Ciri, and Jaskill arrived in Aretuza, the whole team reunited. Ciri apologizes to Yennefer for running away, and the two repair their broken relationship. Geralt also greets Yennefer with a kiss and a warm hug, showing that he has forgiven her past mistakes. Additionally, Jaskill and Ciri have some alone time and grow closer to each other. Finally, Radovid knocks on Jasquier’s door, and the two begin expressing their passion for each other and making love. There was a lot of character growth in Season 3, Episode 4, and it felt great that our protagonists found time to enjoy each other’s company before fate inevitably separated them.that is because that wizard Getting ready for a big battle.

Discussing the clues they gathered during their adventures, Geralt and Yennefer concluded that Stregober must be the mage behind everything, which makes sense given his interest in bizarre experiments. They couldn’t kill Stregober outright, though, but first, they had to provide the Brotherhood with evidence of his actions. Likewise, Dijkstra and Philippa decide to use the clandestine meeting to reveal Riens’ true owner and eliminate rivals. Finally, Triss (Anna Shaffer) and Eastrider (Royce Pearson) teamed up to investigate the disappearance of Arethusa’s students and the disappearance of the Book of Stones. After they learned of the book’s whereabouts using a locating spell, they are said to have found out the identity of the man behind all the disasters plaguing the Brotherhood. They also want to use secret meetings together to expose the truth. Although many different players are in action, everyone’s goals eventually converge. It’s almost time for the battle to start.

Is Nilfgaard ruining the party?

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4 Eamonn Farron
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Although almost every protagonist that wizard By the end of Episode 4, Arethusa was there, and some major forces were still operating elsewhere. After killing his friend Gallatin (Robbie Amell) In order to prove his loyalty to Nilfgaard, Cahill received a mysterious mission from the emperor (bart edwards). While we don’t know the details of the mission, we do know that it involved Francesca (Mecia Simson) and an invitation that looks a lot like an announcement for a conclave of mages.

Cahill traveled to Francesca’s camp with men, supplies, and weapons, revealing that Gallatin attempted a coup, but was stopped by Bai Yan. Cahill also told Francesca that they should work together to find Ciri. In doing so, Bai Yan is willing to allow Francesca to use the power of the girl to find a new home for the elves, and Francesca’s power can ensure that the young princess sits on the throne of Nilfgaard. Francesca doesn’t believe it until Cahill hands her the paper he got from the emperor. Francesca has since agreed to work for the White Flame again. Considering what’s going on elsewhere, Nilfgaard seems likely to spoil the Aretuza party.

Episode 4 also includes two small leads that may pay off later in the season. For starters, once Fringilla (Mimi Ndiveni) after escaping Nilfgaard’s dungeon, she decides to party like there’s no tomorrow. However, after learning that the ship has been attacked, she acquires a new and mysterious purpose. Additionally, King Vizimir sent a commander to muster the Redanian navy to capture Aretuza, but the man was murdered en route to the barracks. We don’t know why the commander was killed, nor what Vizimir’s intentions were when he sent troops to Aretuza. But once everything goes haywire in the next episode, we should get a better idea of ​​how these outstanding threads tie into the mage meeting.

that wizard Season 3, Volume 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Volume 2 will be released on July 27.

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