‘The Walking Dead: City of the Dead’ Just Set up the Scariest Suspense Ever

if you think so The Walking Dead: Dead City The pace slowed down, and the latest episode, “Everybody Wins the Prize,” sped it up again, upping the stakes and keeping us in an all-too-ominous cliffhanger.only two episodes left walking deadTensions Couldn’t Be Higher With Newest Spinoff Lauren CohanMaggie and Jeffrey Dean MorganNegan continues his journey across apocalyptic Manhattan in search of Maggie’s son Hershel (logan king). Negan’s former ally, Zeliko IvanekThe Croats know exactly where the little boy is, and if Negan and Maggie want answers, things can get pretty bloody. Episode 4 puts Maggie and Negan in their most vulnerable position so far in the show.

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Maggie narrowly survives Episode 4 of City of the Dead

city ​​of maggie's death
Image via AMC

With the rescue operation in full swing, Maggie and her new Manhattan allies work their way into the layers of her son’s captors. timeHe is Croatian. Meanwhile, Negan tries to draw out his fearsome old ally, allowing Maggie and their team to infiltrate. It’s a perfect plan, right? Incorrect. Maggie soon realizes that something is wrong, but it’s too late, and the team has already fallen into the trap of the Croats.Dynamite blows open the door of the building and in classic fashion walking dead In the fashion industry, the Pacers are surging.

With their backs against a wall, or in this case, a UFC-style ring, Maggie leads the gang (those not torn apart by walkers) through the fight of their lives, resulting in a fight walking deadBest executed set piece so far.director Kevin Dowling Many brilliant filmmaking techniques are used to create such a gripping sequence. From dramatic crane shots to sudden changes in hand-held camera movement, Dowling pushes the tension to the limit. Dramatic aside, the sequence features “crosscutting,” an editing technique in which the episode switches back and forth between Maggie’s fight and Negan’s confrontation with the Croats. After using the shock pads on the ring as riot shields to avoid a direct attack from the walkers, the survivors found themselves still with nowhere to go, with a horde of undead in hot pursuit. When Maggie decides the crew’s escape route, things become “out of the frying pan and into the fire pit”.

Maggie’s fall into the sewer may reveal a new walker

city ​​of maggie's death
Image via AMC

Maggie knew there was only one way out of the stadium (now packed with walkers), and that was into the dark sewers of New York. Dorian gives us one final horrific shot as Maggie plunges into the dark depths. Cohan disappears entirely into the darkness, but the camera refuses to cut away, hauntingly zooming in on the black abyss, while Walker’s moans echo around.

That cliffhanger has us wondering what might be lurking in the depths of New York’s dilapidated sewers, and a quick look at next week’s promo shows just that.take out a page the last of us‘In the books, we may be about to see a new type of walker, perhaps the result of staying in the dark for too long. It’s hard to tell from the brief trailer, but it gives us a glimpse of a walker with tons of extra arms. The Last of Us Part 2 Video games introduce “Rat King”, a term for a situation where many rats become entangled (or in episode 5 of Rat King) the last of us cases, infected people), we may be about to see walking deadversion of. Anyway, that dreadful final shot told us everything we needed to know…it’s going to be scary.

Negan’s troubles get worse in Episode 4

negan dead city
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Negan finds himself in the same sticky situation, which is return A case out of the oil pan, into the fire.Facing the Croats, the biggest threat walking dead The universe is so twisted that even Negan Thinking he had to be put down, this sequence again borrows elements of the last of usA covert mission begins for Negan, who hides behind a car while the Croat’s haunting cries echo across the parking lot. Once face to face, Negan saves Purley Armstrong (Gaius Charles) from the twisted tormentor who tried to throw Perley down the high aisle onto the concrete floor below, even shooting Negan in the leg with a grappling hook when he started to help him.

Negan’s troubles take a turn for the worse when, after narrowly escaping, Polly, whom Negan had just rescued, holds a gun to the head of his rescuer. Get out of the Croat’s lair and into the field marshal’s firing range. The two have a brief and disturbing past, with Purley the marshal of the New Babylonian Confederation in charge of hunting down Negan’s murder. Even after being rescued from the Croat’s crutches, Perley is determined to hold Negan accountable, telling him that the punishment for murder is death. After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Croats, Negan still finds himself facing death. Give the reformed bad guy a break!

So, is Maggie’s son still alive?

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in The Walking Dead: Dead City
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With their rescue attempt utterly unsuccessful and Maggie still far from rescuing her son, it’s clear that the uncertainty of his whereabouts is taking its toll on her. In a scene that reminds us of what a good actor Lauren Cohan is (we don’t need a reminder), Maggie and Negan search the Croat’s torture chamber and come face to face with a man Schell bears a striking resemblance to a young victim. Maggie watches in horror, terrified of losing her son and connection to her dead husband Glenn (steven yuan) overwhelmed her. Thankfully, Negan looked up the victim’s head to discover it was another poor soul turned walker. Now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because no one wants to see Maggie go through that grief again. Herschel is still there, but where?

The Walking Dead: Dead City The last two episodes will have a dramatic conclusion. Will Negan and Polly embark on a similar journey as he and Maggie? What awaits the survivors in the sewers? Can Maggie finally be reunited with her son? Things are tense, and with the latest cliffhanger adding to the drama of it all, the stakes have never been higher. Episode 5 can’t come soon enough!

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