‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ passed another milestone at the Global Box Office

While the Summer box office was very popular, one family movie refused to leave the theater. That movie will be The movie Super Mario Bros Which, after three months of release, passed another milestone at the international box office. The movie Illumination, based on Nintendo’s famous franchise of the same name, crossed $770 million at the international box office with $770.46 million, making $1.5 million this weekend. That is a decrease of only 29% in 81 territories across 1921 locations.

above that, Super Mario made another $70,000 domestically in its 18th week of release this weekend. That’s a drop of just 13% in 161 territories, bringing the film’s domestic total to $573.9 million. United States. At $1.34 billion, Super Mario remains the only film in 2023 to cross the billion-dollar mark at the worldwide box office despite some tough competition. In the performance of his drama, Super Mario Made history as the highest-grossing Illumination film of all time, the third highest-grossing Universal film of all time, and the second highest-grossing Animated film of all time. Frozen IIand the highest-grossing video game movie of all time.

What is the key? Super Mariosuccess of?

In a year and a summer where nostalgia failed to bring people to the movies, Super Mario rise above the rest because its name is one of the most recognized around the world. Super Mario A brand is everywhere. Like Bat Mania in the late 80s or so Pokémon The craze of the late 90s, you can’t go down the street without seeing video games’ cutest Italian pumps in lunch boxes or backpacks. It also helps that Nintendo’s current console, the Nintendo Switch, is a hybrid home/portable system that most homes have. MárioThe classic game. In the last six years, the company has paid attention Super Mario 64, Super Mario SunshineAnd Mario Kart 8 On stage alongside modern masterpieces such as: Super Mario Odyssey.

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Apart from the fact Super Mario A great movie that faithfully adapted its source material, Nintendo made sure Mario was on the minds of every moviegoer leading up to the movie’s release. You can argue franchises like Indiana Jones and DC are dead IP, but Mário At the peak of his popularity despite being almost 40 years old. That is a big reason why the film continues to perform at the box office Super Mario Have been watching at home for weeks. Mário A multi-generational character that families can enjoy and then go home to continue fighting Bowser on Switch. That kind of partnership isn’t bought or bribed, it’s earned after years of trust and good standing from Nintendo. Everything that Nintendo has done in the production of the console is now leading up Super MarioThe great success of.

Where can you see? Super Mario?

The movie Super Mario Bros It’s now available to watch at home on digital and Blu-ray, but the film is still playing in select theaters. Super Mario It will also be broadcast on Peacock from August 3.

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