The Witcher Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: A Bigger Picture Has Formed

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers that wizard Season 3, episode 3.

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While there are still many loose threads to follow across the continent, Season 3 Episode 3 that wizard Finally starting to piece together the bigger puzzle. So far, the African continent appears to be a land divided by conflict, with dozens of political figures vying for control. However, season three noted that a major enemy lurks in the shadows, drawing all of the show’s protagonists to the same place. So while some incoherent scenes were crammed into episode three in order for us to remember where some characters were, episode three did a good job of guiding the heroes to the same place where something big was bound to happen.

At the beginning of the third season, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) go their separate ways, each following a path that will help them keep Ciri (Freya Allen) safe. Now, the third episode, “The Reunion,” reveals that everyone’s missions are intertwined, as season three’s main villain is tied to many misadventures across the Continent.

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The Witcher’s main villain is trying to remake Ciri

Henry Cavill wields his sword as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.
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Season 2 that wizard Delve into Ciri’s lineage and explain how the girl’s elder blood has made her the most coveted prize on the continent. Ciri’s innate magical abilities make her a living weapon for the various factions looking to take her purpose. The same goes for season three’s enigmatic villain, who has been conducting disturbing experiments to create a new girl like Ciri.

In Season 3, Episode 2, Geralt saves a girl (Francis Pooley) from the basement of an abandoned castle, Riens (Sam Woolf) is said to meet his master. The girl was altered to take Ciri’s form and her memory was scrambled so she would believe she was Geralt’s surrogate daughter. In episode 3, Geralt and Jaskill (joey betty) to bring the fake Ciri to Anika (Catherine McCormack), a druid, friend of Geralt’s mother Vesena (Frieda Gustafson). Anika discovers a powerful mind-controlling spell on the fake Ciri, a mix of regular Chaos magic, druid enchantments, and even ancient Elven magic. The man behind this enchantment is a powerful mage with the time and determination to gather secret knowledge. This explains why Yennefer has almost no control over Reans’ portal, as the fire mage’s master is probably the most powerful magic wielder on the continent.

In Anika’s hut, the druid and Geralt worked together to wake the false Ciri from his trance. They discovered that the girl was actually named Tailin, and she was an apprentice at Aretuza before being dragged from her room. Since season 3, episode 1 shows how Stregobor (Lars Mikkelsen) healed Riens’ hand, and we know that the mysterious villain has allies in Aretuza. This also explains the missing students and Triss’ bloodstains in the second episode (Anna Shaffer) found on the wall of the girl’s room. Trin reveals that Riens and a mage with an interesting voice, possibly telepath Lydia (Aisha Fabien Rose), often together in the castle. Unfortunately, before the girl can say the name of the powerful enemy behind everything, someone takes over the girl’s mind and tells Geralt how the Destroyer of Worlds will come for Ciri. Tring also stole the protection stone that stopped Anika’s partner Otto (Dempsey Bowell), from becoming a werewolf.

Geralt and Jaskill managed to subdue Otto, retrieve his protection stone, and save the world. However, Trin was too weak to be used further. Still, the girl revealed a lot, because now we know that the Destroyer of Worlds needs Ciri to carry out his plans. In fact, they needed Ciri so badly that they were willing to go through dastardly experiments to recreate the girl’s elder blood. Additionally, the Destroyer of Worlds has access to Arethusa, which is where Yennefer took Ciri. Geralt therefore decides to go to Arethusa to keep his daughter safe.

Request a conclave of mages

The Witcher season 3 episode 3 myanna-buring
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While Geralt and Jaskill were adventuring in the woods, Yennefer met Tishaya (mianna berlin) asked Arethusa to protect Ciri. Tishaya eventually agreed to take the girl on as an apprentice, but did not reveal her parentage to the other mages. Yennefer has a high price to pay, however, as she needs to grovel before the Wizarding Brotherhood and beg for forgiveness.

While Yennefer negotiates with Tishaya, Ciri takes a risk on the market. She was taken to see a live basilisk, only to discover that the monster was a baby dragon starving in a cage. Ciri tries to expose the deception, but accidentally causes the wyvern to escape. Although Ciri initially wanted to free the monster, once the wyvern posed a threat to others, Ciri was forced to kill the beast. So Ciri is once again faced with the dire consequences of her choices, and learns painfully that good deeds will not go unpunished. During the turmoil, Ciri was also pickpocketed by a mysterious figure who was actually Misr (crystal irwin), a member of the Mouse Gang.

After the commotion in the marketplace, Ciri met Yennefer and Tishaya and was introduced as apprentices to other mages. As an apprentice, Ciri must serve the mage without questioning her orders, which quickly irritates the girl. Ciri asked Yennefer why her surrogate was so eager to associate with self-important people who had no sense of respect for others. Ciri also forces Yennefer to realize that Aretuza’s politics corrupt people from within.

Yennefer was moved by Ciri’s words and asked Tishaya to call a secret meeting to reunite all the mages on the mainland. Our goal is to unite all mages under one banner, as their unity can help Aretuza regain the respect of the Northern Kingdoms and join the continent against the Nilfgaardian invaders. It’s a noble purpose, but given that the real enemy is hiding in Aretuza, Yennefer may have inadvertently contributed to World Destroyer’s plans.

Treason took place in the North and the South

Emhyr (Bart Edwards) arrives in Sintra
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In the southern part of the mainland, CahirEamon Farron) to arrange Bai Yan (bart edwards) and Galatine (Robbie Amell) so that the elven warriors could tell Emperor Francesca how Queen (Mecia Simson) are using Scoia’tael troops to hunt down Ciri. Gallatin suggested that he should lead the Elves so that Nilfgaard could finally conquer the North. The Emperor assured Gallatin that the matter would be resolved. However, Baiyan told Kasir how the split among the elves would damage Nilfgaard’s cause, and that he would address the issue if the former general wanted to prove his loyalty. So, to show his commitment to Nilfgaard, Cahill murdered Gallatin, stabbing his friend in the neck when he least expected it. It was a brutal betrayal that will forever scar Cahill’s soul. Still, one blow from Emhyr ensured that the elves were united as one, kept the secret that he was Ciri’s father, and ensured that Cahill would remain loyal to the cause of Nilfgaard.

In the north, Dijkstra (Graham McTavish) still feel sorry for King Verdimir (Ed Birch) to make a deal with Nilfgaard. Even more troubling, Virgilmir apparently made a promise to Ciri in exchange for Redania’s protection from Nilfgaardian forces. Additionally, once the war is over, Redania will also rule half of Temeria as a vassal state. It was an excellent deal for Verzimir, but one that got in the way of Dijkstra’s plans. So the spymaster killed the queen, gave Vizimir her head as a gift, and forged a letter blaming Nilfgaard for the attack. Dijkstra also ensured that Radovid (Hugh Skinner) knew the truth about the attack, so the young prince would be consistent or risk losing his head.

The magic alliance takes shape

Royce Pierreson as Istredd standing behind his hands in The Witcher
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In Redania, Philippa (Casey Claire) also discovered that the mage Nilfgaard had sent to meet King Vezimir used a unique portal that penetrated her magical defenses. It turns out that the portal used by the Nilfgaardian envoy is the same one used by Reigns, suggesting that the two mages are working together. Also, Nilfgaard’s envoy never opens her mouth, which means she is telepathic. Thus, Season 3 Episode 3 confirmed that Philippa and Dijkstra were not working with Rience, nor were they part of the Destroyer of Worlds project. Also, it tells us that Rience and Lydia are working with Nilfgaard.

The episode also shows how Rins confronts Lydia about their master’s work for Nilfgaard. Lydia assured the fire mages that their masters were only using Nilfgaard to achieve their goals. Still, Riens wasn’t happy to be kept in the dark, and said he would keep working for their masters only if they dropped the secrecy and told him everything. Season 3 Episode 3 also has a brief scene with Eastred (Royce Pearson), who is trying to retrieve the Book of Stones. Istredd followed Ciri to uncover the secret of the girl’s connection to the Stone, but unfortunately, he learned that the book had been sent to Arethusa by Emperor Nilfgaard. So, it appears Eastred will also be headed to the Brotherhood of Sorcerers base of operations.

return from the wild hunt

The Witcher Season 2 Wild Hunt Social Picks
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In “Reunion”, Geralt learns that his mother Vesenna was beaten to death after being mistaken for an elf. White Wolf is distressed by the news, which forces him to confront his past and the fact that his mother abandoned him when he was a child. Geralt still hasn’t forgiven his mother for leaving him alone, which is why he vowed to stay with Ciri forever.

At the end of Season 3 Episode 3, Ciri is riding alone on the road when Ghost Rider starts stalking her. The Wild Hunt tries to capture the girl and tells her that she is Death Incarnate, which means Ciri should join them. Geralt came to Ciri’s rescue and used his magic to destroy the Wild Hunt. However, a piece of armor remains, proving to Ciri that the riders are real.

that wizard Season 3, Volume 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Volume 2 will be released on July 27.

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