The Vampire Diaries’ 10 Best Plot Twists Ranked

From 2009 to 2017, the Vampire Diaries It has captured the hearts of generations of viewers. It’s become a global phenomenon for its blend of horror, drama, romance and the supernatural, all centered around one of the most iconic love triangles of all time. Nina Dobrev Play Elena Gilbert, a human teenager who captures the hearts of two vampire brothers, Stefan (paul wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) El Salvador.The series is loosely based on the characters from the teen series of the same name LJ Smith.

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aired on The CW, the Vampire Diaries The exact storyline of the series wasn’t followed, which isn’t unusual for page-to-screen adaptations. The series took creative liberties when it strayed from its famous source material. TV D Known for gripping season finales and midseason twists that left fans desperate for the next episode. Viewers who discover the full catalog today (it’s available on Max) will never know the struggles of waiting a full week for the next episode after these infamous plot twists.

10 Elena and Catherine are doubles

Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries
Image via The CW

Before watching this show, many viewers don’t know what a double is. After watching the series for a few seasons, it has become a vocabulary term that cements your status as a loyal fan. From the first photo of Catherine (Dubov) introduced in season one to her appearance in the 1864 flashback, there’s no denying that she and Elena have a supernatural connection.

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Plot twists lead to equally jaw-dropping domino effects, like learning about Elena’s biological parents and Katherine Petrova’s roots a few seasons later. A mic drop in season one became the backbone of the show, making Elena more than just an ordinary girl in Mystic Falls, with supernatural beings from all over the world curious to meet her for eight seasons.

9 Elijah’s Betrayal

Daniel Gillies Ilya Mikkelsen Nina Dobrev Elena Gilbert The Vampire Diaries

throughout the second season, TV D Prepared for the arrival of the worst vampire Klaus ever (joseph morgan), when he tries to break the curse containing his werewolf genes by sacrificing Elena. Learning from Elijah (daniel gillis) is his brother is a plot twist, but Elijah’s last-minute betrayal at the height of the ceremony is shocking.

The people in Elena’s life went out of their way to protect her and make sure her potential death would be meaningless if it meant Klaus would die. At the last moment, Klaus falters, reuniting the family in front of Ilya, thus sparking a betrayal. This reversal undid all the sacrifices made by everyone; the most damaging was Aunt Jenna (Sarah Canning) because she died at the hands of Klaus as a vampire.

8 Stefan is also a doppelgänger

vampire diaries paul wesley
Image via The CW

Arguably a surprise, but with the long-running series halfway through, it also seems like a bit of a stretch. The introduction of a second set of Stefan and Silas (Wesley) incarnations is sure to keep viewers on loop. In season four, viewers met Silas, the witch from “The Traveler,” who became the first immortal alongside his love interest, Amara (Dubov). Through this twist, the viewer learns about the origin of the Salvador series, as Stefan is one of Sira’s many shadow selves and a double for Petrova and Amara.

The first double romance explains why Stefan and Catherine are attracted to each other, and ultimately why Stefan and Elena are attracted to each other.exist TV D Stylishly, Silas locks Stefan in a vault, and after he impersonates Stefan all summer long under the noses of Damon and Elena, repeatedly drowning him, the plot twist takes a turn for the worse.

7 claus and caroline

Candice King Caroline Forbes Joseph Morgan Klaus Michaelson The Vampire Diaries
Image via The CW

Klaus’ introduction in season two and his reign of terror in season three made him one of the show’s most destructive villains, but the showrunners have a few tricks to redeem them. Caroline (candice king) and Klaus was a complete left turn for fans, but they quickly jumped on the couple’s transport. It started with Klaus trying to ruin Tyler’s life, but it turned into deep affection.

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It’s definitely a flawed situation, but it humanizes Klaus, the worst supernatural creature Mystic Falls has ever seen. The two shared many tender moments, with Klaus declaring his intention to be Caroline’s last love. Klaus won’t be staying on for the entire series, leaving for his own spinoff, original,After the fourth season.

6 Catherine’s appearance in the season 1 finale

Nina Dobrev Katherine Pierce The Vampire Diaries
Image via The CW

When the series revealed in another epic plot twist that Catherine wasn’t in the tomb, it was only a matter of time before she showed up at Mystic Falls. With the thrilling first season coming to a close, viewers were expecting her return today to be a blockbuster, and the season finale certainly did. As the town tries to rid itself of the vampires and Damon has another brush with death, everyone’s emotions are rocked.

Delina fans thought they finally got their wish That The front porch kiss was only realized after a while as she chopped off John’s (david anders) finger, it was indeed Catherine kissing Damon, not Elena. A gripping plot twist at the end of the season left viewers hungry for season two.

5 The Death of Bonnie and Damon

Bonnie and Damon stand together in The Vampire Diaries

Viewers are no strangers to Bonnie’s death in the series so far – between her and Jeremy (steven mcqueen) and Alaric (Matt Davis), which is almost like a badge of honor. However, Damon has yet to face a real death that takes him out of the real world. After trying to break Mystic Falls’ anti-supernatural spell, Damon and Bonnie end up in Prison World with no hope of escape and eventually “die”.

Their disappearance from Elena’s life caused her intense sadness and pain. However, their experiences in the prison world in Season 6 brought Damon and Bonnie closer together. The two were almost sworn enemies in previous seasons, working together just to keep Elena safe. Their passing and the development of a deep friendship were completely unexpected, but well-received by fans.

4 Catherine undergoes treatment

Nina Dobrev Elena Gilbert Katherine Pierce The Vampire Diaries
Image via The CW

After more than five hundred years of running around, Catherine finally tasted the karma brought by Elena’s healing method. The vampires of Mystic Falls are all desperate to turn Elena into a human, and when Elena forces it down Catherine’s throat, the cunning vampire becomes human in a jaw-dropping plot twist.

When Catherine’s life started to catch up to her, her condition began to deteriorate rapidly, leading to the return of her daughter Nadia (Olga Fonda). Viewers are torn between showing sympathy for the long-standing antagonist, who is arguably a victim of circumstance, or taking relief as she dies from the pain and devastation she caused.

3 caroline is pregnant

Candice King Caroline Forbes The Vampire Diaries

use a little movie magic to hide candice king real life pregnancy, TV D Showrunners surprise fans when Caroline gets pregnant with Jo (Jody Lyn O’Keeffe) and Alaric’s twins. After Joe’s death, the Gemini Witches used a magical automatic safety device to transfer the pregnancy to Caroline, who seemed unable to bear offspring as a vampire.

The news of Kim’s pregnancy was announced on the eve of season seven, so the writers opted to get creative with the storyline instead of using photography to hide her growing belly.This twist created a divisive storyline that some viewers supported, while others felt it was the writer’s room to create another far-fetched stretch for the series; however, it did lead to a spinoff series heritage.

2 Elena turns off her humanity

Nina Dobrev Elena Gilbert Ian Somerhalder Damon Salvatore The Vampire Diaries
Image via The CW

This may have been a long overdue twist, but it’s not unheard of for viewers to feel a sneaking suspicion at some point after Elena’s transformation into a vampire. Jeremy has died several times, including one at the hands of Catherine and Silas, and it’s clear he’s actually gone this time around. Dubrev is very good at portraying Elena’s meltdown, but this one broke the audience.

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As Elena comes to terms with Jeremy’s death and the loss of the last member of the family, the pain becomes unbearable, and Damon steps in, using their paternal relationship to dehumanize Elena. She did, and never looked back (at least for a few episodes). Flipping the humanity switch was a huge character reversal for this kind, pure heroine, but audiences were sympathetic and understanding given the unparalleled loss she endured over four seasons.

1 Stefan kills Enzo

Carter Graham Bonnie Bennett Michael Malaki Enzo The Vampire Diaries

After a series of complicated twists in the final season, Stefan’s Ripper alter ego made his final appearance as he was forced to kill Elena (who was under the Sleeping Beauty spell) and 100 others with suspicious pasts. Choose between people. shutting down his humanity to fulfill his pact with Cade (Waller Park) To save the twins Elena and Caroline, Stefan killed Enzo (Michael Malaki) right in front of Bonnie.

The whole romance between Bonnie and Enzo was a complete plot twist for fans, but Bonnie is happy and that’s all that matters. Enzo’s death at the hands of Stefan was one of the greatest pains Bonnie had ever experienced, and in revenge she stabbed Stefan with the antidote, turning him into a human, thus producing the final domino effect. the Vampire Diaries.

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