The sequel that was supposed to be the first movie has been lost – but maybe that’s a good thing

DW GriffithThe film of the epic 1915 The birth of a nation is controversial, to say the least. Putting that aside, it’s still a watershed moment in film history. Griffith pioneered a multifaceted filmmaking technique, directing White almonds of the National Review to say, “It is a constructive film, there would be no extended film narrative without Griffith. It is a film that shows the world the potential of cinema.” It was the first film to use panning, close-ups, parallel shots, high-angle panoramas and over 500 battle sequences.

The birth of a nation is shown in two parts, with an intermission during the three-hour plus running time. It was the first major blockbuster film, grossing more than $60 million in 1920, the first American film with an orchestral score, and the first film to be selected in the White House, for the President. Woodrow Wilson, who was enthusiastically said, “It’s like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it’s a terrible truth,” quite in line with President Wilson’s racial segregation. So it should come as no surprise that the film led to another, feature-length film: 1916. The fall of the nation.

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‘Fall of a Nation’ is a warning about the possible future of America

Title card for 'The Fall of a Nation' (1916)
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The fall of the nation, unlike its predecessors, focuses on a possible future where the United States is led into a depression by clinging to pacifism. After the sinking of LusitaniaAmerican billionaire Charles Waldron (Percy stood) turned his back on his country and helped the Germans with a plan to overthrow the American government. The Germans gather a large military force, the European Union Army, and attack the United States, killing leftist citizens and right The United States was completely unprepared to deal with such an attack because the peace made The belief that America has no enemies. As a result, the Germans conquered the nation, with Waldron appointing himself the new prince of the puppet government.

After two years of German rule, America was saved by the heroes of Senator John Vassar (Arthur Shirley), a war supporter who raised the role of the army with the help of suffragette Virginia Holland (Lorraine Huling). An army of women, called the “daughters of Jael,” lured and killed soldiers of the Union Army (FYI, Jael is the biblical hero who freed Israel from the army of King Jabin of Canaan in the Book of Judges). The uprising drove out the occupying forces, brought America back to its original rule, with ideals. His peace encouraged more appropriate military preparations. With a brighter future, Holland plans to marry Vassar.

The ‘fall of the nation’ has its own agenda

A scene from the 1916 film 'The Fall of a Nation'
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The fall of the nation is based on the novel by Thomas Dixon Jr.who still writes The Clansman: A Historical Romance of the Ku Klux KlanThe novel served as the basis for The birth of a nation. As a producer and director, it is an effort by Dixon Jr. to capitalize on the success of the Griffith film, which earned Dixon Jr. tons of money. Because of holding a quarter interest in the film (laying the groundwork for what would be. A legacy of rapid sequels throughout film history made to cash in on the success of the original). The fall of the nation was called an “attack on the peace of William Jennings Bryan And Henry Fordand a plea for America’s preparedness for war. “By showing what life would be like under the rule of Germany, the same Germans who killed children and veterans during the invasion, the film was a fearless war propaganda campaign. In Europe during World War I, where it was shown widely in the European war zone and in many cities of Russia.

However, unlike The birth of a nationwhich pushes a deplorable agenda of black people, mostly played by black actors in black skin, being unintelligent and sexually aggressive towards black women (and the Klux Klan as a heroic group that oppresses black people to preserve blackness), and its spiritual relatives. The victory of the willa pro-Nazi propaganda film, The fall of the nation have little impact on society as a whole. Griffith’s contribution to pioneering filmmaking techniques was above and beyond his own stories’ gruesome content and brutal racism, while Leni Riefenstahl Considered by many to be one of the most talented, yet hated filmmakers of the 20th century, she was even ranked number one on Taste of Cinema’s list of the 20 greatest female filmmakers in the history of cinema. The fall of the nation Finally proved that Dixon Jr. Not DW Griffith, with his plan for the film to take the residual money with the film was a commercial failure. So much so that the production company he started, Dixon Studios, went bankrupt The fall of the nation Its only production before being closed in 1921.

Unfortunately, the film was not preserved and is considered lost, no copies are known to exist. The novel itself has survived, as has a number of audios and soundtracks, which are in the possession of the Library of Congress (and are available to listen to on YouTube). Thus, we are left to evaluate the film based on anecdotal evidence, but that does not preclude speculation. The fall of the nation No The truth Next section. While some of the battle scenes were filmed in the same location that Griffith used for The birth of a nation, there is little else that connects the two. It is set in a different time, does not have the same characters, and does not provide narrative continuity from the first film. However, in the world that has seen Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Trolls 2And Halloween III: Season of the WitchAny argument that The fall of the nation Non-consequences are best ignored.

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