‘The Summer I Change Beautiful’ Season 2: Belly Should Choose Conrad

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  • The love triangle between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah is the centerpiece of the series, with fans divided on who is the best match for Belly.
  • Despite starting a relationship with Jeremiah, it becomes clear that Belly and Conrad have a deeper bond and are more compatible.
  • Conrad has been Belly’s first love since childhood and despite their flaws and communication problems, they are meant to be together for a long time.

Season 2 of Prime Video’s Summer I turn beautiful introducing new issues as well as heightening some of the existing ones – especially the love triangle between the wombs (Lola Tong), Conrad (Christopher Briney), and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). Last season made the audience quite a rollercoaster with these three, not knowing who Belly will choose or end up with. But between the two Fisher brothers, there is only one that is meaningful to Belly, and it is the one Belly considers her first love, Conrad.

The love triangle is one of the biggest points of the series – and just like other popular love triangles, people are generally divided on who is the perfect person for the main character. In this case, there are those who root for Jeremy and those who root for Conrad. It often takes a while to find out who the main character will choose, because it takes a great deal of time, slowly building up to create more discussion and debate among fans. for Summer I turn beautiful, this may still be the case. However, over the last few episodes, there are many reasons why Conrad is the better person for Belly.

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First of all, what is Jeremiah like?

Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah takes a summer selfie in I Turned Pretty Season 2
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Although Belly’s first love was Conrad, she actually ended up with Jeremiah first. The two got together in Season 1, which was met with mixed reactions from fans. There was absolutely no problem with Jeremiah. Indeed, he is a man who deserves to always be there for those he cares about. In Season 1, whenever Belly was sad or just ran into trouble, he was there to help her as best he could. For example, in the latest episode called “The Game of Love”, the mother told a story about when they were young.Rachel Blanchard) encouraged Jeremiah to cross the road with his friends and spend the day with a stomach ache instead. At first, he hesitated, but he followed anyway. She remembers that it was a fond memory of them sleeping in the house, playing cards, and talking about many things, especially when Jeremiah was sick. Now, we also see Jeremiah volunteering to ride the Tower of Terror with Belly after she lost a bet.

Season 2 started off a little awkward between these two as Belly called things off since she got together with Conrad. Of course, this hurt Jeremiah because he was willing to tell others about them. It understands what he feels at that moment, as well as creating a distance between himself and the stomach. After that, their relationship was never the same. When the two are reunited because of Konrad’s disappearance, they have a heart-to-heart and realize what they have done to each other, and begin to rebuild their friendship. While it’s highly possible that the rest of the season will see Jeremiah and Belly get close again romantically, in the long run, it’s hard to imagine Belly with him. Jeremiah is better than her best friend, their chemistry is just platonic, and they don’t get along like Belly and Conrad. Jeremiah is the life of the party, someone who enjoys life without a solid plan for his future. And while that’s not all bad, his personality, compared to Belly’s, doesn’t really match.

Another reason that Jeremiah is not for Belly is because he doesn’t seem to like her That way. He had never shown any romantic feelings for Belly before, so to see him just confess about him always wanting something more was amazing. Jeremiah just started to make a move on Belly when he saw the relationship of Belly and Conrad developing, something that confused Belly. Jeremiah would never have built something with Bailey if he hadn’t seen her and his brother slowly finding their way to each other. This just shows that, again, Jeremiah is always the right fit for Belly as a best friend – nothing else – and that’s not a bad thing.

The stomach’s answer is always Conrad

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The stomach had a huge crush on Conrad since they were small; Basically he was her first love. And you know what people say about first loves: they never go away. Most of the first season shows that Conrad is closed to Belly and everyone who cares for him. It was a mystery to Belly, and she tried several times to encourage him to talk to her, but to no avail. For this reason, there were two arguments that arose between the two. At one point, Belly said that she was already waiting for Conrad. But Season 1 ended with the two of them on the beach, taking their hearts out and kissing it.

Season 2, however, introduced problems between the two. The belly reminded them of their time together as a couple, and a few times was when she noticed that he was distant again, which eventually led to their separation. However, with all the things that the fisherman is facing, the belly has to look at him again. Belly tried hard to defeat him, but seeing him in person brought everything back. See, Conrad isn’t the best at communicating his feelings – which is his major flaw – and sometimes it’s tiring trying to figure him out. However, when he does exist, he is an interesting, intelligent, and fun man – a man who falls in love. That guy is what Belly sees again when the whole gang is hanging out on the boardwalk. Conrad is really just a young man with a lot to deal with, especially as a brother. He always feels that he has to handle all the problems alone because he doesn’t want to be a burden to others. But this only shows how much he cares and loves the people around him, especially his stomach.

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In addition, Belly is compatible with Conrad. They have a deeper bond and are more naturally drawn to each other. They complement each other well, and they can talk about many things. Conrad and Belly really just need to take a step back and figure everything out before they start finding their way back to each other. They are young — there is still time for them to heal alone. But that doesn’t change the fact that these two are meant to be together because no matter how much Bailey tries to fight her feelings, her heart always beats for Conrad.

The brothers are not perfect by any means, both have their faults and flaws. Those who have read the book may choose Conrad more than anyone else. But those who only have the show to base their opinion on will not find it difficult to match Jeremiah with Belly. Honestly, Belly needs to be by herself for a little while, so she can properly reflect on what she needs and just heal. However, in terms of compatibility, the answer is always Conrad. He was her first love, after all.

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