The UNO movie was supposed to be a heist movie

Not much has been reported about the event Uno Movie Mattel It was in development at one point, but the writer behind it has had a lot to share about her concept for the project lately.in a recent interview new yorker, Marcy KellyThe screenwriter hired to write the classic card game story explained that the film was originally conceived to be about a heist.

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While she didn’t elaborate on why UNO was involved with the heist, Kelly had this to say about her past projects:

My reaction was everyone’s reaction, it was ‘What? The first draft I sent was ‘fuck’ – heavy”. It was about fifty pages, and then the next draft was a page. I got mine, in a good position, PG-13 “fuck”. They are open to all kinds of unexpected ideas.

Mattel has struggled to build successful blockbusters out of its best-known intellectual property.Other than renting a new writer’s studio to come up with a different story for the story Uno project, it appears the company has found an idea they like hot wheels Adaptation finally came. bad robotthe production company of J.J. Abrams, designed to ensure that movies are made in the best possible way. While no script has yet been written for the upcoming adventure, dalton reeb and Nicholas Jacob Larson Has been selected for scripting duties.

But perhaps the hottest creation from the famous toy company right now is this summer’s Barbie.starring Margot Robbie As the titular iconic doll, the movie will feature everything you’d expect from someone who thrives in any field while possessing impeccable style. Water slides straight out of her bedroom, her signature pink convertible and endless parties are just some of the things Barbie sees in her everyday life. However, Greta GerwigThe blockbuster isn’t going to be as light-hearted as you might think, with Robbie’s character facing a lot of issues.

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Life is not good with plastic

The problems started when Barbie was no longer happy with her lifestyle. While impromptu music gigs, pool parties and beach days may seem like a great way to live, the protagonist of the upcoming film thinks there should be more to life. In order to find the answer to the question that keeps her awake at night, she will venture into the human world. What she didn’t expect to find in her quest was her boyfriend Ken (ryan gosling) stealthily followed along for the ride. with the fictional version of Mattel’s CEO (Will Ferrell) do their best to catch them, the dynamic duo need to escape the human world before it’s too late.

You can check out Collider’s interview with Margot Robbie below:

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