The ten most visually stunning Pixar movies, ranked

We all know that Pixar is one of the greatest animation studios of all time and has always been capable of making amazing movies.The company rose to prominence in the mid-1990s, breaking ground in animation by producing original animations Toy Story, the first feature film to be entirely computer-generated animation. It revolutionized the look of animated films and the way filmmakers worked, and it was the start of an impressive body of work for Pixar.

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The studio has produced a plethora of classic films loved for reasons other than animation, but not all of them are equally good in terms of writing, pacing and creativity. Still, Pixar has consistently excelled when it comes to visuals, and seems to have noticeably improved the level of detail and visual clarity with each subsequent release. The films below aren’t necessarily the studio’s greatest (although many are great), but they showcase how good Pixar has been at creating stunning and groundbreaking visuals for nearly 30 years.

10 Toy Story 3 (2010)

Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) sit in a trash can from Toy Story 3 .

original three Toy Story The films are all amazing, and together form one of the greatest trilogies in film history (though since 2010, the fourth film is admittedly not as amazing).Among the three classics Toy Story Movie, toy story 3 It has an unfair advantage in visuals: it’s just newer than the other two works made in the 1990s.

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It ensures that this bittersweet and very funny finale chapter of the trilogy is also the most visually spectacular, and comparing the characters and their world to the 1995 original is eye-opening. Toy Story and toy story 2 could be considered visually stunning in their day, but technically speaking, toy story 3 The best looking of the bunch.

9 Inside Out (2015)


Inverted With a unique setting, you wonder how anyone could have come up with the core idea of ​​such a film. Focused on the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley, the story follows her five main emotions as they struggle to work together to ensure she can emotionally cope with a difficult stage in her life: Minnesota moved to San Francisco.

Happening in someone’s head means that people naturally need to use their imagination to portray one’s imagination and perception of the real world in fantastical, colorful and visually diverse ways. From color to art style shifts to creative characters representing emotions and other inner concepts, Inverted Stunning from start to finish.

8 Robot Story (2008)

Showing Eve a plant in Droid
Image via Pixar

Wali It’s a movie that questions what Pixar can bring to the sci-fi genre, and the ultimate answer is “a lot.” Quite possibly one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, it’s set in the future where a tiny garbage-collecting robot could end up being an unlikely hero capable of returning humans drifting through space for generations to their original home. look. Abandoned Earth due to pollution.

Wali It had to be visually impactful and immediate, as the film’s first act was largely devoid of dialogue, and much of the storytelling had to be done with animation alone. It soars in this department and still looks beautiful even after humans enter the picture (the beautiful “Definition Dance” scene is a highlight).

7 “Up” (2009)

Kevin, Russell, Dag and Mr Fredrickson are on top of a cliff in the jungles of Uttar Pradesh.

After entering space in 2008 robot mobilizationYear 2009 up Bringing things back to Earth, though the results are just as visually stunning. ups It’s a sensual and heartwarming adventure about an old man who embarks on an ambitious trip to South America – something he always wanted to do with his late wife.

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There probably isn’t any Pixar movie that can be described as “not colorful” yet up It really goes a long way when it comes to rendering various colors on screen. The weather is bright, everything pops, and the vibrancy of the South American jungles (often seen from the air) still looks stunning to this day.

6 Finding Nemo (2003)

Nemo and Marlin swimming together

Everything Pixar put out before 2003 looked good, and those early films are still admired today for pushing boundaries, despite some glaring limitations to modern eyes.However, it is Finding Nemo This finally represents a big enough step forward to ensure that the animation feels almost eternity.

From a purely visual standpoint, it’s far above the studio’s previous work, animated or otherwise, and life underwater has rarely been more colorful or better than here. It’s a shock to think of such a fine piece of work coming out in 2003 (it also tells a great adventure/father-son story, which also makes it a classic, if that’s not self-evident).

5 Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille - Ratatouille looking at the Eiffel Tower

Ratatouille This may be the first Pixar film to truly depict the real world, and it’s where almost all of the story takes place.With one notable exception in the 2004 stylized version (more on that later), Pixar generally doesn’t use a lot of human characters, even in Finding Nemo Taking place around Sydney, it doesn’t show much of the city itself (preferring to stay underwater).

like this, Ratatouille It stands out because it captures the city of Paris so effectively, but also because it has so many human characters designed not to fall into the uncanny valley (they can be hard to see in reality) Toy Story For example, you have to admit). It’s a perfect blend of stylized and realistic (Pixar standards) animation, and proves to be a true visual sophistication.

4 The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles (2004)

brad bird is the director behind the above incident Ratatouilleand directed in 2004 The Incredibles. This is technically the first Pixar film to feature a predominantly human character, but by taking place in a more stylized reality (and the fictional town of Metville), it manages to avoid being convincingly and consistently The reinforcement set looks incredible and aesthetic.

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In 2004, recognizing the slight limitations of computer-generated animation, it made the wise decision to stop trying to make things look too real. It also allows the movie to indulge in more exciting superhero action sequences, and even though it’s not based on a comic book, the movie does a good job of evoking classic comic style and flash.

3 Soul (2020)

Soul (2020) (1)
Picture from Disney+

it’s not surprising soul with the same director InvertedPete Docter – Both present abstract concepts in an accessible, visually impressive and creative way. soul Impressive without feeling derivative or too similar InvertedIts stories also personify souls as characters, independent of their bodies.

it gets more abstract and metaphysical Inverted Plus, it stands out for blending these unique visuals with an almost photoreal depiction of New York City. It all leads to a film with beautiful looking, lived-in settings, some unusual characters, and cute and creative designs.

2 Coco (2017)

Miguel plays guitar
Image via The Walt Disney Studios

cocoa is another Pixar film that aims to transport audiences into a unique world different from the one they are familiar with, and it does so here with dazzling style and color. The story takes place primarily in the land of the dead (or afterlife) and tells the story of a young boy who is accidentally teleported there and must work with his deceased relatives to return to the land of the living.

Some viewers may have difficulty appreciating the visuals through teary eyes because cocoa is one of Pixar’s most effective tearjerkers, and its final scene is especially powerful.But the visuals do tie in with those heavy but important emotional moments: both are beautiful and ensure cocoa It’s one of the studio’s best productions in recent memory.

1 Elements (2023)

ember and wade in the elements
Image via Pixar

undeniable, element Even by the studio’s output standards of the 2010s/early 2020s (which arguably didn’t do that well for most of the 2000s), Pixar isn’t Pixar’s most popular film. However, it is generally accepted that even if the story and characters are problematic in some ways, element At least visually stunning.

It anthropomorphizes elements of nature, making them characters in a film that eventually becomes a romantic comedy.The animation used to bring these characters to life and show the world they inhabit is excellent, and given that it’s a cutting-edge build, it’s easy to appreciate elementeven if the rest of the movie isn’t amazing.

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