The original ‘Terrifier’ is back in cinemas

While other genres struggle to gain audiences in theaters, horror is one genre that remains financially attractive. The slasher genre in particular has been in the middle of a modern renaissance Scream And Halloween lead the charge. However, in terms of original horror, there is no more frightening name in horror than Art the Clown from. It’s scary. This killer clown quickly became a genre icon thanks to his surprise interpretation Terrible 2 Last October, but now the original It’s scary It’s going back to theaters this week starting Wednesday, July 19.

what It’s scary About?

Original It’s scary Not trying to reinvent the slasher subgenre. Following two hapless young women on Halloween night on their way back from a spooky party in Miles County, the unstoppably terrifying Art the Clown is on a bloody rampage. There are no words or any logic to the madness, it’s just an eerie atmosphere of tragic death. Even for seasoned horror fans, It’s scary will keep you awake at night. Just when you thought clowns couldn’t get any scarier, the director Damien Leone Take fear to a whole new level. Art has become one of the scariest pictures in all of horror thanks to his intricate creative skills, terrifying characters, and Leone’s fearless approach to the genre. When we’re just talking about the original, there is one killing that involves sawing that will make you want to not eat again for fear that you will throw up just thinking about it.

purpose Terrible 2 A better film because it has “the last girl” a more traditional narrative and the scope of the epic that enriches the story surrounded by art without explaining what they are. It found a way to make the ending of the original movie messed up then it already was. However, even the sequel improves everything in It’s scary, that doesn’t mean the original isn’t worth a watch. Especially if you can see it in the theater. It’s scary Never played by the horror “rules” and the original contained some of the most shocking moments in recent genre history. Terrible 2 Reportedly, the movie was passed over, but there are moments in the first film that rival the brutal nature of the sequel.

David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown in Terrifier 2
Image through disgusting blood

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While It’s scary Received a very limited release in the original theatrical run throughout the end of 2010, success of Terrible 2 allowed the first film to breathe new horrifying life. Terrible 2 Made an insane $15 million worldwide on a tiny $250,000 budget. However, the first film’s budget was still less than $35,000. This means that despite the fact that It’s scary Being shown in just 700 theaters across the US, it is sure to make a killing based on the stats of Terrifier 2. This is also the widest theatrical release. It’s scary ever received.

afraid 3 Coming soon

Another big reason It’s scary is returning to the theater because afraid 3 Looking at the return of Art the Clown in late 2024. According to the current cast and writers, filming on the third film is set to begin this winter. Until then, you can see It’s scary In theaters and buy both movies on Blu-ray now. You can buy your ticket for It’s scary On the website of the movie.

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