‘The Other Two’ Season 3 Finale Explained: Where Does Fame Take the Dubecs?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the third and final season of The Other Two.

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Star satire “Max” Season 3 the other two It has ended. Season one focuses on younger brother Chase’s (Keith Walker) Bieber-esque rise to fame and second season launch Mom Pat (molly shannon) became a star thanks to her talk show, which was a natural thing for brother Brooke (helen york) and Cary (Drew Tarver) can finally take a break. But acting turned out to be less rewarding than they thought, as it took a toll on the Dubecks and their loved ones, leading them to a dark place on this outing. Still, the critically acclaimed season came to a successful end.

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Before, on “The Other Two” Season 3 (and before)

Brandon Scott Jones, Drew Tarver, Helen York and Josh Segarra as Curtis, Cary, Brooke and Lance in 'The Other Two' scene
Image via Max/Warner Bros.

Trying to keep his acting career going, Cary fell into a downward spiral that resulted in him losing his best friend Curtis (Brandon Scott Jones) and let him stay in Lucas (fin argus), his famous boyfriend, whom he knows nothing about. Determined to prove she’s good enough, Brooke uses Chase to stage a fake charity event, then goes out of her way to prove that her ex-boyfriend Lance (Josh Segarra) couldn’t be that good and ends up setting fire to his apartment complex. Meanwhile, Pat’s fame has her longing to go back to Ohio, only to find she’s disgusted with that life now, and then tweets about it, thinking she’s texting Streeter (Ken Marino).

The season three finale, aptly titled “Brook, Cary, Curtis, and Lance,” began with a flashback to a simpler time when they were all nobody. Cary and Curtis go to a picnic with items stolen from the restaurant where they work. Brooke arrives and introduces them to Lance.The topless sweetheart’s future is set by Brooke, who asks why he doesn’t peopleThe sexiest man alive. Fast-forward to today, and Cary is in the same park, but alone, while the smoke from the fire that Brook started is visible in the distance.

Cary and Curtis in the ‘Two Others’ season 3 finale

Brandon Scott Jones and Drew Tarver to play Curtis and Cary in two more
Image via Max/Warner Bros.

Cary’s perception of time has completely changed, and he thinks his manager MacKenzie (Nadia Dajani) ignored his call. In desperation, he made it all the way to her brother’s home in the Hamptons, where she told him it had been 36 hours since they last spoke. When he finally comes to his senses and realizes that he has become a fame-hungry savage, he weeps.

After a good night’s sleep, Kari woke up refreshed. He calls Pat and tells her that his movie doesn’t need funding, much to her relief. A news report detailed how Lucas was found walking naked and disoriented after filming his final film. Not having new roles to delve into his approach to acting leaves him feeling empty. It also further indicated that he had a husband, which automatically ended their relationship.

Cary realizes he has to get back together with Curtis and visits him at Curtis’s week-long birthday celebration. A relieved Curtis accepted his apology, as he wanted Cary to be more than just a temporary friend. But Curtis has learned to set boundaries, and since Cary is also being rude to his friend, Curtis tells him he can’t stay and spoil the atmosphere. To make up for it, he showed him a picture of his new boyfriend’s dick.

Brooke and Lance in the ‘Two Others’ season 3 finale

Josh Segarra and Helene York as Lance and Brooke in 'The Other Two'
Image via Max/Warner Bros.

Along with Chase and Pat, Brooke is about to receive a Peabody Award, for which she was nominated for a bogus charity drive. She failed to try and avoid red carpet interviews until someone brought up the fact that she wasn’t a nice person. Luckily, they only asked if she was Lance’s ex-girlfriend. It turns out that the people being grilled by the media were Chase (for exploiting mental health issues) and Pat (for her disparaging tweets about her hometown).

Streeter and Shuri (Wanda Sykes) into emergency mode to handle this situation. Once again, Shuri proves she fully understands how the industry works, telling Chase that if he opens NotesApp to write an apology, she’ll break his finger. While everyone considered making Streeter a scapegoat, Brooke went ahead with the interview, taking all the blame for both of them. She learns to make the ultimate sacrifice for her family and ultimately does a real act of kindness.

When she finishes, Lance is waiting for her, and they finally have a semi-honest conversation. She admitted to stalking his emails (no mention of her sneaking into his apartment).Lance admits he hired a publicist to get the cover people. They admit to missing each other and agree to start talking without rushing.but this is the other twoOf course, they immediately started dating again, in a rainy-day cinematic reconciliation kiss.

‘The Other Two’ ends with a great family dinner

The other two actors, led by Molly Shannon, watched in amazement
Image via HBO Max/Warner Bros.

One of the season’s biggest jokes is revisited, as Pat can’t find her fake nose to go to a real restaurant, and Applebee’s dinner is repeated (pea and carrot talk). Brooke and Lance seem to have come to terms with their differences and continue to love themselves. When Cary showed up, he told them how he had been with himself for a while (standing by the ocean and reading the whole book) and decided to slow down, eventually canceling his Oscar hit. In the post-credits scene, Brooke talks to Streeter and gets excited because all the artists want her to represent them and be the villain when they make bad decisions. The second scene at the end of the credits puts the spotlight on the first famous dubek, as Chase makes one of his temporary tattoos permanent: a piglet on the chest.

Even though the season took them to extremes, the finale somehow reconnected the other two with their human sides, giving them a largely happy ending.Yesterday, it was reported that the other two There will be no return for season four, and the final episode of season three will serve as the series finale. While it’s sad to see your favorite shows end, it’s satisfying to know they ended on a high note in their own way. The original “Max” lives on as one of the funniest, sharpest comedies ever, with the best celebrity cameos (we call them Shang Qi marvel star Simu Liu from now on). Hopefully when Warner Bros. Discovery wants to cut costs, it won’t be thrown out at random.

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