‘The Venture Bros.’ The creator found out that Max was pulling the show through a Viral Tweet

Christopher McCulloch, who goes by the pseudonym “Jackson Publick”, co-created the series with Doc Hammer.

Removing something from a streaming platform is a constant source of confusion for the general public because why does anything need to be removed in the first place? But they did and now it seems The Venture Bros. Will be leaving Max in August and the creator of this series doesn’t even know it’s happening. Christopher McCullochWho co-created the series with Doc Hammer, took to Twitter under his pseudonym “Jackson Publick” and responded to a viral tweet about the series. In it, there’s a screenshot from IMdB that says the entire set will be out on Max by August 12th.

The news came in a whisper. Which is shocking since the series started back in 2003 and has been running for over 15 years with fans still turning up whenever they want to see the series. Also now it has a rating of 8.6 in IMdB just to set the scene of how beloved this series actually is. It’s a spoof Jonny Quest Story, a series that began in 1964. The Venture Bros. The series itself though has an incredible cast Patrick Warburton Playing like Brock Samson James Urbaniak Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. with McCullock and Hammer playing Hank Venture and Dermott Fictel respectively. It is strange that it happens when there is Yes The movie literally just came out for a while as well The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the blood of the Baboon heart.

What’s so sad about this news isn’t that the series itself is going away, although that’s not good enough. It was that the co-creators of the series did not know it was happening. McCulloch’s response to the tweet was simply “um…What?” Show us that he does not know where to show. As the creator, he should have been the first to be told but wasn’t, which points to a bigger problem with this event.

The family from The Venture Bros

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Streaming shows are not cool

It is surprising that these platforms continue to do this. Yes, when some other platform is putting them in there is a different story; For example, when the Netflix era of Marvel shows went to Disney+, but this is not the case. This feels like Max clearing the space, as it recently was, and taking things that clearly mean a lot to people. The Venture Bros. It happens to be a set that many go back to whenever they need comfort. As those who rewatches Parks and Recreation Often and very upset when Netflix removed it, fans of the current fear is understandable. Max does this for the show without telling anyone or letting the fans know where they can go to see it. It’s not the right thing to do. Hopefully, we learn more soon, but McCulloch and Hammer deserve to know what happened to their show.

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