The weird and wonderful “Showgirls” movie you never knew existed

You know… *sigh* maybe we’re a little hard Paul Verhoeven. Sure, his characters are brutal, his actors are worse than a deli, but he knows how to make a movie… in the most basic sense. He gathers talented people who can shoot, select the voices that work, and make the costumes look realistic and attractive. He knows how to mount a camera on a tripod and focus it, how to dampen background noise, exact continuity methods, and basic logic. It’s not much, but he knows how to do it. Rena RiffelBless her heart, she doesn’t seem to know how to do these things.

You’ll remember her as the sweet new girl Penny Women show, who stripped Cheetah and ended up pregnant by James. It wasn’t a terribly demanding role, but she served it well. And it clearly means a lot to her. In the early 2010s, she raised a total of $30,000, some of it through a Kickstarter campaign, along with some of her former stars and bigger crew, and set out on a big project: a two-and-a-half-hour independent. Women show sequel/parody/homage. Even the best independent films decades ago required at least double the budget, and even then they often had separate people covering the basics like writing, directing, budgeting, editing, and acting. But Riffel worked on the project for years, determined to make it happen, and whether it was by accident or not, she turned out something spectacular.

Women showUndoubtedly, an unshakable legend of bad movies. There were so many expectations for this big, glitzy, high-budget movie that was apparently so sexy that it landed with the dreaded NC-17 rating, which equates to guaranteed box office doom. And in classic Streisand effect fashion, the extra layer of restriction attached to the film gets a lot of attention. When the audience fills the theater, they are treated to the worst, most stupid movie they have ever seen, and everyone is shocked. Critics killed it, but some audiences were happy about it, with the gay community particularly fond of this unexpected camp icon. It has maintained an incredible cult status over the years, with midnight screenings, conferences, and documentaries standing as testament to its glorious reputation. For this reason, there should be a large audience for the stupid sequel, but Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven A largely unknown project that really deserves a lot of attention.

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What is ‘Showgirls 2’ about?

Showgirls 2- Penny's From Heaven
Image via Rena Riffel Films

So, it’s a year later, Penny (Riffel) is still with James (Glenn Plummer), and he is also a stubborn, obnoxious critic of dance. He dismisses Penny’s dream of being “sssTaarrrr,” telling her in no uncertain terms that such success requires at least the basics of formal dance training. Clearly, Penny has never lost sight of the tricks she learned on the pole in Vegas, with her method of sex appeal consisting of slapping her crotch on whatever person or inanimate object she can find. Meanwhile, James is running a small business selling slogan t-shirts, a cute reference to the original movie, in which he responds to Nomi’s declaration of nihilism with “Where did you get this, offfa t-shirt?!” But Penny, driven to prove that she is not a whore but a sssTaarrr, will not give up on her dream, so she leaves James, decides to make it one way or another, and one shenanigan after another ensues on her journey to greatness.

The movie is absolutely explosive with reference to Women show, so it’s definitely playing for fans of the original to recognize these winks for what they are. From the first scene, it is very heavy handed that the watchers can play the game of bingo by pulling the lines and elements from. Women show At random and point them in the sequel. Eat a chip, hear Caesar shout, slogan t-shirt, lick the pole, “You Yes Whore, darlin'” — Bingo!

Honestly, it’s a fanfic in cinematic form, it’s just that the fan is actually in the material. And because of this, you can’t help but love it. The film is a joke shared between friends, in a way that avoids coming off as cheesy or gossipy. It’s as if a gathering of fans at a convention has produced several improvised skits for a live audience. The characters and performances are unmistakably tongue-in-cheek, making the sexy story feel even more erotic due to the setting and context surrounding it. It’s the kind of movie that a plumber or a flirtatious pizza delivery guy could very well turn to. For some viewers, it may be too funny and silly to have any appeal, but for the audience it’s in, it’s right on the money.

‘Showgirls 2’ is a subscription movie

Showgirls 2- Penny's From Heaven.  Movie
Image via Rena Riffel Films

Technical quality of Actor 2 is somewhere between a home movie and a mid-range porn movie. If it weren’t for the occasional lighting fixture seen in the mirror, you’d think it was all made without professional equipment. In the nicest way possible, it’s an amateur movie. Photography fades in and out of focus, some dialogs are unreadable, and scenes are full of ambient noise and static. In the more artistic aspect, there is no element of the shot: the focus is often lost in the hubbub, color correction and light considerations are non-existent, and there is no tripod in sight. The first minute or two takes a bit of adjusting for viewers to the unexpectedly poor sound and visual quality, but you get used to it, and those who know bad or old movies may have an easier time than others. Editing and continuity are also very complex, but anyone who has ever made a subscription movie will relate to the need to do the best with what you’ve got with your limited resources. Considering that Riffel wrote, directed, edited, produced, and acted in this film, the laziness is forgivable. It’s a feat to cover all those bases single-handedly.

Riffel clearly takes a lot of inspiration from Elizabeth BerkleyAction in Women show To the point where Penny is basically Nomi 2.0. She sports the same attitude, more physically and verbally than Nomi regularly. It turns out that Berkley isn’t really a bad actor. At least Nomi feels like someone who responds to the situation, while Riffel clearly has the tension of an amateur actor. The puzzle – like the original – is whether this is intentional or not. Is it really that bad, or is it a case of very good actors playing very bad actresses? It doesn’t really matter, because it’s so much fun to watch. As with other performances that are equally inconsistent. Plummer and Greg Travis Stand out as a professional actor clearly among the group, but never forget what kind of movie they are in, and have a lot of fun with their material.

Is ‘Showgirls 2’ a good movie?

1 Showgirls 2- Penny's From Heaven
Image via Rena Riffel Films

No, not by a long shot. But it validates its existence in two ways: one, it is not so good that it is quite brilliant; Second, it is clear that the passion project is very much loved. It is along the lines of The Miami connection, Manos: Hand of Fate, Or Trolls 2. Really, it’s up there with the good movies – the bad ones – they’re good movies. Juuuust About professional standards. There is pure and simple joy in watching a film of this caliber. None of them try to be bad movies – they want to be good and put everything they have into making them good. The thing is, they don’t have much to focus on in the first place, not when it comes to professional experience, equipment, or money. And this makes the final product admirable in its own way. It’s one thing for a multi-million dollar A-list blockbuster to be a bad movie, but when a small production tries hard and fails, you can’t help but think of the role of parents who encourage, and praise its efforts. It’s the equivalent of putting your kid’s messy drawings on the fridge because it might be scary, but they’re doing their best to do what you want, and it’s really sweet!

Number of love for Women show That went into this funny little sequel is obvious. Some cynics may look at the situation and think it’s just some actress refusing to let go of her biggest success, but I beg to differ. Everyone knows that it is difficult for filmmakers and actors to accept when real efforts are not taken seriously, and some – like Faye Dunaway with Dearest Mommie — Try to see the humor in everything, considering it a costly and embarrassing mistake. Therefore, it is good to see those involved recognize the great failure and accidental success of Women show and accept it. We got revenge from Riffel, Plummer, Dewey Weber As Jeff the Suitcase Stealer, and Greg Travis who played the sleazy strip club owner Al, and despite the incredibly low production, they put a lot of energy and passion into their characters. No one seems to call it or look down their nose at the program. They are all having fun with old friends, and it is very sweet.

So, what Actor 2 Really? The jury may be out on whether its ludicrous badness is a deliberate choice, but what’s certain is that it’s a lot of fun. It’s too long and the poor quality may require a little adjustment on the part of the audience, but I suspect that the kind of audience it really responds to is the kind that will easily forgive the rough craftsmanship in the face of serious entertainment. It’s the kind of dirty, midnight movie that begs for late night shows and double shows, with fans in costumes, carrying props and screaming at the screen. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to have achieved the level of infamy it deserves. Rena Riffel talked about the great fan reception when it was released, but it didn’t really support the enthusiasm. The solution is definitely for the film to be dragged out into the landscape of indie cinema and get a new distribution among fans of old, obscure, and bad movies. Your move, theater owner.

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